It is clear that Apple collects information on how users operate the App Store application arbitrarily

Apple focuses on protecting user privacy, but it is clear that the App Store app provided by the company collects information about where the user is tapping or swiping on the screen. became.

Apple keeps track of where you tap while browsing the App Store

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Mysk , a software development company consisting of two iOS application developers and security researchers, points out the poor behavior of the App Store application. Mysk said, ``Apple's latest changes to App Store advertising will raise many privacy concerns.The iOS 14.6 App Store app sends Apple every tap you make in the app. Below is the data that the App Store app sends to Apple's servers in a single request ( with the settings to share analytics, diagnostics, and usage information with Apple and personalized ads turned off): ' and pointed out that the App Store app is sending a large amount of data to Apple's servers even though the data sharing setting is turned off.

According to Mysk, when users use the App Store app, it seems that detailed usage data is sent to Apple. The data contains IDs that map behaviors to profiles. Although this ID part is hidden in the above video, it is said that data equivalent to 152 KB was sent in JSON file format. And the image attached to the tweet below is the request log generated when using the App Store app for 10 minutes.

Apple introduced `` ATT '' from iOS 14.5 released in April 2021, and third-party apps can no longer track user behavior without the user's permission. Nevertheless, Mysk criticizes Apple for tracking user behavior without the user's consent.

Furthermore, ``It is unclear whether Apple continues to collect user data on iOS 16, even with the Analytics and Improvements settings and personalized advertising options turned off. We already know a lot about what we do and how we interact with our apps.' There are too many,” he wrote.

Apple hasn't officially explained why it's tracking user activity on its App Store apps or how it's using the data. In addition, TechRadar, an overseas media, has asked Apple to comment on the tracking act, but it seems that no response has been obtained at the time of writing the article. Therefore, it is not clear when the tracking on the app has been done since, and some people claim that ``the tracking function was quietly added recently'', and ``5 in 2021'' Tracking has been built in ever since iOS 14.6 was released in May,' some claim.

Since Apple launched its advertising service on the App Store, it has provided developers with some statistical data on advertising performance. As a result, Apple-related media 9to5Mac points out that user operation data collected on the App Store app may be part of the statistical data provided to users of this advertising service.

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