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' Super Real Mahjong LOVE ♥ 2-7 ( Nina ) ! Will be released on Thursday, April 23, 2020. This work is a book that can collectively play successive works such as Super Real Mahjong Graffiti (Super Real Mahjong PII / Super Real Mahjong PIII / Super Real Mahjong PIV), Super Real Mahjong PV, Super Real Mahjong PVI, Super Real Mahjong P7, It is inscribed as 'Take off and take off the reward animation again!', And the genre is 'Reward animation and two-player mahjong'.

There is a regular version (5980 yen plus tax) and a special edition (7980 yen plus tax). The special edition comes with a special case drawn by MARUTA , a reprint instruction card, and a new version of Mamemoto. 'Mamemoto' is a fan item mainly distributed when the arcade version was in operation. This time, reprints of a set of 15 books are to be sold at 14,980 yen excluding tax in accordance with the release of the software.

By the way, this article was published on the same day in the past in the past.

The whole horse is excavated from the ruins of the ancient city Pompeii about 2000 years ago-gigazine

A weight loss device that develops the illusion that the brain is `` full '' by flowing electric pulses from the stomach will be developed-gigazine

Thorough verification from the appearance elements whether `` Die Hard '' is a Christmas movie-gigazine

It turns out that you can solve the mathematical problem `` traveling salesman problem '' using a kind of amoeba `` moji dust ''-gigazine

`` Ghost in the Shell ARISE / New Theatrical Version '' Interview with Mr. Okakata who made up the series in commemoration of the release of all recording BD-BOX-GIGAZINE

◆ Materials (memos / others)

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)

What is going on when consciousness drops during anesthesia? 'A world without consciousness and sensation-what anesthesiologists are actually doing'-HONZ

Development of device to project trace gas from skin Tokyo Medical and Dental University | NHK News

The End of Betelgeuse: Signs of Supernova and Their Power-Active Galactic: 11th Dimension, Natural Science and Torture Everyday Life
'2010-02-13' entry

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Representative Akimoto arrested for bribery charges 3.7 million yen from Chinese company in IR | Kyodo News

Conflict with Mr. Suga at the 'Cherry Blossom Viewing Meeting' Government office requests termination | Kyodo News

Northern Territory issue `` I have an obligation to do my best to put an end '' Prime Minister's interview-Mainichi Shimbun

Akimoto Representative requested to appear, suspected of bribery over Special Investigation Division IR: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare adopts 10 ice age generations First in central government agency: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

`` Dentsu has been obsessed '' desperate for internal joke, advertising agency employees saw the same industry-lawyer dot com

`` No. 60 '' Prime Minister's Frame `` Maybe 2005 was the case '' Cherry blossom party / Opposition hearing detailed report-Mainichi Newspaper

Criminals criticize the Liberal Democratic People for “throbbing” and “yakuza”, remarks by the governor

News Up Camera on shoe tip in train | NHK News

Opposition party submits casino ban bill to regular parliament | Kyodo News

Akimoto investigates millions of Chinese companies for bribery | NHK News

Takahashi Festival 4 years after overworked suicide Mother publishes note | NHK News

Cherry blossom viewing meeting `` Carefully and politely for coverage '' points out `` Cabinet Office response is insufficient '' pointed out-Mainichi Newspaper

Shinjiro Koizumi spends 43 million yen on political funds for a large order from the “ghost company” | Bunshun Online

Key man of Akimoto casino arrest is also arrested. It was son of member of the Meiji Restoration | Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL

Former Secretary of Agriculture and Water kills eldest son, appeals 'judgment false in judgment' | NHK News

Labor side demands 5 years for unpaid wage statute “3 years” Labor Relations Committee: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Representative Akimoto arrested for bribery charges IR tour cash 3 million yen, Hokkaido trip also Tokyo District Prosecution Special Investigation Department (1/2 page)-Sankei News

Reporter's request to leave reporter during President Moon's remarks 'Diplomatic disgrace' South Korea coverage: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Liberal Democrat Akimoto Representative to leave party Tell party leaders | NHK News

South Korea Positive on Resume of Dialogue on Japan-Korea Summit | NHK News

Mr. Shoko Egawa Calls for Opinions 'Diversity' and 'Role of Conservation' from Tomomi Inada's 'Good Job' | | Shoko Egawa | Mainichi Shimbun 'Political Premier'

Ms. Hagikuta suspects 'youth baseball clever' in public area in constituency called 'Hagikuta Stadium' | Daily Shincho

Composition of Representative Akimoto's arrested case reporter commentary [video] | NHK News

Special support school students hug Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education, 6 male teachers, etc. disposal-Sankei News

Leakage of graduate school entrance examination in Tokyo Metropolitan University Dismissal of Professor of Health and Welfare Faculty-Mainichi Newspaper

◆ Lifestyle (Life / Life / Health)
CNN.co.jp: Why Fried Chicken Became 'Japanese Christmas Tradition'-(1/2)

Children with less than 1.0 unaided eyesight see most eyesight deterioration | NHK News

I killed a cat

◆ IT / gadget (net / soft / hard / mobile)

Hatsune Miku NT Prototype Version / Singing Voice Demonstration (* Short songs: 3 songs)

SQL Learning Online Service 'Start-SQL' Released-GoTheDistance

End of the Cyclopedia-Let's mention anything

Nora apps running on 'macOS Catalina' need to be notarized by Apple-From February next year-Mado no Mori

Ruby 2.7 NEWS to read as a professional-Cookpad developer blog

2.8 billion AWS Lambda functions executed in 10 days | MMM Blog

Publish 'question item' and 'intention' in engineer recruitment interview-Qiita

Python defense against dark Slack magic-JX News Engineer blog

What is secure programming to 'do not create weak points in services'-Yahoo! JAPAN Corporate Blog

New general-purpose VM 'E2' cost optimized for Google Compute Engine | Google Cloud Blog

10 things to do from the start of app development to release-Qiita

“Scalable Website Construction” has been released! -Monthly AWS Hands-on for Beginners December 2019 Issue | Amazon Web Services Blog

How to send a password-protected ZIP file and password in a separate email, ridiculed as PPAP | Surad Security

Why do excellent designers produce bad designs?

◆ Anime / Game / Manga (Subculture)
TV anime 'I don't want to hurt. 2nd PV

'Another World Karette 2' PV 2nd

TV anime 'Uchi Tama⁈-Do you know our uchi?-' Episode 1 WEB notice

PlayStation®VR “Keiyotsuki LIVE @ ZeppVR2” Official Promotional Video

'DEATH STRANDING' performance capture 4K

Sharing knowledge from gathering people on 5ch and making galge

'The animation soundtrack is now unprofitable and it is difficult to output CDs. Please buy more.'-Composer suggestions, various discussions-Togetter

This year, Hayakawa Shobo has started selling e-books for overseas science fiction works. 2019 edition-basic reading

Disney and ethnic minorities formally cooperate in 'Ana Snow 2' production | NHK News

Mr. Hayao Miyazaki 'The scenery to see when I am now' Exclusive interview: Asahi Shimbun Digital

With Love 30 Years Later | Colorful Pieces of Game

'Don't dare to work at Video Lab! ] X Adobe x Wacom Animation / Illustration Competition-YouTube

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movie (Entertainment)
Painful news (ノ ∀`): 2019 CD sales rankings are criticized and flooded-Livedoor blog

'It was bad for the group'-Aya Yamamoto looks back on NMB 48, 'Fear' and '26-year-old flowering' confronted alone-Yahoo! News

'Applying workers' accidents to actors and voice actors' Toshiyuki Nishida's group request: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Watch the M-1 Grand Prix 2019 Final | Chikuwa | note

◆ New products (clothing, food, house)
Tabi Trout Sumiko Gurashi | Release Date: December 30, 2019 | Bandai Candy Official Site

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