Father who sprayed holy water with a pesticide spray plane and `` blessed the whole area at once '' appeared

The Roman Catholic Church uses ``

holy water '', a special water that priests have sanctified, in rituals, but in quiet rural towns in the United States it has been reported that holy water was sprayed in an unusual way. Is.

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Located in Louisiana unincorporated area Kauai land Matthew Baruzare priest responsible for the parish, I had had some trouble. The problem is that the parish of which I am in charge is too wide to cover the whole area in order to bless the area with holy water. L'Eryn Detraz, a missionary from Cow Island, proposed to Father Balsare the idea of 'spraying holy water from the sky with a pesticide spray plane.'

Father Balsare carried 100 gallons of water to the airfield, a five-minute walk from the church, after the Mass on December 22, 2019.

Cow Island members also helped bring in the water. We divided ourselves and carried the water brought from home to the airfield.

Father Balzare

sanctified the water brought to the airfield, and made 100 gallons of water holy. Father Balzare told the American radio station NPR , 'I have blessed a bucket full of water for the laity, but it is the first time I have blessed so much water.'

Later, Father Balsare ordered the pilot to 'spray holy water at churches, schools, grocery stores, and other places where people gather,' and watched the plane loaded with holy water fly into the sky.

According to NPR, residents of the area had been informed in advance that holy water would be scattered by plane, so they left their homes and watched the spray of holy water from the sky. Also, December is not the time to spray pesticides, so even if they didn't know that, they weren't surprised to find that they were sown overhead.

'Our Catholic religion has a long history, and priests have the tradition of blessing the fields and the whole area at the milestones of the year, especially at the time of harvesting crops. It will be possible to bless more areas in a short time. '

According to Father Balsare, the spraying of holy water by airplane was a `` hit '' among the 200 people living in the area, so in the future the holy water could be increased to 300 gallons (about 1135 liters), just above the plane's payload. It is planned to be an annual event.

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