Headline news on 6th December 2019

`` Universal Cool Japan 2020 '' featuring `` Detective Conan '', `` Lupin III '', `` Attack on Titan '' and `` Monster Hunter '' will be released at Universal Studios Japan from Tuesday, January 21, 2020 to June 28 ( Day).

Among these, “Detective Conan” will have two projects linked to the latest movie “Scarlet Bullet” released in 2020. The first is the real escape game 'The Detective Conan the Escape-Scarlet Ballistic- ' which draws the previous day.

Original: Gosho Aoyama 'Detective Conan' (Shogakukan 'Weekly Shonen Sunday' serialized)
© 2020 Gosho Aoyama / Detective Conan Production Committee
© SCRAP All rights reserved.

The other is the story coaster ' Detective Conan x Hollywood Dream the Ride '.

Original: Gosho Aoyama 'Detective Conan' (Shogakukan 'Weekly Shonen Sunday' serialized)
© 2020 Gosho Aoyama / Detective Conan Production Committee

In addition, Heiji Hattori appears in 'Detective Conan Mystery Challenge'.

Original: Gosho Aoyama 'Detective Conan' (Shogakukan 'Weekly Shonen Sunday' serialized)
© 2020 Gosho Aoyama / Detective Conan Production Committee
© SCRAP All rights reserved.

Furthermore, Toru Amuro will appear in “Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant”.

Original: Gosho Aoyama 'Detective Conan' (Shogakukan 'Weekly Shonen Sunday' serialized)
© 2020 Gosho Aoyama / Detective Conan Production Committee

Image courtesy of Universal Studios Japan

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Uber wants to expand tie-up with taxi in Japan: current affairs dot com

I actually investigated whether the original story of 'First Kakiko ... Do ...' exists ①-Manga LOG Collection

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Nintendo Switch software “Fit Boxing” reduced by 5.5 kg on average for 90 days of play! ~ Announcing statistical information of 100 users on the meal management app 'Asken' | Press releases from asken, Inc. and Imagineer, Inc.

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“Ashitashichi Best” Kera Eiko Publication Memorial Site! !

Steam version game 'Nuru Peta' will be released on January 31, 2020 worldwide!

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170 minutes for 1 minute digest # 01

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“The Caramel” and “Amber Truffle” December 6, 2019 | Haagen-Dazs Japan

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