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The movie “ IT / It THE END ” where the members of the “Luzers Club” who overcame the fear of “it” will gather together after another 27 years later and an event that occurred again in the town will fight again. Is open from Friday, November 1st, 2019, and today is Friday Road SHOW on Friday, November 8th! The previous work “ IT / It ” will be broadcast. Since the movie was released under the R15 designation, it will be broadcast on the TV edition.

IT / It “End” when you see it. -Friday Road Cinema Club | Nippon Television

If you haven't seen the previous work, please enjoy Pennywise at this opportunity to enjoy what the end of the battle between Luthers and “It” will be.

Movie “IT / It THE END” main movie (Lousers! -YouTube


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“GODZILLA star eaters” Fictional Gen, Kobun Shizuno, Hiroyuki Seshita interview, how was that last created? -GIGAZINE

Researchers succeeded in creating `` mushrooms that generate electricity '' with 3D printers-GIGAZINE

`` Vomiting scam '' is increasing while Uber's driver `` customer vomits '' and charges a terrible price with a lie-GIGAZINE

Clearly that popular gaming keyboards secretly record key input information and send it to China-gigazine

Dr. Hawking says, 'The Earth will become a 'ball of fire' in the next 600 years'-GIGAZINE

I went to see the `` Orient Express tram '' that wraps the oldest tram in Japan on Orient Express-GIGAZINE

How could a gift from a Soviet Union child eavesdrop on an American ambassador for seven years? -GIGAZINE

I went to the registered tangible cultural property restaurant `` Yoshiyoshi Hyakuban '' at the amusement park where the groom once lived-GIGAZINE

I tried using `` doujinshi secretary '' that will schedule and schedule daily work so that the manuscript will be in time for the deadline-GIGAZINE

Draw a picture on the plate and bake it in the oven, you can make the original plate `` Okaki pen for ceramics '' review-GIGAZINE

Composer Yuki Kajiura talks about how to interact with the work and how to compose-GIGAZINE

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Only a few countries can meet the goals of the Paris Agreement | National Geographic Japan Site

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Cognitive decline in 70s ¥ 100 million insurance Japan Post Bank family refusal to cancel | [West Japan News]

After being driven in, the private test postponement administration stressed “bureaucracy's responsibility”: Asahi Shimbun Digital

WEB special feature It is a student taking an exam! NHK News

Postponement of the English private exam that shocked 500,000 students. When we interviewed the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, we thought this way. “I want to make it clear why bureaucrats have pushed this policy.”

NHK News

In the outline of the bill compiled by the Constitutional Democratic Party, it was difficult to self-score after the examination after pointing out that 'participation in the grader's expertise is a problem', taking into account that part-time jobs are scoring. It will be difficult to apply for.

Benesse's English Examinations Listening and other troubles one after another | NHK News

Nao Shibayama, professor at the Graduate School of Education, Tohoku University, who is familiar with the entrance examination system, says, “Now, the country cannot play a role in monitoring the troubles of private exams. How can we minimize the disadvantages of students taking the exam? Or, the fundamental system design must be reviewed.

Anti-Drone Countermeasures “Jaming Gun” Triple Increased Security Celebration Parade | NHK News

European economy slows down further | NHK News

Dissent to the government, deleted from minutes Minutes of the company insurance, pension tour | Kyodo News

Yabe of Prime Minister Abe who does not stop this year alone Irregular remarks more than 20 times `` crisis of democracy ''-Mainichi Newspaper

Around 'New Kunitachi', 187 human bones from the ground ... Estimated as an elderly person from infants: Japan: News: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

Hong Kong's first death in protests college student falling down during police ban | NHK News

Is it possible to use it for contested election posters with the “underwear” of women candidates in N countries? -Lawyer dot com

Small 2 girl killed, defendant denies murderous intention First trial in Niigata District Court: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A bullying teacher applies for a public service accident Kobe City, an unusual case between teachers | Kyodo News

Park in Minato Ward around Tawaman, dead body from the ground ... A part of the upper body is on the ground: Domestic: News: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Eliminate the cause of the water shortage | NHK News

Order to pay Mr. Trump 220 million yen Charity funds diversion: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Start of drying of old documents Staff and experts in Yanagawa, flooded by typhoon: Fukushima Minyu News: Fukushima Minyu Newspaper Minyu Net

Tax waste 100.2 billion yen IT and earthquake related point out noticeable audit report-Mainichi Newspaper

North Korea calls Prime Minister Abe “Idiot” repels criticism of weapons experiment 2 photos International News: AFPBB News

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'Kururi Poi' Super Puzzle To packaging trays, bags, and trash cans | [West Japan News]

An intersection that cannot be crossed in blue? Pedestrian separation signal, crossing diagonally: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Google Japan Blog: Changes in 2-step verification

December 1 when carrier email (for example, email addresses such as @ docomo.ne.jp, @ ezweb.ne.jp, @ softbank.ne.jp, etc.) is specified to receive the 2-step verification code After that date, you will not receive a login verification code.

PlayStation, AI, and SmartNews-Takeshi Kugi talks about 'Delusional power' that creates products that are loved around the world-Suma Q (Sumakyu) | Finding Smart News 'Working'

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Everyone who read `` A story that became tattered when escaped from reality '' (by Nagata Kabi) # A story that became tattered when escaped from reality-Togetter

Stretchers introduction video

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Tashiro Masashi suspect hotel hotel 'not own' | NHK News

Rugby Scottish Association Fines close to 10 million yen due to inappropriate remarks | NHK News

'Elbow' of baseball boys 17% of 6th graders have severe symptoms National survey | NHK News

The proportion of athletes with severe symptoms increases as the grade rises, with the exception of the first and second graders, where the number of students is small, and is about 17% in the sixth grade. % Of elbow abnormalities were found.

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Cola High with a refreshing and dry taste “Nikka Tanrei Dry Highball Dry Cola” will be released for a limited time on Tuesday, December 3! | Asahi Beer

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