Headline news on September 2, 2019

The music video for 'Butter-Fly-Hatsune Miku Version-', a collaboration between 'Digimon Adventure' and Miku Hatsune, which celebrated its 20th anniversary, has been released. Arrangement and Miku's tuning are handled by

Miki and P, who worked on “ 39 Muji !AndLoki ”. MV production was handled by video creator, Oku .

'Butter-Fly-Hatsune Miku Version-' MV-YouTube

Collaboration illustrations by popular creators are also available.


Jiro Sameyama

Naoto Saito

This is due to Toei Animation

© Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation

The movie “ Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna ” will be released on Friday, February 21, 2020.

`` Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna '' Special News-YouTube

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10 strategies necessary to ensure a successful diet-gigazine

I tried 4K aerial photography of the southern country Tuvalu in danger of sinking / disappearing with a drone-GIGAZINE

Charriderman has seen the direction from the cancellation of evacuation instructions in Tomioka Town in Fukushima Prefecture to the reconstruction-GIGAZINE

I tried using `` SESAME mini '' which turns my smartphone into a house key-GIGAZINE

I tried to accidentally explode with the Chrome extension `` extension that occasionally heats up '' that suddenly explodes during movie playback-GIGAZINE

In which part of the brain is 'false memory' made? -GIGAZINE

What is the approach method that aims to solve the problem by understanding the `` emotion '' behind the `` procrastination action '' that postpones what should be done-GIGAZINE

The current state of wild boar in Germany that bears Chernobyl's negative legacy-gigazine

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◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)
Science Exploration Site Deletion Issue [Science Exploration Site Deletion Issue]

Science Exploration is a scientific journal that was launched in 2007 and contains serious articles on the spread of scientific education.
This magazine has a “fake science special issue” once a year. In the April 2019 issue, we published a critical article on the magnetic water activation device called “NMR Pipetector”.
The article describes a scientific indication that 'the principle of the device is not feasible from the level of modern science' and a legal indication that 'the method of selling to an apartment management association that is not protected by the Consumer Law' Had been.

“Retirement” Ceremony to Turn Off Power Supply for Super Computer “Kyo” | NHK News

About 40% of cervical cancer vaccine 'I can't decide vaccination' Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare investigation | NHK News

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare conducted a consciousness survey on the cervical cancer vaccine, where the number of people to be vaccinated has declined significantly. I understand. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is considering measures to provide information on vaccines.

The cultural breakthrough of mankind was the “brain mutation” that occurred 70,000 years ago: Research results | WIRED.jp

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Opposition party seeks extraordinary Diet to prevent consumption tax hike | NHK News

New point issuance common to the government and nationwide Utilization of My Number Card | Kyodo News

Magnification 600 times, flooded with applicants for hiring ice age generation Takarazuka City `` Country and other local governments ''-Mainichi Newspaper

Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture recruited regular employees (about 3 people) for the “working ice age generation” who graduated from universities and high schools around 1993-2004 after the collapse of the bubble and faced a recession. Applied, and the magnification exceeded 600 times. The city envisaged a maximum of 500 applicants and had secured three venues for the first test (written) on September 22nd, but will increase the number to ten.

134.4 billion yen for employment support of the working ice age generation Increase of 300,000 regular employment in 3 years-Mainichi Newspaper

On the 30th, the government announced that a total of 134.4 billion yen was included in the budget request for fiscal 2020 as a measure related to employment support for the “working ice age” who experienced difficulty in finding employment after the burst of the bubble. The government has set a goal of increasing 300,000 regular employees of this generation over the next three years.

'Suspension of fast reactor construction plan with cooperation between Japan and France' French leading newspaper | NHK News

Ikebukuro runaway accident 290,000 pens to sign strict punishment for 88-year-old driver-Mainichi Newspaper

Two leaders bail led by the “Umbrella Movement” Hong Kong | NHK News

Supporting Africa, struggling Japan = before huge Chinese funds-appealing from 'quantity' to 'quality': current affairs dot com

President Trump's Wooden Statue Appears in the Hometown of Mrs. Melania | NHK News

Ao tile stand publicly demands `` early return of US military base '' after NSC meeting-Chosun online Chosun Ilbo

What the Liberal Democratic Party did in the region (25th Senate Election Area Analysis Part3) | Mitsuru Miharu (Miru) ⭐ Mirai Election Project |

Germany, Poland, dispute over compensation = invasion 80 years, 90 trillion yen trial calculation: current affairs dot com

Japan-Korea relations “For a while,” worried about thinking Liberal people, Ishiba [Japan-Korea relations / GSOMIA discarded]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A famous private university is Rikunabi insulation 'I no longer have a relationship of trust ... I will not introduce anything in the future' Undecided decline rate sales issue (1/2 pages)-zakzak: Evening Fuji official site

Chuo University Career Center makes a strict judgment that it will not introduce anything in the future. Koji Ikeda, Deputy Director of the Center, said, “The relationship of trust has ceased. If there is a problem even if there is even one problem, we can't introduce it because students and parents can't rest assured.” The center does not distribute Rikunabi's pamphlet, which was distributed to students at the information session every year, and will not ask for any information meeting that has been requested by Rikunabi, such as “industry research”.

The right wing group executive arrested in front of the Korean embassy post infestation-Society: Nikkan Sports

The road traffic law is not applicable because it is not a public road ... The necessity of legislation to appeal to parents who lost their son in a drunk driving accident-FNN.jp Prime Online

The road traffic law prohibiting drunk driving due to an accident in a cargo ship is not applicable

Governor Koike, not commemorating this year, Korean massacre of the Great Kanto Earthquake: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Consultation of sexual damage under the age of 19 and a quarter of perpetrators are family and relatives: Asahi Shimbun Digital

“Notification of refusal of welfare protection and seal without knowing” The visually impaired confronts the city: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Suspended body fluids arrested Maritime Self-Defense Forces Yokohama Station premises | NHK News

Irritating Hong Kong police, hard-line measures are oil on fire Demonstration team 'is a black society': Asahi Shimbun Digital

The police response has become even stronger in the protest against the government in Hong Kong. On August 31, he was no longer reluctant to squeeze the demonstrators who had fled into the subway cars. There seems to be some irritation that the situation does not improve, and China's intention to demand strict measures, but this approach amplifies the public's anger and concerns, and the situation is getting more tense.

`` Pressure against the Chinese and Hong Kong government '' Mr. Zhou appealed to the international community-YouTube

Foreign nationality is twice the normal special enrollment class enrollment rate?

“Korean hostility stop” and gathering in Tokyo Citizen organizations and researchers | Kyodo News

Tokyo Shimbun: Withdrawal of notification `` Do not say irregular '' After requesting information disclosure of this paper: Politics (TOKYO Web)

Maruyama Hodaka, “Takeshima can only get back in the war ...” SNS post: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Ikebukuro runaway strict punishment signature about 290,000 people gather to extend the deadline until September-Sankei News

Nursing assistant sues working hospital with `` outing '' to change gender-Mainichi Newspaper

Recurring profits declined in all manufacturing industries in Japan Semiconductor-related demand decline-Reuters

Suicide suspects, document inspection = investigation ended with unknown motives-Kawasaki killing case, Kanagawa Prefectural Police: current affairs dot com

Harvard refugees, the US refuses to enter the country SNS is the reason: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Lifestyle (Life / Life / Health)
Men who want to go to the bathroom while cooking 'Habanero Chinchin' story and experience 'I'm ugly and messy ...'-Togetter

Posting the “idea savings box” contest of the postal savings troublesome matter-diary diary of daddy teacher

The keeper was also surprised Summer when the cat raised a raccoon baby (Hiro Nishimatsu)-Individual-Yahoo! News

The baby's Hana was adorable, but on the other hand, the breeding staff felt that this was hard. Because there is no mother of Hana-chan, the staff need to take care of the childcare throughout the day, such as feeding milk with a baby bottle or encouraging excretion with human hands.

However, such worries ended soon. 'The day Hana-chan came to the garden, listen to the cry, Hana-chan went to Hana-chan, brought Hana-chan, and brought Koshiro-kun to her bed. Everyone was surprised to see Shiro-chan's actions. '

The trial of death by intellectually disabled people left a major challenge for supporters. | Yumiko Yamada | note

[Reading impressions] Lupo Education difficult school ☆☆☆☆-Scarlet

Actually, Kyoto University of Art and Design vs. Kyoto City University of Arts trademark rights battle (Kiyoshi Kurihara)-Individual-Yahoo! News

◆ IT / Gadget (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)
Send a message spoofing the sender by SMS · Akaki I / O

I've been using SMS in the same way as LINE so far, so I didn't expect a spoofed message to arrive in a legitimate thread. If a cleverly disguised phishing message arrived, he would not have noticed anything unusual. The thread display peculiar to chat, which is not in the conventional mail, was unknowingly trusted. It was fortunate that I noticed such a specification before I suffered damage, but I should have known it as an SMS user sooner. I realized that daily attention to the trend of phishing is essential.

From October 1, 2019, we will authorize the personal use of Hatena Blog-Hatena Blog Development Blog

Responsibility for SQL Injection Countermeasures Tokyo District Court 30.10.26 (Hei 29 Wa 40110)-IT / System Case Notes

Unauthorized access to Twitter CEO account Discriminatory posts | NHK News

According to the American media, the account of Jack Dorsey CEO, the head of Twitter, was hijacked by someone, and a tweet of racist expression and content defending Nazi Germany was posted.

I examined GeoIP technology that identifies the region from the IP address (with additional notes)

Information collection method of machine learning neighborhood-diary of kisa12012

Talking about hacking in a few hours and setting up a mining tool [Initial B] after leaving RDP with a simple password-INTERNET Watch

Isn't the three-letter spell of destruction a Laputa system clerk or fool? → 'The height of security consciousness that is not an ancient civilization' packed with three elements of modern security concept-Togetter

Does that mean that the Internet is finally sending and receiving 0 and 1 signals between server clients? I feel very inefficient. -Quora

Summary of falsification of input form of UNIQLO Australia due to vulnerable AWS S3 infringement-piyolog

[For beginners] How to record coterie audio works in the studio-Togetter

Smartphone Saizen “Not Accepted at All” Temples Introduced: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Dedicated to the chat section of VTuber | Daphne | note

Does the CPU usage rate suddenly increase after applying cumulative update on Windows 10?-PC Watch

MobileHackerz Restart Diary: Talk about hacking an existing car with an open-source automated driving kit #car hack

◆ Anime, Games, Manga (Subcal)

The second TV anime “I will die if I come to Budokan” PV starts broadcasting in January 2020! -YouTube

Publication Status Chronicle 136 (August 1st to August 31st, 2019)-Publication / Reading Memo Random

The estimated sales amount of books and magazines in July 2007 was 95.6 billion yen, an increase of 4.0% from the previous year.
Books were 48.1 billion yen, up 9.6%.
Magazines were 47.5 billion yen, down 1.2%. The breakdown of monthly magazines was 38.4 billion yen, a decrease of 0.1%, while weekly magazines were 9.1 billion yen, a decrease of 5.4%.
The return rate is 39.9% for books, 43.0% for magazines, 43.4% for monthly magazines, and 41.3% for weekly magazines.
The books were published by Makoto Shinkai's “Novel Kyoko no Ko” (Kadokawa Bunko) in the first edition of 500,000 copies, Akira Higashino “The Thread of Hope” (Kodansha), Naoki Momota “The Knight of Summer” (Shinchosha), etc. The new issue contributes.
In addition to raising fixed prices, magazines such as “Linen” (Treasure Island) are doing well, and comics are also supported by the release of a new issue of “ONE PIECE” (Shueisha).
In the past year, we have also listed the actual sales amount of “Publishing Yearbook” (publishing news company), but since the publication news company has closed, let me add that it can no longer be presented. .

Valuable talk that ordinary people know about the idea of `` directing''Aoi and Oshii on Animage magazine-Togetter

I want the anime that drives Chuji disease to draw the luxury goods properly-Polar bear rubbish

TV animation `` Devil's Blade '' pillar ban PV-YouTube

TV anime `` Vinland Saga '' 2 cool eyes opening theme ban 6th animation PV-YouTube

TV anime `` Fairygone Fairy Gone '' 2nd cool eye SPOT-YouTube

'My Hero Academia' (Hiroaka) TV anime 4th season 3rd PV / October 12 (Sat) evening 5:30 broadcast start / OP theme: 'Polaris' BLUE ENCOUNT-YouTube

Fairy Gone Story edited by 2 minutes-YouTube

Persona 5 The Royal PV # 03-YouTube

[P5S] 8.30 notice PV-YouTube

“DAEMON X MACHINA” Launch Trailer [Human history is the history of battles. ]-YouTube

'Decommissioning Declaration' Seal Declaration | Hiroshi Yamamoto Official Powered by Ameba

Since when has the real nose been avoided in Japanese comics? → Considerations such as “There is a picture with nose already omitted in“ Hokusai Manga ”” “There are some Japanese pictures with children omitting the nose”-Togetter

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movies (Entertainment)
Tokyo Shimbun: [Tokyo 2020] Pavement to prevent heat adverse effect 10% drop on road surface, but temperature rises 2 degrees: Society (TOKYO Web)

After all, how should we deal with Toriya: Nanjije Stadium @ NJ Summary

156: Wind blowing if no name 2019/09/01 (Sunday) 11: 35: 16.46 ID: DtQyO / 990
Significant reduction → Treatment for those who are
Recommendation for retirement →
Leave the group →

What should i do

[Sad news] Hanshin Tigers, Team defense rate 1st in 12 teams, 12th in UZR12 teams, 12th in scoring 12 teams: Nanjije Stadium @ NJ Summary

71: If the wind blows no name 2019/09/02 (Monday) 16: 02: 52.83 ID: rvCRr + uop
The best team if Hanshin pitcher and Seibu fielder are combined
Those who remain

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KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO “Authentic Ingredients” Series Newly Polished with Long-established Pride Introducing Ise Shrimp and Sweet Shrimp, Gyokuro and Matcha Salt, Hidaka Kelp and Yuzu “Japanese Craftsmanship” Campaign

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