Headline news on August 28, 2019

A collaboration between the TV anime “Yuru Can △”, which has been decided on in January 2020, and the variety program “Wednesday Wednesday” produced by Hokkaido TV was decided. ~ 1/6 Dream Traveler 2002ver. 'Has been released.

TV animation 'Yuru Can △' MV-1/6 dream traveler 2002ver.--YouTube

This visual is by the original author Afro.

© Afro Houbunsha / Outdoor Activities Committee

In addition, the sale of original collaboration goods has been decided at “Festival in Sapporo 2019” held from October 4th (Friday) to 6th (Sunday), 2019.

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It turns out that the more you lie, the more you become a `` liar ''-GIGAZINE

`` Virtual dog '' to prevent damage attacked by dogs will be developed-gigazine

The earth is the hottest in the history of the past 120,000 years-gigazine

What is the “black hole information paradox” that plagues physicists around the world? -GIGAZINE

Movie that created Star Wars' full-scale `` speeder bike ''-gigazine

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NHK News 110,000 liters of oil spills from the ironworks to Rokukagawa

Ironworks tanks flooded, oil leaked near river Saga: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kyoto Ani Incident, Kyoto Prefectural Police said `` refusal to announce real name '' denied multiple survivors: Kyoto Shimbun

On the other hand, several survivors who the prefectural police had said to have refused to announce their real names testified that they had not refused to the Kyoto Shimbun.

Girl Statue Exhibition Canceled Governor Kuroiwa, Kanagawa “Exhibits freedom of expression” | NHK News

'Natural hot spring' is actually industrial water TBS NEWS

According to Daiwa House Industry, “Rinku no Yu” was operated using hot water that had springed up locally 10 years ago, but six years ago, it was subject to a bathing tax due to the ordinance revision of Izumisano City. That means it ’s switched.

Is pest damage a hoax? MAFF “No impact at this time” Massive imports of rice corn “Frequent coverage” (1/2) <dot.> | AERA dot.

Why President Trump was particular about `` corn '' (St. Hirose)-Individual-Yahoo! News

US Department of State GSOMIA maintenance to South Korea to reveal high officials | NHK News

[Overseas reaction] Pandora's melancholy Overseas 'It's not just a problem in Japan!' The BBC, which reported the actual situation of the technical training system in Japan, also voiced objection

South Korea excluded from preferential export control countries | NHK News

Pension, 68-year-old working at current level Fiscal verification system reform urgently: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Rikunabi Incident, Recruit and Data Purchasing Company followed by Foreign Capital Job Hunting.com (How Television)

Burn with a torch, practice without squeezing kerosene Manual incomplete: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Ukrainian Parliamentary Secretary Ueno Resigns to Resign

Toyota and Suzuki formally announce capital alliance | NHK News

Argentine market plummets, opposition presidential candidate criticized deal with IMF-Bloomberg

◆ Lifestyle (Life / Life / Health)
Name change of Kyoto University of Art and Design | Kyoto City University of Arts

Regarding the name change of Kyoto University of Art and Design to “Kyoto University of Arts”, the name is the same or very similar to the name of our university and the abbreviations that are generally accepted. I am very worried that it will cause great confusion for citizens and a wide range of people who love art.

To prevent this from happening, I asked Kyoto University of Art and Design to cancel the name change and reconsider it.

The University is familiar with the names of “Kyoto” and “Kyoto College of Art” as an art university in Kyoto, and the name and abbreviation of the university is an important asset raised by citizens.

We will continue to discuss with Kyoto University of Art and Design in order to protect this important property and not to cause unnecessary confusion for many concerned parties. If it is determined that it is difficult to find, we will take appropriate measures including legal measures.

Is there a Furuichi novel “reference to other people's work” of the Ayukawa award winning election: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Furuichi Admission Memorial Extra Large Part 1/2-illegal function call in 1980s

From the selection of the 161st (first half of 2019) Yodogawa Prize, I would like to try to appreciate it by quoting and arranging the parts mentioned by each elector in Norito Furuichi “Hundred Nights”.

Is n’t it time to review the “top visit” of Fuji mountain climbing? | Between management and mountain climbing

30,000 collections and 4000 stuffed animals ... Arai Motoko's “Don't throw away” life | Topics | Women's public opinion.jp

“Bad appearance and never had a dating experience” Naoki Sugami responds to a 47-year-old woman in earnest (1/4) <dot.> | AERA dot.

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Launch of “UNLIMITED WORLD” in the 5G Era, Freed from Current Restrictions | 2019 | KDDI CORPORATION

In addition, the “au 5G” logo will be renewed when “UNLIMITED WORLD” starts. The color is metallic and expresses the advanced and future of “au 5G”.

I tried color detection using OpenCV in THETA-Qiita

HIKAKIN “I tried mentos cola (15 million plays)” Wai “Nago-o-o caught turtles (1700 plays)”] What J] Summary Taro!

◆ Anime, Games, Manga (Subcal)
TV animation `` Is only you like me? '' [1st PV]-YouTube

TV animation 'I said that my abilities are average values!' Main PV-YouTube

“DAEMON X MACHINA” game cycle introduction video-YouTube

⌘ 1/8 scale figure “Hatoha Tsugu” is open for reservation on August 29th (Thu) | Work for the figure maker Good Smile Company “Kahotan Blog”

Choke Point | 'ASTRAL CHAIN' overseas review

Shimoda Keiki Official Blog-Suspiciously attached to the 'Kyo-Ani Grand Prix' I'm aware of Ozomasa-Powered by LINE

A case of an example | Junichi Tanzawa | note

Unfortunately, the news has become news, so you might be aware of it, but from mid-August, my game management staff (individual names are not specified) will be killed. Received. Comments are sent out every day via the company inquiry form to threaten threats and killings, and it is judged that the risk of execution is high due to its very insulting and aggressive text, and a damage report is submitted to the police Did. Since there are only a few people, including me, who are appearing as management, although there is no identification of the individual name, it can be considered that the killing of the criminal is almost directed to us from the situation. In particular, it was considered that the risk level of myself, who is the most frequent project manager, was quite high.

Nintendo Switch `` The Ranch Story Mineral Town of Reunion '' Introduction Video 2nd-YouTube

Rockman Zero & XX Double Hero Collection-Announcement Trailer-YouTube

`` Super Robot Wars DD '' first PV-YouTube

`` Super Robot Wars DD '' 2nd PV-YouTube

35 years since Mayu Ayukawa `` El Gaim '' suffering and resurrection steps: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

I came up with the answer, “I only have a song,” and found the way to the commercial. Natto and gastrointestinal drugs in beer. I sang songs with 200 commercials. A self-produced singer / songwriter is curious about how much the ego can be expressed, but CM is the opposite of that. The personality must be erased and the sponsor's order must be fulfilled. However, it was successful. '' More cute ',' Refreshing ',' Like a folk song '. Orders differ depending on the site. The number of drawers increased and the song became fertile.'

[Official] 'Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness Takeaway Girls in the Sky!' Canary Vigilante Story Introduction PV-YouTube

Suddenly 3presents: All of “Borderlands” in 2 minutes! -YouTube

`` The beginning of Tolkien journey '' British afternoon tea course special video-YouTube

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movies (Entertainment)
Seibu VS Nippon Ham, Sunset Cold wwwwww: Daily Yakiu Bulletin @ Baseball Summary

[Good news] Tadashi Nakanishi “Murakami, break through the eagle record!”: Swallow Bulletin

10: If the wind blows no name 2019/08/28 (Wednesday) 07: 56: 34.46 ID: M4Ew5V1ap
Nakanishi's era tool was bad and I didn't fly the ball.

Selague Standing table when one team does not exist: Nanjiee Stadium @ NJ Summary

What J PRIDE: Kuruto Aoki “Never stop quitting before Toriya” → Itou “I want them to retire together”

55: If the wind blows no name 2019/08/28 (Wednesday) 11: 02: 15.50 ID: 2dxI46910
Leaving Toriya and Aoki

[Full text published] Nichiaki Maeda shocked with talks with Keiji Muto, “I gave up with Ichiro Ozawa and all the sponsors had gass” Talk!

NHK News: Baseball U18 Japan National Team “No Hinomaru” Goes to Korea

Former talent Anri Sakaguchi arrested TBS NEWS

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Kushikatsu Tanaka Holdings Co., Ltd. | NEWS News | <Supervised by Kushikatsu Tanaka> Launched “Lunch Pack Curry Munch Cutlet & Japanese Style Sauce”. -At the convenience store in Kanto from September 1, 2019-

'Kirin Fire Latte Using Milk' New Release on Tuesday, September 10 and 'Kirin Fire Luxury Demitas' on Tuesday, September 24 | 2019 | News Releases | Kirin

'Sapporo Chelate Lemon Sawaren Acid + (Plus)' Limited Release | News Release | Sapporo Beer

Sapporo MEGA LAGER New Release | News Releases | Sapporo Beer

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