Headline News for May 31, 2019

'The Ultimate Battle Entertainment' movie '

Promare ' by Hiroyuki Imaishi & Kazuki Nakajima of ' Glen Lagan' and 'Kill La Kill '. A serialized card with a serial code is available from May 24th, 2019 (Friday), and shows the main character Garo's eve (about 10 minutes) as an admission privilege. Card distribution with serial code has been decided. Distribution starts from June 7, 2019 (Fri).

© TRIGGER · Nakajima Kazuki / X FLAG

The PV of Superfly's singing ending theme song 'Cut in Ice' is also released. The image contains some spoilers.

Movie 'Promea' ending theme song PV ※ including some spoiler video. Production: TRIGGER Blockbuster-YouTube

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

Kyoto city Transportation Bureau official anime 'Get on the subway', which has grown up to attract more than 10 million yen, devised by the Transportation Bureau staff, is now available for free-GIGAZINE

Google's 'Project Sunroof' will tell the color 'Do you want to install a solar panel at home' is expanding to the world-GIGAZINE

We played with cute cats being treated with cute 'cat cat VR' that cats gather intensely-GIGAZINE

Aung Bunko's masterpieces are delivered in small parts by mail that can be read in 3 minutes a day 'Bungo Mail' review-GIGAZINE

What is the education system “PBL” that is not confined to the subjects newly adopted by Finland, a country with advanced education? -GIGAZINE

A pirate ship from Australia arrived in Japan in the Edo period of 1830-GIGAZINE

'Reproducibility' of science is in danger-GIGAZINE

It is confirmed that the bird is a descendant of a dinosaur from the formation of 'Beak'-GIGAZINE

◆ neta (memo, various other)

◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)
'A copyright fee is added to the smartphone and the PC itself' International organization resolved: Asahi newspaper digital

In response to the fact that the main recording and recording equipment has been changed to personal computers and smartphones, additional copyright fees have been added to those selling prices in advance. On the 31st, an international group of copyright groups announced that it had made such a resolution for the Japanese government. The current 'personal recording compensation' is targeted at MD recorders of one generation ago, and in recent years there has been little compensation. It is the contents that it should spread the target according to the times.

'Hairase' investigation of police that there was really! What is the 'Self-destruction' testimony of the former police department handed over cannabis? Entertainment news if the television

Mr. Inaba, who has seized many handguns during his incumbent days, most of them were said to be 'investigative investigations.' He also used handguns obtained from gangsters in his own coin locker and seized it, and he also bought them from gangsters for investigation costs. What's more, those illegal investigations were conducted under the control of a police officer.

Immediately after Mr. Inaba's arrest, the former boss of Mr. Inaba, who had been interrogated by the police officer, committed suicide. In addition, S (Spy), which was the source of Mr. Inaba's information, also dies in prison. As a result, illegal investigations by the police were to be sealed. However, in 2017, the existence of illegal investigations became public due to unexpected developments. While reflecting on his stimulant case, Mr. Inaba accuses in front of the camera of the actual state of many 'harmony investigations' sealed in the dark.

See also GIGAZINE's interview with director Takahashi Gen of the movie 'Pochi's Confession' with the theme of corruption of the police organization .

No recording Interrogation 8 hours 'What do you think about you'

A web designer man (31) was searched for a home in Kanagawa Prefectural Police last February. The introduction of a program called 'coin hive' in which the virtual currency 'mining' starts automatically when browsing men's web pages is considered to be a crime of 'tampering electromagnetic record keeping' to install the virus.

Next March, the optional investigation at the Konan station took about 8 hours. Although he continued denying the recognition of fraud, a police officer who appeared to be a boss appeared at the end of the board.

'I'm stuck in the law,' 'I don't care what you think about it,' 'I'm saying something to reflect on.'

After all, a memoir was made as if reflecting, and a brief charge was prosecuted. The unconvinced man consulted a lawyer and requested a formal trial. To protect his body, men concealed all the content of the interrogation.

'The Mass Killings of the Past' Magazine Seized Children Killing Case From Home of a Man | NHK News

Without the possession of a smartphone or a PC Isolated from the world ... why suddenly it was abusive-Sankei News

'The Tiananmen case is a slaughter' US is pressured on China for human rights issues |

North Korean Special Representative Execution or Q & A after the Meeting Breaks, My Sister is also Concerned |

Halloween drinking prohibited on the street Shibuya ward's ordinance draft Penalty rule notice | NHK News

To abolish Kusatsu Onsen 'Yunaga' Mayor 'Possibility of violation of the doctor's law': Asahi Shimbun digital

A man who has fallen out to 'fell a molester' at the station, 'is assault crime' is true? -Lawyer dot com

It should be eradication of measles ... Nearly 1000 patients in US Background of vaccine refusal | NHK News

'It might be affected by the linear opening' JR Tokai president concerned: Asahi Shimbun digital

President Shinkai Kaneko, who is continuing discussions with the Shizuoka Prefecture side over the flow reduction problem of the Oi River water system due to the construction of a linear central Shinkansen tunnel in Shizuoka City, said at a regular press conference on July 30 that 'If this condition continues 'I am concerned that it may affect the time of the year,' said that the opening of 2027 may be delayed.

Obtain the actual source of the source described by Naoki Hyakuda-Hayakawa Tadanori | Discussion-Asahi Shimbun's speech site

On the Report of the Kawasaki Killing Case (Statement): Official Blog

Mandatory chip for dogs and cats, ban on sales less than 8 weeks after birth, approved: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The House of Representatives' Environment Committee on November 31 considered the revised animal protection bill, a lawmaker's proposal that requires dog and cat dealers to be equipped with microchips, etc. The House of Councilors General Assembly is expected to pass on June 7 and be established. The sale of dogs and cats, in principle, except for some Japanese dogs, is prohibited from the age of 56 days (eight weeks).

One week 'pre-evacuation' for fear of Nankai Trough massive earthquake | NHK News

Revised fund settlement law passed on name of virtual currency, 'cryptographic assets': Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Mystery of the 'diplomatic apartment raked case' = shoot a laundry shirt of a Japanese staff member-Tiananmen case, China: Jiji dot com

Input work 30,000 cases unfairly reconsignment | News of NHK Kumamoto Prefecture

Tariffs added to imports from the US Mexico 5% due to illegal immigrants inflow | NHK News

Child insurance free of charge ... the competition for childcare competition intense USJ annual pass purchase expenses also paid: Kyoto Shimbun

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Sports day, no sunscreen? The school of the principle of 'painting at home' also emphasizes the need for doctors | [West Japan Newspaper News]

A place for controversy? Okubo Rito's Tea Room Found at the House Demolition Site: Asahi Shimbun Digital

And slip down | GRiPS

If you spend so much time in the mountains, of course, there are moments of hiyari.
If this happens, you can always look ahead anytime, and do not miss simulations that can handle any situation.
I am such a person and I love delusion.
'Hello, don't die if you fall here,'
'Wow, I'm dangerous here,'
At that time, a sense of tension goes into the body and the head and body switch.
There should be no confidence or overconfidence.
However, there may have been a momentary outrage.
Yes, the accident happened in a place I could not imagine.

About Abandoned Buddha-Uchida's Laboratory

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)

Which map app do you use? -Tokyo Geo-Shika University Department of Geography Office

Overwhelming input for students starting AWS-Speaker Deck

DoCoMo Price Cuts 34 Million Not Less Than 40%: The Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Hospital PC aborts acceptance of virus infected emergency patients, etc. | NHK News

KDDI and nreal enter into strategic partnership in planning and development of smart glass utilizing XR technology and expanding into Japan | 2019 | KDDI CORPORATION

'Nreal light' to be used in future demonstration experiments is not used alone, but it is used as a smartphone with USB-Type C cable, or as an 'nreal computing unit' with Qualcomm chipset Snapdragon (TM) 845. It works by connecting. In addition to reducing the weight of the Smart Glass body, ensuring safety, extending operating time, and using AR / VR applications that support position tracking.
Furthermore, in addition to 52 degrees of wide viewing angles, we realize lightness that is not with conventional smart glass of only 88 grams.

'Introductory surveillance' held in-house reading party-Misoca developer blog

I made something like THETA Z1 OLED drawing library-Qiita

Behaviorally Targeted Advertising Brings Only 4% Revenue Increase to Media (Heiwa Expo)-Individuals-Yahoo! News

Learning to do a year at the Data Analysis Department-Gunosy Data Analysis Blog

Twitter 'The King of Husband's Phenomenon' (Toku Riku Motohiko)-Individuals-Yahoo! News

◆ Anime ・ Game ・ Manga (Sub-Carl)
Notice of 'Fate / stay night + hollow ataraxia reprint' released (release date: June 28, 2019)-TYPE-MOON Official Web Site

-Release date: June 28, 2019 (Fri)
・ Price: 9,500 yen (excluding tax)
・ Media: Download card (※ Internet connection environment is required)
・ Type: 18 prohibited (If you are under the age of 18 you can not purchase)
・ Voice: None

・ Bundled item
1. Art Book 'Fate / Art Chronicle'
2. 'Fate / side material' reprint
(※ It is a booklet attached as a benefit of 'Fate / stay night first limited edition')

·Operating environment
Supported OS: Japanese version Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
HDD: 6GB or more free space
Communication line: Internet connection required

※ It is a reprint of 'Fate / stay night + hollow ataraxia' sold before.
※ There is no change in the game content.

TV anime 'Given' talk to _ PV Haruki ver.-YouTube

[Nintendo Labo] Speak with VR goggles 'Super scuffle smash Brothers SPECIAL'-YouTube

Nintendo Switch 'Doraemon Nobita's Ranch Story' 2nd PV-YouTube

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®-Trailer-YouTube

[Official] Lupine The 3rd Part 2 Episode 145 'The Wings of Death Albatross' 'LUPIN THE 3RD PART 2' EP 145 (1977)-YouTube

Episode 145, in which Miyazaki Hayao worked as a script and director in the name of Teruki Shiho, is a legendary episode in which the quality of a single movie was high. Fujiko, who has a fierce action battle in a quirky appearance, also made a shock.

lovelive! Series 9th Anniversary PV-YouTube

What's wrong with me? Commentary on the frontiers of different worlds-Togetter

British Museum cartoon exhibition 'do too much'? Local media criticism too: Asahi Shimbun digital

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)
Controversy movie comfort women 'stop the screening' Performer Nobutaka Fujioka et al: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tokyo Shimbun: documentary movie 'main battlefield' tour battle approaching comfort women problem: Society (TOKYO Web)

Main Battlefield May 30, 2019-YouTube

The abortion law, if implemented, will withdraw from film and television locations Warning from a major US entertainment company 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
[Foo's] reborn base year reborn, 'Nerunune Nerunune' is a power-up! Grow more! More fluffy! | News Release | Kracie

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