I went to eat 4 types of new menu such as winter limited pot course of curry izakaya `` YELLOW '' enjoying spicy meat

YELLOW, a curry izakaya where you can enjoy over 40 kinds of spices and sake, is a hot pot course `` Winter Arunachala Hot Pot Course '' where you can fully enjoy meat and a `` Winter Adams Peak Hot Pot Course '' where you can eat plenty of vegetables in December 2019 It is scheduled to appear on Monday 9th. Also, the new noodle menu “ Spice Noodle ” and “ Sesame Spice Noodle ” are scheduled to appear, so I went to eat a little earlier.

YELLOW, a curry izakaya that travels at the dining table, will open in Grand Front Osaka on Monday, June 17, 2019

table of contents:
◆ 'Winter Arunachala Hot Pot Course' for enjoying meat
◆ Easy-to-use “Winter Adams Peak Hot Pot Course”
◆ 'Spice Noodles' & 'Sesame Noodles'

YELLOW's address is “4-20 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka”, the first floor of the Grand Front Osaka South Building, about a 3-minute walk from JR Osaka Station.

Arrived at Grand Front Osaka.

I came to YELLOW on the 1st floor of the South Building.

The restaurant with 45 seats is not a curry or pub, but has a café-like atmosphere, but various spices can stir up your aroma appetite.

◆ 'Winter Arunachala Hot Pot Course' for enjoying meat
The “Winter Arunachala Nabe Course” is a course centered on meat, and the following images are for two. The pot contains plenty of vegetables, but the side dishes are full of meat.

The ingredients of the pot are chicken thigh, pumpkin, shimeji, enoki mushrooms, maitake, and pakchi.

Chicken leg meat is in a lump with bones. When it is more than 3 servings, the whole chicken may enter.

The size of the pot is about this compared to the iPhone SE with a total length of 123.8 mm.

The hot pot is finished in the kitchen, and it will be served with grilled stones. The soup based on pumpkin and coconut milk makes a thrilling sound and looks pretty hot.

Cut chicken thighs ...

Especially on dishes.

Chicken leg meat is moist and tender, and the inside is well cooked. The mellow richness of coconut milk spreads, and spices such as cardamom will smell a little later.

Hokuhoku sweet pumpkin is also dissolved in the soup and has a rich and rich taste. Overall, the atmosphere is like a yellow curry of Thai cuisine, and the pumpkin has added sweetness, so the sweetness and spicy balance are exquisite.

Since the soup is mellow, you can adjust the spiciness with the sauce if you want more spicy! The sauce is made by scenting oil with octagon, cinnamon, chili, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, cumin, coriander and turmeric.

Rather than a tangy spicy sauce, the sauce resonates gradually on the tongue and heat comes from inside the body. Even with a spoonful, the taste will add to the spiciness and depth.

While eating the hot pot, try out the side dishes. In the platter were tandoori chicken, spare ribs, spicy grilled cartilage and grilled

thighs .

Tandoori chicken has a firm and chewy chicken thigh and turmeric scents. The saucepan and sauce were spicy, so it feels relatively hot and sour. The chicken in the pot was boiled softly in the soup, but the tandoori chicken had a chewy texture, and it tasted like you could enjoy the umami of the chicken itself.

Spare ribs are baked crisply and flavored with “herb scent” rather than “spicy spice”. It will satisfy the desire of meat enthusiasts because the soup of kamu and sushi is full of pork juice. It was relatively mild in the menu this time, so I enjoyed the taste of the meat without numbing the tongue.

Spicy grilled cartilage has a strong turmeric flavor and a spicy taste on the tongue. The crunchy crunch has become habitual, and the deep flavor is perfect for sake.

Baked thighs are filled with minced meat and pakti in a crisp skin. Perhaps because the sauce of

tamarind with a strong acidity is applied, the pakuchi-specific scent was conservative.

A dish with deep-fried spices and fries. Pakchi mint sauce is applied to deep-fried spices, but if you are not good at it, you can consult with the store clerk before ordering and change it to a different one, so you can respond flexibly.

Deep-fried garments are thin, and a refreshing scented pacchi mint soothes greasy.

The last time I came to YELLOW, it was a bit painful for me, but this time it was quite modest.

French fries look normal, but they are also spicy. It's salty and perfect for drinking sake.

It is like a side dish rather than a side dish with plenty of meat dishes, but something like a shallow pickle called `` kachumba '' with lime juice from cucumbers and onions resets the mouth with a refreshing taste Will you.

You can choose ramen or miso for the pan. In Arunachala hot pot, I chose ramen.

It's easy because the clerk makes it in the kitchen instead of making it yourself.

The noodles have a gentle taste with pumpkin and coconut milk, but the deep aroma of spices is behind them. Rich noodles were entangled with fine noodles, and it was an addictive taste that seemed to eat one bite and another bite. This course is recommended for those who want to enjoy the spiciness because the spices are strong and stimulating because of the large amount of meat.

The course has a dessert with homemade gelato and you can choose from 'peach and rosemary', '5 kinds of spices and red wine', 'mango and passion fruit' and 'coconut and cardamom milk'.

◆ Easy-to-use “Winter Adams Peak Hot Pot Course”
The “Winter Adams Peak Hot Pot Course” is a menu centered on vegetables.

The pan contains chicken thighs with bones, cabbage, pacchi, potatoes, enoki mushrooms, and maitake mushrooms.

Like Arunachala pot, it is cooked in a kitchen and served with grilled stones.

Cut chicken thighs ...

To serve.

The soup is curry soup with chicken and vegetable stock. The soup contains spices such as chili and cardamom, and the first bite does not feel so hot, but as you continue to eat, the hotness will gradually increase.

The Arunachala pot contained pumpkin, but the Adams Peak pot contained potatoes. Potatoes that have soaked the umami of the soup are boiled softly enough to break apart in your mouth. Because it cooks in the kitchen, it is nice to enjoy potatoes and pumpkin vegetables that are difficult to pass by fire.

As with Arunachala pot, you can adjust the hotness with sauce. The soup is simple and easy to eat, and if you add the sauce, you can fully enjoy the spiciness and aroma of the spices, so if you want to enjoy the spices in the pot, you should choose the Adams Peak Hot Pot Course.

The side dishes of the Adams Peak Hot Pot Course have long been vegetarian frit, mango and avocado london-style salads, kachumba, marinated octopus, chickpeas, beans and corn savory.

For a long time, the burdock frit has been conservative in spiciness and sourness, and the image shows the sweetness of the ingredients themselves with a small amount of spices. Cinnamon smells soft when you put it in your mouth. Since saltiness is firm, alcohol is also promoted.

The octopus marinade has lime juice, but it has a gentle and refreshing acidity. The crispness of the celery and the elasticity of the octopus are exquisite.

The course was closed with a miscellaneous meal. I will continue to cook saffron rice.

The cooked rice cooked in the kitchen has an egg and added saffron rice, making it generally yellowish.

The rice cooked with the taste of chicken and vegetables has a gentle taste and a little saffron. Spice stimulation was milder with eggs. The course is centered on vegetables, and there are no spicy foods on the whole, so it was a course where you can enjoy the aroma and flavor of spices.

Like the Arunachala hot pot course, the course comes with homemade gelato as a dessert.

◆ 'Spice Noodles' & 'Sesame Noodles'
You can enjoy curry with rice or

hopper at YELLOW, but the new noodle menu “Spice Noodle (left)” and “Sesame-flavored Spice Noodle (right)” have appeared.

First of all, from “Spice Noodles”, fried wonton is topped with Pakchi and salmon.

The crunchy and fragrant wonton can be eaten as it is, or it can be added to the soup and softened. When you put it in your mouth, the juice will gradually overflow from the skin.

Even large cocoons have a soft and soft skin, and it is finally possible to hold them with chopsticks. The rough meat packed inside was boiled, resulting in a moist and juicy finish.

Spice noodles are based on cattle and chickens, with coconut oil and coconut milk added. When you squeeze the noodles, it will be hot from the first bite. Pakchi and octagonal scents in large quantities were gorgeous, and the freshness of the pakchi seemed to relieve the hotness.

Sesame-flavored spice noodles contain coconut milk, topped with peach and wonton with white onions and strawberries.

The thick and thick soup does not feel very hot at the beginning of eating, but it tastes like the spiciness gradually increases as you eat. The flavor of sesame and the richness of coconut milk were added, resulting in a finish like

Khao Sui like Dandan noodles.

`` Winter Adams Peak Nabe Course '' includes all you can drink (90 minutes) and 4000 yen per person excluding tax, `` Winter Arunachara Nabe Course '' includes all you can drink (90 minutes) and 5000 yen per person excluding tax, Spice noodles are 890 yen excluding tax, and 'sesame flavored spice noodles' are 900 yen excluding tax. Advance reservations are recommended for 'Winter Adams Peak Hot Pot Course' and 'Winter Arunachala Hot Pot Course' for dinner only, and 2 discounts will be applied for reservations made up to 3 days in advance.

YELLOW is open from 11:00 to 23:00 (LO: Drink 22: 30 / Food 22:15), Lunch time is from 11:00 to 17:00, Dinner time is from 17:00 to 23:00 .

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