I have eaten `` special Chapche beef ribs heavy '' that spicy vermicelli brings out the taste of beef ribs meat in a bowl


chicken with medium-grade ingredients such as `` pure chicken Nagoya Cochin parent and child weight ' ' where you can enjoy elastic Nagoya cochin and faintly scented yam, and `` pig texture '' with juicy, soft pork and sweet wooster sauce ' Special Chapche Beef Calvi Heavy ' has appeared as the 13th installment of the heavy series. This time, we have eaten and confirmed how heavy it is, as it is a spicy dish with Korean-style vermicelli stir-fried “ Chapche ” on beef ribs with excellent response to eating.

[Notice] Exquisite contrast of spicy Chapche and rich galbi [special Chapche beef Calvi heavy] newly released! | Notice | Rice cake and Kyoto style udon noodles

Arrived in Naka.

At the entrance, there was a poster that appealed the special “Chapche Beef Calvi Heavy”.

A few minutes after handing the food ticket to the store, ' Special Chapche Beef Calbi Heavy ' (690 yen including tax) was carried.

When you open the lid and the lid, you can see the Korean style vermicelli fried chapuche and chopped green onions on the beef ribs spread over the whole surface.

Chapche contains not only vermicelli but also onions, carrots, jellyfish, leek and enoki. The official page says, “Spicy seasoning with gochujantare”, but when you actually eat it, the spiciness is not so strong. The vermicelli of beef ribs is soaked in the vermicelli and you can feel the flavor of the meat every time you bite. The crunchy texture of the jellyfish and the crunchy texture of the enoki were accentuated.

On the other hand, the beef ribs are very rich in the sweetness of the original sauce and the taste of meat fat. Each time you chew in your mouth, the sweetness and umami increase, so the more you chew, the more you feel like eating meat.

When eating together with Chapuche, beef ribs and rice, the sweetness of beef ribs and the hotness of gochujantalet will change to a “sweet” taste. With this change in taste, it was a heavy weight that you could eat until the end without getting tired.

“Specially made Chapuche Beef Calbi Heavy” can be eaten in the middle of the country from November 21, 2019 to the end of January 2020.

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