The puzzle game king `` Tetris '' and the snake game `` Snake game '' to eat at the same time are too difficult to play and there is no doubt that the head will be white

Developer Grégoire Divaret-Chauveau , a developer of computer graphics and other visual experiences based in Nancy, France, is the king of the puzzle game Tetris born in the Soviet Union. Created a game that requires you to play the “ Snake Game ” that you keep eating.

This game that combines Tetris and Snake games can be played from the following. You can operate Tetris and Snake with the ↑ (W) / ↓ (S) / ← (A) / → (D) keys, and press the ↑ (W) key to rotate the Tetris block . When you press the space bar, the Tetris block will fall down all at once.


The overseas media The Verge said, “I loved Snake game and Tetris, so I tried to play the game, but unlike chocolate and peanut butter, the two games seem to be incompatible. `` The difficulty level is getting better, '' `` Thinking two things at the same time is trying to count another number in your head while counting the number that someone is screaming at you ”And finally,“ You will die (miss) every time ”, and it ’s too difficult.

You can check the state of playing such a Tetris x Snake game in the following movie. To be honest, I think that the difficulty is not transmitted in the play movie, so I really want to play and experience the difficulty. Tetris is running on the left of the movie, and the snake game is on the right. The operation of the block falling in Tetris and the snake operation of the snake game are done with the same command, so if you are distracted by Tetris, the snake game will be sparse and Tetris will be crazy about the snake game The blocks are piled up quickly without being digested.

Challenge the game of super difficulty that fused Tetris and Snake game: Part 1-YouTube

When the difficulty was too high and I asked other editorial staff for help, they showed me the play to erase Tetris blocks brilliantly as follows.

Challenge a game of super difficulty that fused Tetris and Snake game 2-YouTube

When I actually played it, if I tried to stack too many Tetris blocks, the Snake Game Snake would immediately go out of the area and the game would be over. However, if you are too distracted by the operation of the snake, you will not be able to stack Tetris blocks well, you will not be able to digest the blocks, and will be poor. So, it seems important to play while switching your head, such as “Now Tetris” or “Now Snake Game”.

“When you enter a key opposite to the snake ’s direction, the snake ’s course will not change, so you can use it to operate Tetris.” Some of the tips such as `` I can concentrate on snake operation because it does not change '' are found while playing the game, so while struggling to beat the high score somehow while making full use of them, blocks and Even if you simulate the movement of a snake, there are many cases where the inside of your head turns white and the game is over ... So, to get a high score, it seems important to get used to the game anyway and sleep well and refresh your head.

In addition, the high score in the GIGAZINE editorial department was '6: 5', '1:13', '2: 9' etc. for Tetris and Snake games.

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