It is pointed out that Amazon has gained enormous profit from prohibited items, recalled items, counterfeit items sold by third party companies


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At Amazon, the world's largest EC site, you can purchase various items such as daily goods, food, clothing, and appliances, but most of them are not sold by Amazon itself, It is a product of ' Amazon Marketplace ' that sellers sell. Amazon's marketplace has many unnatural reviews posted and scams are rampant, but it is often the case that the situation is considered a problem, but the marketplace has generated enormous profits and it has changed significantly Was never added. The Wall Street Journal reports such an ugly relationship between Amazon and the marketplace.

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According to Jeff Bezos, about 58% of Amazon's retail revenue comes from third parties. However, as has been pointed out for a long time, Amazon's marketplace has become a semi-lawless zone where only minimal quality control is performed, so products that are prohibited from trading that could lead to life risks In some cases, recall products are sold as they are.

It is pointed out that Amazon continues to sell prohibited items, recall items, counterfeit items that lead to life threats-GIGAZINE

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon has recommended `` to sell products directly to customers around the world using marketplaces '' for Chinese companies since 2013, and it seems that it has conducted various campaigns for that purpose is. In 2017, Amazon's sales director in China told Chinese business leaders `` to help factories open accounts on Amazon and sell products directly to American customers, '' It has become clear that Amazon has encouraged Chinese companies to enter the marketplace. According to the Wall Street Journal, which obtained information from an anonymous person named an former Amazon employee, by 2016 the number of members of the `` team to help Chinese companies advance into the marketplace '' had increased to 150 by Amazon. That's right.

As a result of Amazon's steady efforts, the marketplace will be filled with a large number of third-party vendors based in China, and as a result, a large number of prohibited, recalled and counterfeit products will prevail on Amazon. The Wall Street Journal points out. According to a survey by the Wall Street Journal, about 2,000 malicious third-party vendors selling prohibited items, recalled items, counterfeit items, etc. were able to identify addresses, and 54% were based in China. That's right.

It has also been revealed that approximately 38% of the most frequently reviewed marketplace sellers on Amazon as of October 2019 are based in China. Since third-party vendors do not need to disclose location information on Amazon's site, the Wall Street Journal cooperated with research company Marketplace Pulse to investigate seller location information via the Mexican version of Amazon is. In addition, Amazon commented on the report of the Wall Street Journal, `` The top 10,000 account base is China is a greatly exaggerated number, '' but the exact number is about Not clear


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According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon's activities in China have attracted many Chinese companies to the marketplace, but as a result, the marketplace has been flooded with prohibited, recalled and counterfeit products. 'Amazon is troubled by this,' he said.

However, Amazon told the Wall Street Journal, “There are only a few rogue vendors on our marketplace, and their sellers come from all over the world, not just China. Regardless of where we are located, we are striving to stop such accounts before they negatively impact the shopping and sales experience on the marketplace. ' And denies the point that malicious third parties are gathering from China.

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Meanwhile, the handling of third-party vendors in Amazon's US market is closely monitored by US regulators. According to Bloomberg 's original information, the US House of Fair Trade Commission accuses Amazon of 'being anti-competitive'. In addition, Amazon is also under investigation in Europe regarding antitrust laws, and from the European Commission's regulator, `` Amazon collects marketplace sales data and decides what to produce and advertise with its own brand '' It has been pointed out .

Although it is pointed out that the marketplace is overflowing with prohibited items, recalled items, counterfeit items, Amazon in July 2019 said `` Amazon also sells products sold by third-party vendors that sell on the marketplace It is possible that Amazon will make some drastic reforms to the marketplace in the future because it has been decided that it should be legally responsible.

Judgment that Amazon needs to be held legally responsible for products sold by third-party vendors-gigazine

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