Headline news on 19th September 2019

“Outside road collaboration campaign” of “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” and Shinji Hiramatsu's cartoon “The Matsuda Black Angels” will be held from September 19 (Thu) to October 2 (Wed), 2019.

During this period, simply purchasing the CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX download version (23,000 yen including tax) or CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX upgrade preferential download version (18,000 yen including tax) will be automatically eligible for the campaign and supervised by CELSYS In addition to presenting the official commentary `` CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX Official Guide Book '' and `` The Matsuda Black Angels '' collaboration special outer road stickers (not for sale), follow CLIP STUDIO official twitter account ( @CLIP_Celsys ) on Twitter If you tweet the result of “Drawing outer road diagnosis”, “Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 (DTK-2420)” will be awarded to one person by lottery.

Manga production software / app CLIP STUDIO PAINT (Clip Studio Paint)

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There is a city that has come to be said to be `` paradise '' as a result of prohibiting cars-gigazine

Research results that human `` personality '' can be classified into 4 clusters-gigazine

An American woman establishes the world's highest record `` 296 km / h '' with the highest speed challenge by bicycle-GIGAZINE

What is the achievement left by Edgar Allan Poe, who is called the founder of modern mystery novels? -GIGAZINE

Radiocarbon dating reveals that the time when Indians invented `` 0 (zero) '' was earlier than the established theory-GIGAZINE

A movie that uses physics engine to verify `` What if people get the ant's search ability? ''-GIGAZINE

How to fully enjoy food, shopping and sightseeing at the cheapest in the safest city `` Bacolod '' in the Philippines-gigazine

I tried eating a violent huge hamburger with `` Zark's Burgers '' so that it can no longer be independent-GIGAZINE

The viable area of the Black Sea is reduced to one third and faces serious environmental problems-GIGAZINE

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Toden chairman and other three former executives are acquitted by nuclear accident: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Nuclear Power Plant Accident “No Tsunami Predictability” Convicted by Old TEPCO Management | NHK News

In a trial in which three former TEPCO management teams were forcibly charged over the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the Tokyo District Court said, “Three former management teams could predict the occurrence of a huge tsunami. 'I can't be recognized' and acquitted all three of them.

Toden's former management team 3 accused of accused Tokyo District Court in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident-Mainichi Newspaper

The designated lawyer claimed that if Vice President Muto did not postpone the measures and the three people who received reports from the tsunami gathered information appropriately, he could foresee deaths and injuries in the nuclear accident caused by the tsunami. He complained that the accident could be avoided if the nuclear power plant was stopped until the tsunami countermeasures were completed.

On the other hand, the defense side argued that the long-term evaluation was not reliable. The government's Central Disaster Prevention Council and other companies in the same industry pointed out that they had not taken tsunami countermeasures based on long-term evaluation. The long-term assessment argued that the accident was not foreseen and could not be avoided as a basis for stopping the operation of the nuclear power plant.

After the accident, refugees from Fukushima Prefecture accused three people for allegedly negligent work and death. The Tokyo District Prosecution was not charged twice, but was forced to be prosecuted in February 2016 after a decision was filed by the Tokyo Prosecutor's Review Committee, which consists of citizens.

The first trial was June 2017. A total of 37 trials were held after a four-day accused question and until a conclusion in March this year.

Typhoon No. 17 occurs 3 consecutive holidays May affect a wide area | NHK News

The nation's largest arena, Osaka Prefecture aims to open before World Expo-Mainichi Newspaper

Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture announced at a regular press conference on the 17th that he would establish the largest arena facility with private capital on the southern side of the Expo Memorial Park in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture. In anticipation of holding international sports competitions and large-scale concerts, companies will be selected by public recruitment next spring, aiming to open before the 2025 Osaka / Kansai Expo.

Eiji Oguma “Is No More !? Changing the Structure of Society” | Heisei-Signpost for the Next Generation | NHK NEWS WEB

In other words, by putting foreigners working at low wages, the old part is prolonged. Especially regarding the technical internship system, I think it can even be called a “human grant”.

-'Human grant'?

In the technical internship system, the company that accepts the person cannot basically change during the stay period of, for example, three years. In other words, even if the treatment is bad, you can't change jobs, and you can't choose the company or industry where you work. With the power of politics, foreign trainees are assigned to designated industries. In other words, in the market economy, the labor force is politically distributed to industries that do not attract people, and to old industries that do not stay as they are. And the distribution is often the industry where Liberal politicians have allocated subsidies. Therefore, it can be said that technical intern trainees distribute “human subsidies” in the extreme.

Mr. Shinjiro Koizumi The answer is poem? 'I don't know what you are saying' | The woman herself

However, as I mentioned earlier, it sounds like a grand but repeats a nonspecific response.

Shinjiro Koizumi's stock, 'Don't say anything but say anything' plunges suddenly: Market situation Kabu full strength 2 stories

Chiba and Kensaku Morita Governor `` Who is bad, this is not bad '': Domestic: News: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

As a result of typhoon 15, Chiba Prefecture's large-scale blackouts totaled approximately 36,700 houses in 25 municipalities as of midnight on the 19th. According to the summary of the prefecture, total and partial destruction of housing damage was 6313 buildings (as of the 18th), a significant increase from 3912 buildings on the 17th. However, as for the five municipalities such as Tateyama City and Kisarazu City, the detailed situation has not been grasped, and the damage is expected to increase further.

Eriko Imai, Parliamentary Secretary of the Cabinet Office In charge of 17 important fields Disaster prevention, nuclear power, space, gender participation ... / Entertainment / Daily Sports online

Cheong Wa Dae ’s Japanese site, all Korean claims in Japanese TBS NEWS


A large number of fallen trees that hinder recovery from power outages Caused by cedars hollowed out due to illness | NHK News

Although some fallen trees other than cedars, such as cypresses, were seen at the site in Sanmu City, the majority of fallen trees suffered from a disease called “groove rot” in which the inside of the trunk was hollowed out.

“Korean newsletter is a violent criminal group” Suginami Ward, remarks at the plenary session: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Golf course 'Korean customers, what is really zero' in the confrontation without exit: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tokyo newspaper reporter insisting that “Mobile phone price cut is disappointing”, Secretary Choi “Such disappointment”-SankeiBiz: Economic information website

NHK News

Saitama small 4 boys killed Father's request for arrest warrant Suspected corpse abandonment | NHK News

BOJ decides to maintain the current situation of monetary easing measures Be wary of price stagnation (Photo = joint): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Saudi Announces Unmanned Aircraft Wreckage Used for Attack Iran Involvement “No doubt”-Reuters

US FRB additional interest rate cut decided twice following July | NHK News

Canadian Prime Minister apologizes for discriminating make-up during his teacher days Resignation denied: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Middle-aged “Junk Bench” Every Day Journey Spree, Fighting JR Shirahama Station in Fukuoka City | [West Japan News]

Traffic regulation experiment assumed for the Tokyo Olympics Congestion increases 1.5 times | NHK News

The attack on the Saudi oil facility is a new cruise missile made by Iran and the first confirmed new suicide drone (JSF)-Individual-Yahoo! News

'What is the problem of expression inefficiency'-listen to the 2nd meeting of the Verification Committee (Shako Egawa)-Individual-Yahoo! News

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'Do not think about calories' on the topic that Akita specialty 'Matagi snack' butter rice cake 'seems immoral and delicious anyway-Togetter

Menstruation (menstruation) classroom for boys | Sex education for children + at home @ Acrosston | note

This is the request from the school (public elementary school).
'Don't do anything to boys while girls are in bud school'
* Tsubomi School: A class where you can learn about changes in the body of adolescent girls sponsored by Wacoal and how to choose underwear.

A very rough request. Lol
Originally I was asked for a health class including a unit for sex education for 4th graders. I had a good interpretation and conducted sex education classes for boys we wanted to do.

Consent to the reason that shrine officials say `` It is best to bind with a string '' about document storage `` It is OK even after 200 years ''-Togetter

A person who voluntarily removes the baby buckle strap appears again-Togetter

Is it legally appropriate for a golf course to hit a private house directly due to a typhoon, and “No compensation because of natural disaster”? -Lawyer dot com

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Apology for inappropriate expression on SNS of our employees | DeNA Co., Ltd. [DeNA]

It became clear that our employees were using discriminatory expressions on their SNS personal accounts. We apologize deeply as a company to which the parties belong for making many people feel uncomfortable.
We do not tolerate this for any discrimination.
We will respond to this matter based on our regulations.
In the future, we will thoroughly educate employees so that the same will not happen.

Korea hate stain is identified as a DeNA employee from one piece of work and the company apologizes-Togetter

OSS users want OSS development support-Yatsuhaku Shironaka

Article summary that I want to recommend to a new engineer because it became transcendental personally-Qiita

iPhone 11 Pro Cinematic 4k: Tokyo-YouTube

try kind (Kubernetes in Docker) | GMO Ad Partners Group TECH BLOG byGMO

Microservices and accounting systems-Mercari Engineering Blog

Automating machine learning program using AWS ECS in an intern | Geppo Product Blog | Tessie |

In search of supreme Docker image generation -2019 edition--Qiita

Hatena Blog Pro will continue to offer the price unchanged from October 1st-Hatena Blog Development Blog

A mashup example that shows the importance of design in a logo

Google Japan Blog: For a safer Internet

How to read the new feature 'insert file name into alt attribute' in note | Hiroki Tani | note

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Results of inquiring to the Consumer Affairs Agency regarding the awarding of prize money at the e-sports tournament |

“Isn't it quite different from what JeSU and its advocates say (pointing to them until about 2016 ????)”

Although it was like saying that you had to clear each of the attributes of the organizer's attributes, as well as the free fee, the reality is that it seems that it can only be solved by clearing the entertainment property ...

TV animation `` Kandagawa JET GIRLS '' PV 2nd bullet-YouTube

4-year-old child 'I know. I was doing it in Curious George' The story that the program is well-educated and is quite useful for raising children 'Very amazing George'-Togetter

Nintendo Switch `` Devil May Cry 2 '' promotion video-YouTube

“CONTROL” World Trailer-YouTube

Cloud gaming service “GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank” provided in collaboration with NVIDIA | Press Releases | News | Company / IR | Softbank

GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank gives everyone a high-end gaming experience.

“How did that manga turn into an animation?” I asked the Deputy Director of the Rights Division-Magapoke Base

'Sakura Quest' memoir 1 ~ Introduction ~ | Screenwriter, Shingo Irie's miscellaneous notes

Anime 'Sakura Quest' broadcasted for six months from April 2017.
I would like to leave a personal memoir from the position I participated as a screenwriter.

A memoir of 11 episodes in charge of “Sakura Quest” written by screenwriter, Shingo Irie, from August 2018 to July 2019. All 22 times.

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Yakult quietly determines the bottom: Swallow Bulletin

5: Anonymous @ Open 19/09/19 (Thursday) 00:45:48 ID: dq6
It was the first place in early spring (distant memory)

Sugimoto's misjudgment against Hanshin Yakult yesterday ...

32: If the wind blows, it will be anonymous 2019/09/19 (Thursday) 00: 03: 18.30 ID: uU3M + pN10
Even the commentary on the live commentary says `` You can see how you look (lol) ''

51: If the wind blows, it will be anonymous 2019/09/19 (Thursday) 00: 04: 23.02 ID: DMkFaj3F0
If you don't have the right to request, accept this

66: Wind blowing if no name 2019/09/19 (Thursday) 00: 04: 54.37 ID: qGytVlvr0
If this is an age when you don't request it, you will feel cold if you think you were out.

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(PDF file) A limited-edition product on the 29th of every month “Meat Day” is now on sale! “Nikukatsu-Niku Burger” “Spicy Niku-Katsuniku Burger”-“Meat Day” limited sale at Mos Burger stores nationwide from Sunday, September 29

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