Headline news on September 10, 2019

An arcade stick ' NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro ' with a game software built in with a

Neo Geo CD controller as a motif was announced. The size is 430 mm × 215 mm × 125 mm, and it has practicality as an arcade stick by making it larger than the original controller. It can be used by switching between “joystick mode” and “console mode”.

An arcade stick 'NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro' featuring 20 popular fighting games has arrived! | News | SNK Corporation

This is NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro.

The details are like this. A joystick and indicator, 8 buttons are arranged on the front of the main unit, and an HDMI output terminal, USB terminal, headphone terminal, NEOGEO mini PAD terminal, etc. are arranged on the side.

In addition to the joystick mode used as an arcade stick when connected to the game console 'NEOGEO mini' or a PC ...

There is a console mode that allows you to connect to a TV and play games recorded on the unit.

The release date and price will be announced at a later date.

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Bra & panty set reflecting the image of Sailor Moon covers all warriors with the addition of a skirt, Princess Serenity nightgown and junior high school uniform pajamas-GIGAZINE

Why do people really believe in “wrong ideas”? Scientific research is shown in research-gigazine

I actually made various things at `` I love! French toast '' which completes the French toast at the shop level-GIGAZINE

`` DIY Cellphone '' to make a mobile phone yourself using open source-gigazine

`` ThermoPeanut '' which becomes a smartphone compatible temperature sensor just by sticking around here-GIGAZINE

`` Sake Demon Rose Case '' former boy A released the official website `` Transparent unbearable transparency '', 503 error due to flooding access

`` Medieval Fantasy City Generator '' that automatically generates a medieval-style fictitious city in an instant-gigazine

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Matsuya of `` Bushimeshi '' went to `` Matsuken Chinese restaurant '' where Chinese cuisine was launched-GIGAZINE

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CNN.co.jp: Aircraft collision in the air? Police also searched, the true identity was a meteorite

Discovery of 257 Neanderthal footprints, a clue to elucidating social structure 2 photos from France International News: AFPBB News

The actual state of time told by the advocate of cutting-edge physics theory: “Time does not exist”-Basic reading

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“Educational Board is a lie” 15-year-old boy commits suicide Saitama Kawaguchi | NHK News

The note says, “The Board of Education has a big lie. Protect the bullied person and let them just lie. I must be bullied so much. I do n’t know why I ’m going. The person who bullied me will not protect anyone who was bullied by me.It ’s a wonderful, wonderful, and wonderful doll. My friend is just a family. .

N country Tachibana party head suspected of intimidation interviewed by police | NHK News

Party leader Tachibana, who protects the public from NHK, confirmed at the press conference that he had been interviewed by the police on the suspicion of threats to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly members who once belonged to the party. If he did, he showed his intention to resign from the House of Councilors.

NHK News “Samurai Festival” Voluntary Recovery of 260,000 Alcohol Degrees | NHK News

Bullying never ends with a handshake | NHK News

Last month, we introduced an example of an elementary school student who had been bullied in NHK's web news. Then, from a wide range of ages nationwide, voices such as `` I also had the same experience '', `` I was also shaken by my daughter's bullying '', `` Even though the teacher was taught, it was stupid that there was no negotiation power '' I received a lot.

Nissan President Nishikawa Interview “Negative part cannot be removed, forgive midway” | NHK News

Mr. Motegi as Foreign Minister Mr. Kawano as Minister of Defense Appointed Mr. Ikuta as Minister of Education

NHK News Answers 70% of high school high school entrance exams should be postponed | NHK News

Security company's 360 million yen theft = Arrangement of former employees for public disclosure-Saitama Prefectural Police: current affairs dot com

Mr. Naoki Momoda, appearing at speed violation Occupation `` Novelist '' answer also pointed out retired `` I am unemployed '': Sports alert

City Hall distributes water and emergency food due to power outage Chiba Ichihara | NHK News

Recovered area after 600,000 power outages (2:30 pm) | NHK News

According to TEPCO, 603,900 units were out of power, mainly in Chiba Prefecture, at 2:30 pm due to Typhoon No. 15. TEPCO says that there are areas in Chiba Prefecture and other areas where the restoration will be after 11th.

Governor Morita, Chiba “Early Power Failure Recovery TEPCO strongly requested” | NHK News

Convenience stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area also closed due to power outages | NHK News

Mobile phone Part of Kanto / Shizuoka difficult connection Typhoon effect | NHK News

'I thought that the article had a good face for the reporters of the West Japan Newspaper' | [West Japan News]

Restoration of Osaka and Matsubara City Parliament absent from the plenary session and my wife traveling to Okinawa because of poor physical condition-Mainichi Newspaper

Bun Masahito, “The biggest obstacle in North-South relations is the UN Command”-Chosun online Korea Daily

For listeners listening at AM1242kHz | Nippon Broadcasting System Radio AM1242 + FM93

From 8:31 this morning, AM1242kHz transmission at 100kw from our company / Kisarazu transmitting station has stopped, and 1kw from Adachi transmitting station. FM93.0MHz and radiko (radio) are transmitting as usual.

Due to Typhoon No. 15, the power supply from TEPCO to the Kisarazu Transmitting Station was stopped at 3:23 am on Monday, September 9th. After that, broadcasting continued with the power supply by the emergency generator. It was. However, the emergency generator broke down at 8:31 on Tuesday, September 10 and transmission from the Kisarazu transmission station became impossible. After 35 seconds of stoppage, switched to transmission from the Adachi transmission station. We are broadcasting.

According to TEPCO's explanation, the power supply is expected to recover from evening to night today, and transmission from the Kisarazu Transmitting Station will also be restored.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to listeners.

There are currently four main ways to listen to Nippon Broadcasting.
■ FM93.0MHz (FM supplementary broadcast)
■ radiko
■ J: COM

Environment Minister 'The treated water can only be released into the ocean' Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant | NHK News

Mr. Sugata, not able to report concurrent positions Honorary position at “Kake” University of Management: Asahi Shimbun Digital

North Korea launches twice flying body Korean army announcement No flying in Japanese territory | NHK News

McDonald's Japan “In-store eating and drinking” “Takeaway” to unify price including tax | NHK News

Let the weather authorities change hurricane expectations = Secretary of Commerce 'Contradicts with Mr. Trump'-US newspaper: current affairs dot com

The New York Times (electronic version) of the US newspaper met with President Trump's allegation that Secretary of Commerce Ross told the Ocean and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) executives that 'the hurricane may pass through Southern Alabama' Reported that the forecast had to be withdrawn. If he doesn't respond, he said he applied pressure.

EU leave postponement law enacted House of Representatives announced resignation 8 photos International news: AFPBB News

18 junior high school students practicing athletic meet Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, complaining of heat stroke | NHK News

Neo-Nazi party members elected as district representatives Central Germany criticism and shock spread | NHK News

“Removing Mummy into Mummy” Nissan President Resigns Ironically Covered in France | NHK News

Nishikawa President's Reward Fraud Problem, Standing Difficulty Tokyo District Prosecutor's Special Search Department [Former Ghosn]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Koichi Mibuda is also entering the first cabinet

Childbirth `` National first '' objected to Mr. Koizumi's acquisition examination National Democratic Executive `` Parliamentarians do not reduce salary ''-Mainichi Newspaper

CNN.co.jp: Dutch shooting in Dordrecht, Netherlands 3 deaths, 1 injured

CNN.co.jp: Fukuoka-Seoul flights drop 1000 yen each way due to conflict between Japan and Korea

Trump, peace talk with Taliban 'dead' 4 photos International News: AFPBB News

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Parenting talks of parents who raised children who are prone to harm are seriously painful ... The voice of 'This may not be convinced even if it is said'-Togetter

To the flow of discussing the problems that arise in response to the opinion that “women with penis should also be put in the bathhouse of the public bath”… “How to deal with resentment”, “How do women dislike”-Togetter

`` It's hell '' `` What should I do '' What happened at Narita Airport at that time (Mori Tanaka)-Individual-Yahoo! News

I do not know if it is a humanities, but I do not know science well-Togetter

Translations and famous products of each country and each place seen in 'I do not have to work because I'm cute'-Togetter

“A type Japanese, type A Brazilian, type A Russian, and type A Italian may not have the same personality.” Dissatisfied explosion of blood type personality diagnosis… but to give up-Togetter

CNN.co.jp: About 800,000 suicides in the world annually, one in 40 seconds WHO

A story that the Self-Defense Forces shouted using red rice for cooking during the Great East Japan Earthquake-Togetter

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Will MIT Media Lab-like, TED-like “Student Academia” End? | Shawn KY | note

ISUCON9 qualifying top 1 place-takono.io

I moved from AWS to GCP / GKE / From AWS to GKE on GCP-Speaker Deck

Easier selection of sizes at online stores-Full-scale deployment of 'MySize CAMERA' and 'MySize ASSIST' services--UNIQLO

An unknown associate tag was added to the Amazon link attached to the note.

How to use GitHub Actions (Beta) from CI mania-Kuri Nikki

Yahoo's thoughts and initiatives for cyber security-Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog

域 繝:: Ξ Ξ Ξ Ξ

An introductory LLVM introduction! -Qiita

INT 32 failure and its BOLD countermeasures-Mercari Engineering Blog

About QUIC as a VPN (QBone) that Google seems to be developing-Qiita

AI side by side with classic masters? Mahler unfinished song “completed” 10 photos International News: AFPBB News

Share the commentary and supplementary content while practicing AWS security best practices in a moderately excerpt | DevelopersIO

My favorite CSS hack that can easily confirm the structure and hierarchy of the layout which is implemented with CSS -My favorite CSS hack |

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TV animation `` You can not choose a means to become a librarian on books like books '' book PV-YouTube

TV animation `` Battle x Love (Vallav) '' Main PV-YouTube

TV animation `` Copp Craft '' opening story movie-YouTube

`` Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These Hoshiran '' New cast character PV-YouTube

4K HDR hand-drawn animation project `` Sol Levante '' making video-Netflix-YouTube

Star Destroyer at the End of Summer: Supersonic Memorandum

Voice actor Aya Hirano appointed as “Cool Japan” ambassador | NHK News

“DAEMON X MACHINA” character introduction video-YouTube

`` STAR OCEAN -First Departure R- '' promotion trailer-YouTube

KINGDOM HEARTS III Re Mind [DLC] TGS 2019 Trailer-YouTube

[Public] Minecraft distribution archives for copyright claims | Ryo Tsujido | pixivFANBOX

An arcade stick 'NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro' featuring 20 popular fighting games has arrived! | News | SNK Corporation

New NEOGEO hardware “NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro” is a unique arcade stick with built-in game software. Based on the controller design of the former game machine “NEOGEO CD”, the size has increased to a size (approx. W430mm × D215mm × H125mm) that is practical as an arcade stick. You can switch between “joystick mode” and “console mode”. This product will be sold worldwide (specifications may vary depending on the country or region. Please note). The release date and price will be announced at a later date. Please stay tuned.

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NPB to leave Japan Professional Sports Association Compliance issues | NHK News

Schumacher is admitted to Paris, France, to go to cell therapy News report 2 photos International News: AFPBB News

U.S. Associate-V Medvedev has emerged as the fourth best in the world 2 latest world photos 2 International News: AFPBB News

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(PDF file) ~ Rum Raisin's fresh taste ~ 'Rummy Chocolate Ice' September 23, 2019 (Monday) nationwide

(PDF file) Autumn only! That very popular burger can be tasted this year too! 'Classic Mushroom Cheese Burger' Limited time sale

New product “Tyrol Chocolate <Potato Apple Pie>” released at Seven-Eleven nationwide

One dish that is perfect for the fall of appetite appears! 'Mushrooms and mozzarella cheese loco moco' September 16th (Mon)-September 30th (Mon) 2019-Limited sale-Eggs' n Things [Official]

BOX and Wawamochi Ice (Kuro Mitsuki Nako Cup) Information | News Release | Imuraya Co., Ltd.

Luxurious Double-tiered Tsutsumi Sushi | Kappa Sushi | Conveyor Belt Sushi

Ideal for everyday use, simple and basic 15.6-inch notebook PC Aspire 3 “A315-54-A54D / KF” Sold from Thursday, September 12

A 49-inch gaming monitor “EI491CRPbmiiipx” on sale from September 12 (Thursday), with a 32: 9 ultra-wide curved display that allows you to enjoy powerful images and an overwhelming presence that has entered the game world

Release of 15.6-inch high-spec modern PC “dynabook Z” series as high-speed processing and high-performance “modern PC” -Equipped with IGZO LCD, Intel® Optane ™ Memory, Wi-Fi 6- | Dynabook

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