Headline news on August 26, 2019

Kameda Seika's sweet ' Happy Turn ' has been renewed on Monday, September 2, 2019. Until now, the “powder catch manufacturing method” that catches happy powder in the “powder pocket” provided in the happy turn dough has been used, but in addition, “Happy” that showers the delicious taste at the end of the seasoning By combining the “shower manufacturing method”, it will change even more deliciously. In accordance with the renewal, the “# Change Turn # No Change Turn Campaign” will also be implemented.

Happy Turn #Change Turn # No Change Turn Campaign | Kameda Seika Co., Ltd.

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A mysterious drink `` Kava '' review that drunks & is not liquor & improves depression-GIGAZINE

Clearly, women's sexy selfie photos tend to be posted more in areas where the income gap between men and women is large-GIGAZINE

By hacking the car wash machine, you can confine and destroy the car and water the passengers-GIGAZINE

Multi tool `` The MSTR KEY '' that summarizes 20 functions in a compact way-GIGAZINE

What is “Geoengineering”, which is to prevent global warming by spreading sulfur dioxide in the stratosphere and blocking sunlight? -GIGAZINE

`` Generating fantasy maps '' that can automatically create a map of the mysterious continent that appears in fantasy-gigazine

How to wake up sleepy without using caffeine, such as `` watching cat videos ''-gigazine

◆ Story (Memo / Others)

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)
“Ultimate dark sheet” that does not reflect light, developed by AIST Absorbs 99.5% of visible light, can be mass-produced with rubber-ITmedia NEWS

Slender Japanese, prone to dementia and opposite Westerners: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Measuring the degree of stress Discovering substances that serve as indicators Osaka University | NHK News

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
North Korea launches ballistic missile or government | NHK News

“YouTube” closes channel China Ministry of Foreign Affairs feels uncomfortable | NHK News

'Japan has no appreciation for the president's speech' South Korean officials abandoned explanation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

GSOMIA Destroyed Liberal Demonstration Mr. Ishibaki “The Basis of the Problem that Japan did not Face War Responsibility”-Sankei News

Blue tiles that said 'I understood the rice', restated the next day 'I communicated with the rice'-Chosun online Chosun Ilbo

South Korean army “GSOMIA effective information sharing with Japan” North Korea flying body | NHK News

South Korean parliamentarians land on Takeshima on the 31st “Protest against the Japanese government's response” | NHK News

Korea GSOMIA abandoned misreading Japan-US reaction, alliance dark cloud [Japan-Korea relations / GSOMIA abandoned]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

“GSOMIA” Discarded South Korean Response to the Government Policy | NHK News

'Still in progress' 'Why did I start the Sano SA strike?' 'Dismissal Manager' in the whistle charges the truth |

Aori Driving The criminal treatment on the net Damaged women want damage compensation | NHK News

Ferrari is in a row ... Canada, Hong Kong police support rally Chinese students “children of corrupt executives”

Chinese Internet users turned their anger to the Chinese Communist Party.

'Requests a thorough investigation to determine if Ferrari owners are involved in corruption'

'Children of corrupt bureaucrats'

“The irony is that the parents of young people riding on Ferrari are exploiting the parents of international students who raise their national flag and call them“ Patriotism ”at the rally.”

“I understand why they are so patriotic.”

“Such 'patriots” are really shameless, ”one after another, expressed a strong dissatisfaction.

`` Hama no dong '' Mr. Fujiki announced a thorough fight against casino attraction-Society: Nikkan Sports

Mr. Fujiki, who expressed the power of maneuvering behind the mayor of Hayashi as “Hard Power”, was asked, “Is that hard power? 'You are free, but Aoi is Abe's waist purse, Abe is a US waist purse, and Abe and Aoi are lonely because of Trump's breath.'

It seems to have shown that the casino operating giant 'Las Vegas Sands' chaired by a large contributor to President Trump and that the air that goes into it is hard power. Las Vegas Sands has announced that it will withdraw from Osaka and focus on IR development in Tokyo and Yokohama.

President Trump requests US companies to withdraw from China-Reuters

Seven “Cancelled if closed on Sunday” Written reply to Higashi-Osaka's short-term store | Kyodo News

NHK News Rebounds from US Industry to Raise Tariffs Against China

Japan to import US corn = aftermath of conflict between US and China-Summit: Current Affairs.com

Saitama Prefecture Governor's Election Motohiro Ono's First Winning Four Opposition Party Support | NHK News

Crashed car wreck Passenger seat woman not aware of fire fighting and found death after 6 hours | NHK News

Japan-US leaders agree on trade negotiations to sign in late September-Reuters

Tokyo Hinode-cho in the election campaign for men without right to be elected | NHK News

How about destroying a hurricane with a nuclear bomb? Mr. Trump's proposal 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

NHK News recommends 'Rikunavi' operating company to sell data

G7 Summit “Summit Declaration” Adopted Off First since 1975 | NHK News

Hong Kong police threatening fire-black China Blog

One woman killed while climbing a rockfall near the summit of Mt. Fuji | NHK News

NHK News

ANA introduces LCC specification machine that packs 180 people even though it is a full service carrier: Market situation Kabu full power 2 stories

Safety issues at the Olympic construction site International labor union organization to talk with Tokyo etc.-Tokyo Olympics: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Susumu Aoba has submitted a novel to the Kyoto Animation Awards | Kyodo News

White-tailed eagle collides with a windmill at a small wind farm. Measures against precious birds | NHK News

Sex criminals and “Millionaire philanthropist”, the ripples caused by the huge donation of Defender Epstein (Heiwa Expo)-Individual-Yahoo! News

◆ Lifestyle (Life / Life / Health)

In response to many requests for goods SNS that can be used as a deterrent to nuisances, the trial sale of “Annoyance Stamps” has finally begun. |

Black bass released many times on biotope protecting endangered species ... Voice of people suffering from some anglers without morals-Togetter

Interesting story of traveling in India with a three-party joint party of “Japanese who likes to scrutinize”, “Korean people with overwhelming push” and “Hong Kong people with English skills and money accounts”-Togetter

If you think carefully, you realize that it is not necessary to knead raw meat in a bowl to make hamburger `` Is there that hand '' `` Easy and hygienic ''-Togetter

A daughter who lost his father in a traffic accident complains about wearing the correct seat belt-Togetter

If you are lucky, your morals will retreat. “Immoral Ethics Lecture”: I'm sure you're reading a Sugo book that I don't know

Grandmother 'I will send you a delicious Hokkaido starch' → Things in a 10kg bag arrived, but starch consumption recipes will be raised one after another-Togetter

News Up Is bullying gone with “handshake”? | NHK News

I want to get up at an elementary school. The teacher called both together and opened a “reconciliation party”. The child who was bullied was unable to express his opinion, but the last thing the teacher wanted was a handshake between them. The child then went out of school.

◆ IT / Gadget (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)
Summary of large-scale failures that occurred in the AWS Tokyo region-piyolog

A story that ALB (ELB) sometimes returned 500 errors under certain conditions due to a large-scale failure of AWS on August 23-Make group blog

Differences in design affected or not affected by AWS AZ failure. Serverless best! -GS2 Blog

Thinking about the correct way to walk the cloud learning from obstacles-Soaraku graffiti book

Google asks employees to quit political discussions in the company Revision of employment guidelines 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Web accessibility starting from one person | Slack

Summary of the Amazon EC2 Issues in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region (AP-NORTHEAST-1)

As of August 23, 2019 at 12:36, a certain percentage of EC2 servers were shut down due to overheating in a single availability zone in the Tokyo region (AP-NORTHEAST-1). As a result, the availability zone affected EC2 instances and the performance of EBS volumes deteriorated. This overheating is due to the failure of some redundant air conditioning management systems in the affected Availability Zone. At 15:21 JST, the cooling system was restored and room temperature began to return to normal. As the room temperature returned to normal, the affected instance was restored to power. Most of the affected EC2 instances and EBS volumes recovered by 18:30 Japan time. A few EC2 instances and EBS volumes were running on hardware hosts that were affected by power loss and excessive heat. Recovery of these instances and volumes took time and some had to be retired due to infrastructure hardware failure.

8 / 23Introducing the operation of this blog during the Tokyo Region Disability | DevelopersIO

Book Review of 'Machine Learning for Understanding' by Hidehiro Nakatani (Author)-StatModeling Memorandum

Linking the building's customer system with Slack, the response was too great and it was dangerous, so it was converted to OSS-SmartHR Tech Blog

Is AWS's large-scale failure really “exposed the weakness of the cloud?” [Mitsuka Nishida's Imatomirai] -Impress Watch

Google developers japan: how Google builds maps to drive apps and businesses

AWS AZ allocation is different for each account-I want to be a programmer

ZOZOTOWN introduces 'similar item search function' that can search for products similar to browsed products using AI today-Accelerate the full use of AI in the ZOZO Group and provide a smoother shopping experience--News -ZOZO Technologies Inc.

Support dark mode on the web | written by @axross

Design System Initiatives -Frontend--Mercari Engineering Blog

I tried to do everything with it (I tried masking proper nouns with natural language processing)-Qiita

Creating an intruder notification app using Raspberrypi zero W and ABEJA Platform-Y's note

◆ Anime, Games, Manga (Subcal)

TV anime “The maiden in the stormy season. 』# 01-08 Review PV-YouTube

TV animation “Takagi-san, a good kid 2” Non-credit ED “You” / Takagi-san (CV: Lii Takahashi)-YouTube

Fairy Gone world view edited in 2 minutes-YouTube

`` DEATH STRANDING '' English voice / Japanese subtitles / Ludens Mania 4K-YouTube

`` DEATH STRANDING '' Japanese voice / Japanese subtitle / Character introduction trailer Bridge Baby Hen 4K-YouTube

`` DEATH STRANDING '' Japanese voice / Japanese subtitle / Character introduction trailer Mama Hen 4K-YouTube

Movie version 'BanG Dream! FILM LIVE' notice [Afterglow] 30 seconds | Friday, September 13, 2019 nationwide roadshow-YouTube

Theatrical version 'Gundam G Reconguista I' 'Go! Core Fighter' 1st PV [Ganchan]-YouTube

Carol Mars Deanheim Transformation Bank XVver.- YouTube

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movies (Entertainment)
Shinjuku Summer Soni “Shinjuku Mitsui Building Company Competition Throat Competition”, Capcom won in 2019

[End of AKBINGO] Crown program of AKB group that will be closed one after another. The impact of the NGT48 incident is still expanding. [Beginning of the end]-Moe Tuber navi (provisional)

JOC: The Board of Directors is not open to the public “To revitalize discussions” “Reverse to the times” criticism-Mainichi Newspaper

[Sad news] Taiga drama Ideten, again updated the lowest audience rating 5.0% of shock: Nanjiei Stadium @ NJ summary

10: If the wind blows no name 2019/08/26 (Monday) 10: 05: 28.58 ID: rcnU9xwo0
I thought it was the top 10 untouchable record but it was a moment

◆ New products (clothing / food / living)
LAWSON Original “Brown Sugar Tapioca” Released | Lawson Official Site

(PDF file) -Enjoy the rich and rich taste of milk and caramel-'Takanashi Kokto Milk Salt Caramel' October 1, 2019 (Tuesday) [Limited New Release]

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