Headline news on September 12, 2019

Sharp will release three “AQUOS 4K Recorder” models using the newly developed “4K Master Engine BD-Premium” equipped with “5up Converter” on October 24, 2019 (Thursday).

The “5up Converter” improves the five elements “resolution”, “dynamic range (luminance)”, “color gamut”, “bit depth”, and “frame rate” that determine image quality to the same level as the new 4K satellite broadcast. You can enjoy 2K broadcasting such as BD software and commercial BD software with the beauty of 4K broadcasting.

Released “AQUOS 4K Recorder” 3 Models | News Release: Sharp

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Selecting according to intuition makes it easy to feel convinced that it is a decision of `` real self ''-GIGAZINE

It turns out that obesity may adversely affect the learning function and memory of the brain-gigazine

Beauty method `` Vampire Facial '' that smears blood on the face is spreading infectious diseases-GIGAZINE

Jobs' thought `` courage '' is boosting the great decision of iPhone 7 that abolished earphone jack-gigazine

Will the day when the world's most affordable solar-powered lantern `` d.light A1 '' will change the lives of developing countries?-GIGAZINE

A large number of producers descended to Beasta at `` Starry ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage '' of Deremas × Sagan-GIGAZINE

I tried to make lasagna dumpling skin etc. with `` noodle maker '' that can make authentic raw noodles in 10 minutes-GIGAZINE

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Popular on Instagram now, “a product that can be mixed with oil to become soapy water and flow into the drain” is the same as just draining oil `` This is a sewer shop crying ''-Togetter

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`` Retweet '' damages Mr. Hashishita's honor, compensation order: Domestic: News: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

`` Retweet is an act of approval '' defamation to Mr. Hashishita, order for compensation to journalists Osaka District Court decision-Mainichi Newspaper

Minister of Education, Ikuta Munata “People who tried to adjust my name usage” Kake problem: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Koichi Gamota, who was appointed Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on the 11th due to the cabinet remodeling, was asked at the conference about the establishment of the veterinary school of Kake Gakuen, and denied again that he had never worked. For documents suspected of suggesting their involvement, “There were people who tried to make adjustments within the ministry using my name, and received reports from the vice ministers at that time. 'I renewed the explanation that was not mentioned in the parliament when the allegations were being pursued.

South Korea requests IOC to ban Asahi flag at Tokyo Olympics 4 photos International News: AFPBB News

The Korean government asked the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on November 11 to ban the use of the Asahi flag at the Tokyo Olympics next year. This flag, sometimes controversial, has also become a worsening fire between Japan and Korea.

A request for “banning Asahi flag” = IOC: current affairs dot com

TEPCO, poor prospects and lack of experience Full recovery from delayed power outages-Sankei news

In the first place, the typhoon has landed in the Kanto region since August 2016, and it dates back to August 2005. Another TEPCO official pointed out, “It is highly possible that Typhoon had few direct typhoons and TEPCO had insufficient recovery know-how. It seems that the increase in the amount of work could not be taken into account.”

Governor Morita Governor of Chiba, showing the idea of seeking support from the government due to typhoon damage | NHK News

About Typhoon No. 15 that caused serious damage to Chiba Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture will hold its second disaster response headquarters meeting, and Governor Morita will again request TEPCO for its early restoration and accurate provision of information. At the same time, he expressed his idea of seeking support from the government because the damage to the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry was extremely large.

Tomei Expressway driving air gun launch or arrest warrant for 40s man | NHK News

About 1 hour after the incident, it was found that the wagon car was stopped on the shoulder of Chuo Expressway in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture. According to police, the car was a stolen car in Aichi Prefecture. This means that there was a license plate that was different from the one that was used for “Aori”.

The man runs away leaving the passenger, and the police proceed with the appraisal of the airgun seized from the car and investigate the man's whereabouts by listening to the passenger.

On July 11, the former Seven owner was found in the corpse

However, when his wife Masayo showed the results of judicial anatomy, the cause of death was “disease death and natural death”. Suspected of acute ischemic heart failure. No anomalies suspected of committing suicide have been found.

The Saito family moved away in 2018 due to difficulties in living. Because of the lack of family support, Saito-san worked long hours eating unsold convenience store lunches. She had diabetes and heart problems and was sometimes urgently transported during work. However, he returned to the site immediately due to lack of manpower.

Yahoo to buy ZOZO, 50.1% at 400 billion yen-Maezawa retires-Bloomberg

Yahoo ZOZO acquisition officially announced President Maezawa resigns | NHK News

IT giant Yahoo has officially announced that it will acquire ZOZO, one of the largest fashion mail order sites in Japan, to strengthen its online mail order business. ZOZO has agreed to this, and founder Tomasaku Maezawa resigned as president on the 12th and withdrew from management.

Minister of Environment, Koizumi “I was worried about fishermen” Chen Xie to Fukushima Prefectural Fisheries | NHK News

Izu Oshima Building Damage Succeeding Fallen Trees Still Not Fully Found Typhoon Damage | NHK News

Japan 'war criminal' sticker approved Past students' judgment Korea: Asahi Shimbun Digital

US Church, homeless confinement begging extortion or 12 leaders arrested 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

American man married to a Japanese man, denied residence status and filed suit `` discrimination based on sexual orientation ''-lawyer dot com

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A married woman with a child who can't get a job if she's afraid | Aya Ozawa | note

This is it. You can see that it is selling very fast.

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No engineer-Qiita

Typhoon No.15 sees blackout areas in satellite image (Akiyama Fumino)-Individual-Yahoo! News

3D Avatar model can be easily handled on a web application Developer library 'pixiv three-vrm' is open source ~ Technology used in 3D avatar platform 'VRoid Hub' is released ~ | Pixibu Inc.

Follow-up report on the termination of Hatena Group-Hatena Group Diary-Function changes, announcements, etc.

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109. In Dreams | More and more manga! Fate / Grand Order

PlayStation®4 'Persona 5 The Royal' Limited Edition | PlayStation (R) | Sony

`` DEATH STRANDING '' Japanese voice / Japanese subtitles / briefing 4K-YouTube


`` One Punch Man '' 2nd term Blu-ray & DVD 1 recording OVA 2 # 01 `` Saitama and the decent abilities '' opening video-YouTube

'Why do some people say that Kanpei Chohei is a Ranobe writer?' About the borders of the world-Togetter

`` Shenmu III '' A Day in Shenmue-YouTube

`` GUNGRAVE GORE '' `` Reunion '' full trailer-YouTube

PlayStation ™ Music × Teruya Tsuki / KAGUYA LUNA-YouTube

`` Imperial Saga Eclipse '' trailer full ver-YouTube

PS4 dedicated software 'Dragon's Way 7 Whereabouts of Light and Darkness' Game Trailer-YouTube

[FFBE Phantom War] “WAR OF THE VISIONS Final Fantasy Brave Exvia Phantom War” TGS2019 Special Trailer-YouTube

Legendary breeding game `` Monster Farm '' scheduled to be delivered in 2019-YouTube

PS4 / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One 'ONE PIECE Pirate Warriors 4' 2nd PV-YouTube

When Little Nightmare 2 is released PV1.1-YouTube

`` Sonic AT Tokyo 2020 Olympics '' teaser trailer-YouTube

“Momotaro Electric Railway-Showa Heisei Ryowa is also a classic!” Announcement trailer-YouTube

`` PROJECT RESISTANCE '' promotion video-YouTube

`` AI: Somnium File '' Introduction Trailer-YouTube

“Need for Speed ™ Heat” Official Public Trailer-YouTube

“Space Channel 5 VR Arakata ★ Dancing Show” Promotion Video-YouTube

`` SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays '' 2nd PV short version-YouTube

`` Hatsune Miku VR '' promotion video-YouTube

`` Last Labyrinth '' trailer movie-YouTube

“STAR OCEAN –First Departure R-” Promotion Trailer-YouTube

`` Cyberpunk 2077 '' Japanese dubbed version sneak preview-YouTube

`` SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris '' promotion video-YouTube

`` STUMPER '' Trailer Movie-YouTube

`` PROJECT RESISTANCE '' teaser video-YouTube

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I wanted to match the comments of Devilman researchers and saw the live-action version of Devilman.

[Official Music Video] Perfume “Everyday”-YouTube

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BRAIN SPORTS DRINK [e3] | Otsuka Foods

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