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The ice cream chain “ Cold Stone Creamery Japan ” will launch “Double Mint Ice Cream” with a refreshing sensation stronger than the mint ice cream sold all year round from Tuesday, August 20 tomorrow It was decided.

Along with this, there are 7 kinds of chocolate mint products, such as the new product `` Sparkle Chocolate Mint '' (680 yen including tax) and `` Summer Cool Chocolate Mint '' (680 yen including tax) using double mint ice cream. is.

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A patent related to virtual sex `` Teledildonics '' in virtual space expires and a new wave in the smart sex toy industry-GIGAZINE

Elucidation of the mechanism by which countless `` cloud bands '' appearing on Jupiter's surface are created-gigazine

What do experts think of the theory that “sleep deficits can be recovered later by sleeping a lot”? -GIGAZINE

“Is there any concrete“ safety ”?” What is the surprising fact of JAL's pursuit of safety and JAL's efforts toward absolute safety? -GIGAZINE

What is the “Minerva Project” that provides the best educational environment to the best human resources? -GIGAZINE

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If the Prime Minister translates Tamane Broadcasting into a modern language-Nanaoku Please

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Why did the British Museum hold a “Manga Exhibition”? The Significance of Curator's Talk | MAGAZINE |

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Employees are reluctant to resume the famous ramen, 'different taste' Sano SA-Society: Nikkan Sports

However, the employees who stood at the store were not the employees who caused the strike of the operating company “Keisei Foods”. According to an official, it is another company that provided Sano ramen for employees of the company during the Bon holiday and related parties. President Toshio Kishi thanked the reporters for this day saying, “There are so many people gathering and cooperating, and tears will come out.”

On the other hand, employees who started the strike responded on the same day, saying, “Sano ramen being served now tastes different from ours.”

During the Obon period, 2000 to 3000 meals a day, and the best-selling taste of 3800 meals a day in May last year was said to have been handed down from generation to generation. 'Taking the inherited taste into a blank sheet,' he was disappointed.

[Aori driving strike] Fumio Miyazaki suspects trouble in owned apartments 'Friends are being targeted' |

“Until more than 10 years ago, a woman who was a relative of Miyazaki was the owner, but Miyazaki seems to have inherited. After that, the management company changed and troubles continued. There were days when it didn't move, and the person himself raised a strange voice, caused police trouble, and was inaccessible.

What was most annoying was that I had my own car without any notice in the shared space on the first floor that was used by residents as a bicycle parking lot. Residents could not put their bicycles. I couldn't complain because I was the owner, and I had to cry asleep. ''

Aori Driving Arrested Man “Crashed Car and Headed” | NHK News

What happened in the region where the Constitutional Democratic Party grew? (25th Senate Election Area Analysis Part2) | Mitsuru Miharu (Miru) Satomi Mirai Election Project | note

The media carefully considers how to take up N countries (Shako Egawa)-Individual-Yahoo! News

N Country Requests Appearance at “TOKYO MX” Request for Opportunity to Secretary Takashi Uesugi “Matsuko-san Remarks”-Mainichi Newspaper

Forced sexual intercourse with a 12-year-old boy in 'wilderness behavior', arrested symma 'Shotakon treatment' | Weekly woman PRIME [Shujo Prime] |

NHK News

South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied, “Kono's remarks do not match international rituals” | NHK News

NHK News Fighter to be operated on 'Aircraft Carrier' destroyer to F35B | NHK News

Reiwa doubled, party support rate 4.3%, equal to Communist | Kyodo News

Suspended the exhibition of 8 people at the International Art Festival 20 days to resume the inconvenient exhibition | Kyodo News

8 people temporarily suspend the exhibition International Art Festival, 20th: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Mr. Tsuda said there were three reasons for discontinuation, and cited the deterioration of Japan-Korea relations, direct protests by politicians, and the rush of intimidating phone calls to unrelated departments and sponsors.

Hong Kong demonstration, 1.7 million people participated Fill the street without police permission: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The Hong Kong police only allowed a rally in Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island for this day's demonstration, and did not allow march outside the park. However, participants gathered to the extent that they could not enter the park, and they marched outside the park in a row. I walked about 4 km to Hong Kong's largest business district, Central, in the form of filling up the main street in an illegal state without police permission. Thousands of citizens gathered in front of the government headquarters and protested by irradiating a laser pointer on the government building.

200km fillet in the free information center Is the gang hunted and preserved: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Technical internship, illegal gratitude or supervising organization and hip agency: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Cabinet approval rate is 50.3% | Kyodo News

51-year-old woman arrested on criminal concealment and concealment charges Aori driving The man of arrest admits assault-Mainichi Newspaper

Noisy to secure a man, Higashi Sumiyoshi station `` I hate '' Ikuno station claims-Society: Nikkan Sports

4-year-old boy hit by emergency police car and unconscious Tokyo | NHK News

Fire extinguisher jet for NHK collector, Aichi prefectural police, Vietnamese apprentice arrested | Kyodo News

Tokyo Shimbun: “Self-guided loneliness” Waking up in the corridor, writing a week, no free time: Society (TOKYO Web)

According to a girl student, in the shelter, not only the opposite sex but also girls were prohibited from talking because they “become friends”. One day, I was warned that I had a conversation with another girl at the time of study, and told the staff that I was “individual from today”.

The staff took me to the corner of the corridor that leads to the hall. There was a desk and a chair on a tatami mat that was surrounded by freshly lit tatami mats. A staff member gave me a “textbook like morals” and an A4 size notebook, and received a copy instruction.

In “individual”, lay a futon here and wake up. At 6am, get up about an hour earlier than the other children, clean the cafeteria alone, and when everyone wakes up inside. The calligraphy continued until 8pm, and the meal was eaten inside the freshly lit. Contact with other children is not allowed and there is no free time. The exercise was run a longer distance than the other children.

The “individual” of female students was said to have been a week. It was explained that if the staff's instructions were not followed or rebelled, the period would be extended, and even if the date of departure came, it would be 'cannot be left' during the individual period. Three notes in a week are copied without gaps. “I don't remember the content at all. It was done with meaninglessness and was lonely and mentally difficult.” On the last day, I was made to reflect and apologize in front of all the children.

Tokyo Shimbun: 2 out of 3 missing trainees fall below minimum wage opposition party, totaling 2892 hearing votes: Politics (TOKYO Web)

Sharp ugly accident, 2,000km of man and woman driving by AQUOS mobile phone favorite: Market situation Kabu full power 2 stories

Compensation for customers who have been damaged by fraud | Seven Pay

We apologize for any inconvenience and inconvenience caused to our customers regarding the occurrence of unauthorized damage to our service “7pay” and the termination of all services.
As we have announced over the years, compensation for customers will start today from Monday, August 19th. Target customers will be contacted sequentially from the “7pay office center (TEL: 0120-113-393)” to provide information regarding compensation.
In addition, we will always call you from the above center when you receive guidance on compensation procedures from us, so if you receive a suspicious call regarding compensation of 7pay from any other than the above phone number, never Please contact the 7pay Customer Support Center Emergency Dial (0120-192-044 * 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) without responding.

[Compensation Targets] * Customers who start compensation on August 19
・ Those who suffered a charge damage from nanaco points
・ Those who have suffered damage from third party using their 7pay balance

For the above customers who have already received contact information, etc., '7pay office center TEL: 0120-113-393' will be given guidance for compensation procedures.
If you are suspected of being damaged and have not yet contacted you, please contact the 7pay Customer Support Center Emergency Dial (0120-192-044 * 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) ,Please.

8 people temporarily suspend the exhibition International Art Festival, 20th: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

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Why isn't there a “lover for me” in the life of a male with developmental disability (ASD)? | rei | note

NHK News

NHK News

Talk that was reported when husband took care of daughter | Inuyama paper child | note

Netouyo's economic criticism is a major collapse !?: Netouyo's ears and water

Emperor Showa Dear Sir, Repeating the reputation of past Prime Ministers | NHK News

Was there anyone who stopped the “Gift with Premium”?

The act of `` going to see the rice field during a typhoon '' that tends to be made a story on the net, actually it was one of the very important work for farmers `` But I think it is important to live ''

A woman who cares for a baby in the next seat at the food court → A few minutes later, a story that the heart was warmed by observing the situation with the words uttered by the woman in the next seat-Togetter

Cooking researcher “As Ajinomoto” is always rough when you put it in a recipe, it ’s convinced that other cooking researchers never use it, and that there ’s a culinary magazine forbidden to use.

[Sad news] Saury, the more you catch it, the less it is ... Why? [Finally, the catch is zero] What is J] Summary Taro!

123: Anonymous if wind blows 08/15/2019 (Thursday) 12: 10: 54.02 ID: ++ oaH6Ba0
Saury, eel and tuna are likely to disappear from the table in 20 years

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MobileHackerz restart diary: A new car with an original price of 7.3 million yen can be bought for 600,000 yen, so it is fun to hack and play

New GitHub Actions Introduction-Productivity Blog

[RandomTracking of Nishida Munechika] nasne sales end! Developers now talk about '9 years of torne and nasne'-AV Watch

Mr. Masayuki Tadokoro of “Science of Entrepreneurship”, “Due Diligence” has been accumulated in my style, and people outside NewsPicks are perplexed

A person who is an indoor programmer working from home but got the world's top class grip strength and disturbed his daily life # Geki rare-Togetter

I made a page that wandered forever by automatically manipulating Google Street View-Image Club

Why fucking code criticism and fucking code criticism burn-osa_k's diary

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TV anime 'I said that my abilities are average values!' Character PV: Pauline (CV: Yasumi Tazawa)-YouTube

The representative director of `` Activ 8 '' operated on Kizuna eye schizophrenia makes a statement with a lively video-Togetter

[2019.8.18 update] Summary of Kizunaai incident | deepdarkboy's blog

Nintendo registered trademark of `` Grass ''

Mother “You have been to Comiket 24 years ago” I “What? (Currently 23 years old)”-Togetter

“Charisma of the former outlaw” Junji Hamada slashes the hit anime “Kame no Ko”! | Nikkan Saizo

Junji First of all, I thought I shouldn't set up Shinjuku to do this kind of story. There was a scene where Hotaka picked up a chaka (handgun), but when it came to 'Chaka in Shinjuku', I expected that it would surely be involved in something extremely deep incident. .

However, there is no story about Chaka. As a director, I thought that using Chaka would make a thrilling movie, but I was disappointed because it wasn't any hidden line. Then I want to say that I don't touch Shinjuku. Shinjuku is a more toxic world, but you don't use it in the wrong way.

Even if you are 16 years old, there will be no probation for illegal possession of handguns, firing, and obstruction of public service. Originally, it should be sent to the Special Juvenile School ...

TV animation `` Vinland Saga '' Episode 7 `` North People '' Special PV before broadcasting-YouTube

TV animation “Takagi-san, a good kid 2” non-credit ED “STARS” / Takagi-san (CV: Lii Takahashi)-YouTube

TV animation `` A3! '' PV ~ SEASON SPRING ~-YouTube

`` Oninokukoku '' launch trailer-YouTube

Home `` Sword Art Online '' Game Series Introduction Promotional Video-YouTube

`` Sword Art Online Alicization Braiding '' teaser video-YouTube

Aikatsuon parade! Advance promotional video-YouTube

Interview with Splatoon 2 Tentacles. The thoughts of Tentacles to hear from Alice, Iida, the role of Hime-Famitsu.com

What happens when you record [multi-voice actors simultaneously] in [studio binaural recording] of coterie audio works-Togetter

Kizuna Ai-chan as seen from fans | Ajisanma | note

Former [Ojarumaru] voice actor Hiroko Konishi new confrontation attitude with NHK-Togetter

The old 300 yen Zaku and Gundam's shoulder joint was strange because it was done as it was with the design of metal material using E ring-Togetter

“Splatoon 2” Siocolors x Tentacles talk. “Family” 4 people talk about each other's image-Famitsu.com

People who are really attracted to folklore and mystery short comics starting from the corpses of four boys found in abandoned villages-Togetter

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Tokyo Bay is full of Escherichia coli to stop swimming at the Para Triathlon World Cup-Togetter

Stop swimming because of poor water quality “I can't see my hand” Tokyo Paratest | NHK News

Triathlon Olympics venue, water quality improvement in one day “S. coli dead” the day before swim stop / Sports / Daily Sports online

[Good news] Escherichia coli in Tokyo Bay, die in a day] What J] Summary Taro!

“Koshien for Elementary School Students” introduces ball number limit for the first time | NHK News

Is IOC unexpected? The heat of Japan found at the Olympic test competition: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Guts pose fireworks attention to Akashi merchant director: daily Yakiu bulletin @ baseball summary

20: Anonymous 19/08/18 (Sunday) 16:40:41 ID: B3G
It should be strict and strict with no emotions
And women are forbidden to enter

Is it a festival?

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35th anniversary of Karam Cho! 3rd Mucho is super delicious seafood (delicious) New “Moocho” “Mumu Dream-Cho Project Start”

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