Headline news on August 15, 2019

The movie “ Spider-Man: Far From Home ”, which has been acclaimed since Friday, June 28, 2019, has surpassed the final revenue of 2.8 billion yen from the previous movie “ Spider- Man: Homecoming”. On March 14 (Wednesday), it exceeded 3 billion yen.

Also, the world revenue is over 1 billion dollars, which is the first time in the movie history of “Spider-Man”. So far, the “Spider-Man” series has been rebooted twice, but this series is likely to continue for a long time.

Movie 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' notice (6.28 world fastest release)-YouTube

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Contact lenses lost 28 years ago can be found from the back of the eyelids-gigazine

`` Surviving abandonment syndrome '' that a child suddenly falls asleep and does not occur one day occurs only in Sweden-gigazine

A 14-year-old boy runs for governor election, piercing a hole in the law more than 200 years ago-gigazine

`` Bob Ross challenge '' where an amateur actually draws a picture while watching `` Bob's painting class ''-GIGAZINE

It is like this when classifying the 23 main languages of the world by the number of speakers and the region of use-gigazine

Domain added to ad blocking filter will be removed by DMCA infringement complaint-GIGAZINE

Rio Olympics' `` green pool smelling fart '' turned out to be due to work mistakes by contractors-GIGAZINE

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Priority support for operating expenses grants at national universities, increased by 46 schools in 2019 | University Journal Online

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
NY stocks the biggest decline Long-term interest rates and short-term interest rates are reversed | NHK News

Recession alerts-China and German economic downturn, US-English reverse yield-Bloomberg

On the 14th, there was another signal warning of a global recession.

China's industrial production has remained low since 2002, and the German economy has suffered negative growth due to sluggish exports. Eurozone industrial production is the biggest decline in over three years, with growth in the second quarter slowing to half the previous quarter. US and British yield curves have reversed, suggesting a recession most prominently since the financial crisis.

Korea President Mun “If Japan goes into dialogue and cooperation, I will be happy to hold my hand” | NHK News

Those who have signed a receiving contract with NHK are obligated to pay the receiving fee.

Takashi Tachibana, the party leader who protects the people from NHK, states that it is a legal obligation to make a receiving contract with NHK, but it is not an obligation to pay the receiving fee. The legislator argued with the government's view in the question letter of intent.

In response to this, the government decided the answer at the Cabinet meeting on the 15th.

Among them, the government stipulates that a person who has installed a receiving facility capable of receiving NHK broadcasts under the Broadcasting Law has an obligation to conclude a receiving contract with NHK. You have an obligation to pay. '

Support for employment of 1 million people during the ice age, success reward for government trainees: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Tokyo Shimbun: eel production area spreading darkness smuggling `` Everyone is doing '': Society (TOKYO Web)

770 threatening emails such as `` sprinkle sarin and gasoline '', Aichi Prefecture submits damage report `` circulation of expression inconvenience '' tour-Mainichi Newspaper

New video for “driving” “Flying your phone and bag…”

New video with `` Aori Driving '' `` Flying mobile phone and bag ... '' (19/08/14)-YouTube

“Ariori driving” rental as a substitute car with a 3-day promise (19/08/15)-YouTube

18 people in a barbecue are isolated in the valley or 'cars are submerged' Oita Kusucho | NHK News

Sano SA quagmire background of business suspension 'I've been trying to come'-Society: Nikkan Sports

NTT Group, etc .... Rikunabi 'Putted rate' purchase: Economy: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

A girl statue exhibition plan in Spain Aichi cancellation received businessman purchase | Kyodo News

Beef dung, a new source of income? As a raw material for chemical products: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Consideration of “Expression Inefficiency”: Asked by Yoshima Yoshimi, a hoax historian who says “comfort women are hoaxes”-Mainichi Newspaper

South Korea, ex-comfort women to appoint support money to the bereaved side apologize for delay: Asahi Shimbun Digital

[Interview full text transcription & audio distribution] Special feature 'Reire Shinsengumi' for severely disabled persons, Ms. Eiko Kimura and Ms. Akihiko Tsujigo, broadcast on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 (TBS Radio 'Makigami Tiki Session-22 '22: 00 ~)

Chatwork Announces Approval for Listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market-Chatwork News Release

“Secret Airfield” that was visible to the US military Aerial photograph, discovered in the US [Air Raid 1945]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Two people died in carbonated water wells Fukushima Kanayamacho | NHK News

Nine girls with intellectual disabilities prosecute damage 31-year-old unemployed man such as semi-forced obscenity Chiba Jiken-Mainichi Newspaper

From the British Prince to the US President, a photograph of a gentleman linked to Epstein's accused of sexual exploitation of girls. International News: AFPBB News

Overseas writer 'censorship for the inconvenient exhibition is canceled' Exhibition suspension and suspension one after another [Inconvenient exhibition of expression, then]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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[Sad news] Man, 'Women don't have unwanted hair, and women are cheats, so I'm not trying. So just being a woman makes her gentle. It's funny that only a man has to make an effort. ' And when I was taught the reality, I did a mess that would make a woman feel uncomfortable. -Togetter

NHK, N Country and I-Going to the Dark Night

Later, I got a phone call (chosen one without 1Seg) and put a complaint phone at the NHK call center, but the response here was also bad. “Because the collector is not an employee of our company, we cannot answer individual responses” “Contact the supplier and give guidance”. Even if NHK or a collector would like to give you an apology in writing, you can't do it because there is no precedent. “If that is the case, I apologize, so I don't want the collector to come home again.” You probably don't visit the contracted house because you can just link the address and status. 'I can't answer'. I felt helpless.

Makoto Aida talks about the exhibition of inconvenient expression. -Togetter

“NHK“ Scared ”momentum in N country, viewer's dissatisfaction” and Asahi Shimbun Digital, “It ’s a great story about a political party just for the freedom not to pay 15720 yen a year” User Voice-Togetter

Is the deer in Nara Park cool in the evening? Gather in the cold vent-Mainichi Newspaper

Tokyo Shimbun: [Tsunaga 74 years after the war] Sex entertainment Women who died once in Manchuria, bereaved family and others History determination: Society (TOKYO Web)

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Why don't you think of “Electricity”? | NHK News

“Denpo” is a word that was born on the Internet about 15 years ago, and “telephone charge” seems to have its origin.

Originally, it is an act of ordinary citizens and individuals asking questions about the opinions of government agencies, companies, and the media, and it cannot be blamed for itself. Sometimes I use email instead of the phone.

However, recently, the “Denpo” manual has been shared on the Internet, and there have been a series of cases in which work and events have been canceled due to persistent protests against the target party.

Introduction to Containers for Startup – Introduction | AWS Startup Blog

Make your own computer at the circuit level (Intel x86 IA-32)-Togetter

A story that allows you to monitor the life and death of animals with Rasp Pai and WebRTC-(꒪⌓꒪) Yuruyo diary

Google Japan Blog: Google Maps: How to make a map of the world

Is 'fucking code' a personality attack? | qsona | note

How to create a safe Kubernetes cluster-Policy--Cybozu Inside Out | Cybozu Engineer Blog

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TV animation 'I said that my abilities are average values!' Character PV: Mavis (CV: Fumiko Uchimura)-YouTube

`` A girl singing love at the end of the world YU-NO '' 26.5 episode announcement movie-YouTube

TV animation “Dr. STONE” 2nd PV of this PV [New chapter “Mura” started! ]-YouTube

Is it wrong to ask a dungeon for an encounter? II Spring princess PV-YouTube

The research book `` Japan fucking spot sale series '' sold at summer comics is full of highlights and interesting `` people do not come '' `` Because it is a mountain peak, participation difficulty limit '' etc.-Togetter

Netflix animation lineup `` Summer Team '' Hen-YouTube

Movie version `` Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] '' Ⅱ.lost butterfly Blu-ray & DVD original soundtrack introduction video-YouTube

TV anime `` Sarazanmai '' Blu-ray & DVD Volume 3 Complete production limited edition bonus CD audition video-YouTube

People who made 'Shanghai' | Colorful Pieces of Game

In other words, the original of “Shanghai” was a game that was running on PLATO, and it was first ported to PC on Macintosh. The release seems to be all models at the same time.

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How to prevent the inflow of sewage to the Olympic swimming venue (Koji Hashimoto)-Individual-Yahoo! News

As a result, E. coli up to 21 times the standard set by the International Triathlon Association and fecal E. coli up to 7 times the standard set by the International Swimming Federation were detected.

Movie `` Kaiji Final Game '' Special Information-YouTube

Triathlon, if you hold the goal, disqualify for 1st or 2nd place: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kotono Mitsuishi: A popular voice actor is 'The Woman of Kasouken' first appearance in the drama The role of a mysterious beautiful woman who holds the key to the incident-MANTANWEB (Mantanweb)

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'Crispy Sand' Mascarpone & Fig -Rum '-October 8, 2019 | Haagen-Dazs Japan

'Mini Cup' Creamy Vanilla Pudding '' October 8, 2019 | Haagen-Dazs Japan

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