Headline news on September 26, 2019

The arcade game version “

Kemono Friends 3 Planet Tours ” started operation today and on Thursday, September 26, 2019.

`` Kemono Friends 3 '', the latest work of the `` Kemono Friends '' project that shows a wide range of development such as games, manga, animation, stage, collaboration with zoos and aquariums, will be distributed from Tuesday, September 24 This is a project developed around two games: the “Kemono Friends 3” app version and the “Kemono Friends 3 Planet Tours” arcade version.

© Kemono Friends Project 2G © SEGA

The stage of “Kemono Friends 3 Planet Tours” is “Planet Earth”. As you adventure with friends, you will have more adventure areas and friends you can meet. The main feature of the game is “Chikara-Comparison” where two friends form a group and each group competes with each other. The key is not only the operation in the game but also the construction of a deck with a combination of compatible cards.

The housing looks like this

Please check the following “Exciting Exploration Report” for information on how to play and what kind of cards you have.

'Kemono Friends 3 Planet Tours' exciting exploration report business trip version-YouTube

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◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)
Analyzing evil with science-'10 facts that everyone should know about evil'-Basic reading

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
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Saury disappears from the sea in Japan !? What is it? | NHK News

In the future, as warming progresses, saury fishing grounds will move away from the sea near Japan. It is expected to shift.

'Legendary Investor' 'I give 100,000 yen a month' lie video suspected fraud | NHK News

Men who were distributing advertised videos on the Internet, such as “Legendary Investors”, “Would you like to participate in the“ GIFT Project ”where you can get 100,000 yen every month?” Were arrested on suspicion of fraud. The police are investigating that they have collected more than 900 million yen from the whole country in terms of the cost of participating in the project.

Sharp ends production of white goods | Kyodo News

Governor Nara “Those who only see the Great Buddha, do not have to come” later withdrawn: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Governor Masatsugu Arai of Nara Prefecture at a regular press conference on the 25th, related to the fact that traffic congestion has become more serious around Nara Park where World Heritage is concentrated, 'Return people, don't have to come.' After that, he said, “I will revise and cancel. Do n’t write.” The background of the irritations is that the prefecture's countermeasures for traffic jams have not been successful.

What is the relationship between “steak” and “global warming” asked by Minister Koizumi? TBS NEWS

Q. What do you think as a minister as the top of the Ministry of the Environment to reduce greenhouse gases? You said that you want to eat even every day.

“If you want to eat every day, you don't eat every day. But don't you want to eat anything you like?” (Shinjiro Koizumi, Environment Minister, 24th)

Q. Rather than asking such a question, how do you think about organizing as Minister of the Environment?

“Then, isn't it a lie to eat steak so everyone won't be exposed?” (Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi, 24th)

The original cause of Japan's decline “neoliberalism”: FACTA ONLINE

This is a comparison of each country's economic growth rate (nominal GDP = rate of change of gross domestic product) for 20 years from 1995 to 2015. It is obvious that only Japan has stopped economic growth. Moreover, Japan has 20 years of deflation, and such long-term deflation is unparalleled in the world. After the Second World War, the country that achieved economic growth called “miracle” suddenly had only such a cruel performance since the mid-1990s. Why did this happen?

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◆ Lifestyle (Life / Life / Health)

When selling a big issue, a passerby asked me 'Is it sold with permission?' On a high-pressure basis and decided to stop selling-Togetter

When I appeared on request from NTV `` Shuichi '', I was about to be signed a letter of consent without objection to the remuneration and program content production after shooting-Togetter

◆ IT / Gadget (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)
Display other person's information on Amazon or post to SNS one after another | Kyodo News

Tachi bad engineer | Floyd | note

Many of us are working with them, the stupid engineers who do what they do great but treat others like trash. Some companies have policies that do not hire them. For example, Netflix's “No Brilliant Jerks”. That's one of many reasons I joined Netflix. There is also a book that became a topic of 'No Asshole Rule'. Let's cite two judgment materials from the wiki.

Automation is activated just by holding the iPhone. Explosive work efficiency with NFC tag and shortcut | reliphone

'I bought a book of Yabee ...' Introducing a book that was quietly placed locally, buzzing → The publisher's phone does not stop ringing! Overprint decision! → The author started Twitter to thank you-Togetter

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Audience psychology articles that are greatly disappointed in NTV `` Continue is Hulu '', `` I will not see it from the next '' `` I do not think anything if it is a Hulu user '' pros and cons tweet-Togetter

Intel introduces 144-layer QLC NAND as `` Arbordale + '' in 2020-96-layer QLC `` 665p '' will soon be launched in SSD for clients-PC Watch

◆ Anime, Games, Manga (Subcal)
We will hold an event to celebrate “World Tourism Day”! -Pokémon GO

PlayStation®4 `` Kandagawa JET GIRLS '' opening animation-YouTube

`` Minyyuri '' episode 1 `` Introduction to Yuruyuri for the first time '' (`` Yuruyuri '' mini animation)-YouTube

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About Mr. Kohei Shibuya tweeted with no guarantee about the anime `` JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ''-Togetter

Helped PC engine mini | Colorful Pieces of Game

Nintendo shares fall for the first time in seven and a half months, voice of switch light sales sluggish-Bloomberg

HUMANITY – Announce Trailer | PS4 (PS VR Mode Compatible)-YouTube

Japan Cartoonists Association and Public Relations Center announce joint statement on anti-piracy measures-Japan Cartoonists Association

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Retired Hanshin and Yokota participate in defensions from 2 outs 8 times in 2 army battles. ! ! ! ! ! ! : Nanjije Stadium @ NJ Summary

By 12 teams, the most devastating game of the season is ...: Summary Lotte!

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<< Notice >> Full of flavor! Elastic texture unique to local chickens! [Pure Chicken Nagoya Cochin Parent-Child Weight] New! Nakanaka Premium Heavy Series Vol.12 | | Information | Nakabuchi and Kyoto Style Udon

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