The main video of Kana Hanazawa acting as a prostitute and teller in the movie `` In the corner of this world ''

A part of the main video of the movie “In

this corner (and many more) in one corner ” released on Friday, December 20, 2019 has been lifted.

This work is a work in which a new cut of about 30 minutes that could not be put in due to production reasons was added to `` in one corner of this world '' released in November 2016, and the banned video is from Kyushu Part of the part where Kana Hanazawa plays a prostitute, Tell.

Kana Hanazawa has decided on the role of Tel! `` In this corner (in the corner) of this world '' part of the main video is lifted-YouTube

In (in this corner of the world), in the corner of this world, the protagonist Rin Shiraki, who was once related to the protagonist, tin, husband and Shusaku Will be added. Teru, a prostitute from Kyushu, is in the same amusement park as Rin. It appeared in 'A corner of this world', but there was no line at that time.

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Comments from Kana Hanazawa, who plays the role of Tel, are as follows.

Rather than watching it, it was a work that I had cherished since I experienced that through Suzu, so I couldn't believe I could participate. While reading the original, I imagined the part where Teru-chan was not drawn and recorded it. I hope that more people will see it!

The movie “In the corner of this world” is postponed to December 2018 and will be released on Friday, December 20, 2019 in perfect quality.

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