The date of the event that Google announces new terminals such as `` Pixel 4 '' is decided

Google will hold an event on October 15th, 2019, in local time, in New York, USA, to announce its own hardware. Since Google has already announced the official image and new functions of `` Pixel 4 '' which is the latest model of the `` Pixel '' series, which is an independently developed smartphone, multiple devices including this Pixel 4 will be announced It will be seen.

Google announces October 15th hardware event for Pixel 4-The Verge

According to overseas media The Verge, Google distributes invitations to events for the media. The invitation says 'Come to see new products by Made by Google'.

The first product that is expected to be announced during the event is Pixel 4, a smartphone that Google is developing independently. Google has released a lot of information about Pixel 4, and in June 2019 on the official Twitter account, “Now, please look at some of them as they are interested! Please wait for what you can do with 4), 'suddenly released the official image of Pixel 4.

Google suddenly released the official image of `` Pixel 4 ''-gigazine

At the end of July 2019, we announced “Motion Sense” and “Face Unlock”, which are new functions of Pixel 4. Motion Sense is a new function that operates the terminal with gestures such as hands, and it can be used to skip music being played or end a call. Face Unlock is Google's unique face recognition function, and it is an authentication function that operates in a safe and secure manner that enables face authentication without worrying about the orientation of the smartphone.

Google officially announces `` Pixel 4 '' new functions `` Motion Sense '' `` Face Unlock ''-GIGAZINE

There is a view that Google's official release of Pixel 4's official information from the pre-announcement stage is due to the constant release of leaked photos and movies on the Internet.

Google `` Pixel 4 '' body picture leaked, leak source is a major communication carrier-gigazine

In addition, as other terminals announced during the event, Google announced the withdrawal from the development business of its own tablet, so the new model of Pixel Slate of Google tablet that appeared in 2018 was not announced, It is predicted that a new model of Google Chromebook / Pixelbook will appear.

A public relations officer reveals that Google will withdraw from its own tablet development business-GIGAZINE

Google announced Pixel 3/3 XL , Pixel Slate, Google Nest Hub , new Chromecast, etc. at the new product announcement event held in 2018, but what kind of terminal will appear at the 2019 event Attention gathers.

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