Google will hold announcement event for 'Pixel 7', 'Pixel 7 Pro' and 'Pixel Watch' on October 6, 2022

Google has announced that a new product launch event will be held on Thursday, October 6, 2022 at 23:00 Japan time. At the event, details of the

new smartphones 'Pixel 7' and 'Pixel 7 Pro' and Google's genuine smart watch 'Pixel Watch' will be announced.

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The devices 'Pixel 7', 'Pixel 7 Pro' and 'Pixel Watch', whose details are scheduled to be revealed at the new product launch event, will be revealed at the developer event ' Google I/O 2022 ' held in May 2022. It was a thing, and the rough appearance and specifications have already been summarized on the official page. The outline of each device is as follows.

◆Pixel 7
The “Pixel 7” has a protruding shape around the rear camera like the “ Pixel 6 ” that appeared in 2021, and is available in three colors: “Obsidian”, “Lemongrass” and “Snow”. . In addition, the processor is equipped with Google's proprietary 'Tensor', and it is said that functions related to photos, movies, security, and voice recognition have been enhanced.

◆Pixel 7 Pro
The Pixel 7 Pro has one more camera than the Pixel 7. There are three colors, 'Obsidian', 'Hazel' and 'Snow', and like 'Pixel 7', 'Tensor' is used for the processor.

◆ Pixel Watch
'Pixel Watch' is Google's first genuine smart watch, with a circular body and a button 'tactile' that looks like the crown of a wristwatch. Also, the main body and band can be removed. OS 'Wear OS' for smart watches made by Google is adopted as the OS.

In addition, Google Japan's official Twitter account tweeted, '#GooglePixel7 and #GooglePixelWatch are coming to Japan this fall,' appealing that the three types of devices will also appear in Japan.

In addition, the new product launch event scheduled to start at 23:00 on Thursday, October 6, 2022 Japan time will be live-streamed at the link below.

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