Summary of what was announced at Google's new product presentation `` Made by Google '19' 'such as Pixel 4Pixelbook GoPixel Buds

Made by Google '19 ”, where Google announces new products, was held from 23 o'clock on October 15, 2019 in Japan time. In addition to “ Pixel 4 ”, the official image and new features have already been announced, the new Chromebook Pixelbook Go and Google ’s cloud game service “Stadia” service start date have also been announced.

Made by Google '19-YouTube

The movie starts at the same time as the opening. In the video, the appearance of Google's new product and Oboshiki product was visibly hidden.

Later, Rick Osterlow, head of Google ’s hardware division, who also served as CEO at Motorola, appeared.

Google publishes a movie that introduces the announced new products together.

Introducing a few new helpful things from Google.- YouTube

Details of new products announced at Made by Google '19 can be checked from the following articles.

・ October 15, 2019 23:12
Google's cloud game service `` Stadia '' starts service on November 19-gigazine

・ October 15, 2019 23:24
Google's wireless earphone `` Pixel Buds '' also appeared newly, the price is about 20,000 yen-GIGAZINE

・ October 15, 2019 23:32
New Chromebook `` Pixelbook Go '' with Chrome OS appeared-gigazine

・ October 15, 2019 23:49
Google smoke smartphone `` Pixel '' series latest model `` Pixel 4 '' announced-gigazine

・ October 16, 2019 01:19
A small smart speaker `` Nest Mini '' that can be wall mounted and has Google Assistant built-in appeared-GIGAZINE

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