The controversy is finally settled whether the 'X button' of PlayStation is X or X


Jeff Klugiewicz

The official answers about how to call the “×” button on the PlayStation controller, and it has become a hot topic that the controversy over the long term has finally come to an end.

We've all been calling the DualShock's X button the wrong name and PlayStation's had enough •

No, PlayStation. The 'X' button is not actually the 'Cross' button.

The basic design of the controller of the PlayStation series has been inherited from the original PlayStation released in 1994, and there are 4 “O”, “△”, “□”, “×” in the part operated with the right hand. There are two buttons. Mr. Keisuke Goto, a product designer who devised these four buttons, said in an interview with Kotaku, a media specializing in games. Two symbols came up. '



In Japan, the X button of the four buttons is officially described as a “cross button”, and this designation is overwhelmingly supported by users.

On the other hand, overseas users seem to call in various ways, and Twitter user 133 asked, “Which are you calling“ X ”or“ Cross ”?” “X” In addition to “Cross”, there was also a reply “The symbol color is blue to blue button ” and “ A button because it is in the same position as the Xbox A button ”.

Meanwhile, the official PlayStation account in the UK responded to the tweet “The police who call me the cross is the police ”. The official account says that the four buttons are “Triangle, Circle, Cross , Square,” and tweeted, “If the cross button is“ X ”, what do you call the circle button?”

The users of the “X” group were shocked by this. This is because the “cross” group is a minority group overseas, and many users call it “X”. When we took a questionnaire on how to call an official US PlayStation account, more than 80% of the users answered 'X'. Only 8% of the users were calling it “Cross”, probably less than the “45 degree tilted +” added in half the joke.

In the tweets of the official PlayStation account, Tsukkomi says that “45 degrees tilted +” is more than “cross” ...

“It ’s“ X ”because it ’s like a Christian,” but there were still tweets to support X.

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