A prototype of that Wii controller 'Wii remote control' that sold over 100 million units in the world appeared in the auction

" Wii " of the stationary game machine released by Nintendo in 2006 was a game which enabled intuitive operation which was not in the game until then by the "Wii remote control" dedicated controller. World cumulative sales whopping 100 million 1.63 million units in, this is the Nintendo DS (100 million 54.02 million units) is in Nintendo has been selling game machine, many numbers in the third next to the Game Boy (100 million 18.69 million units) . Overseas media has surprisingly conveyed that prototype of Wii remote control was exhibited in Japanese auction, which is indispensable for speaking about Wii.

Japanese auction reveals Nintendo's first Wii remote ... for the GameCube | Ars Technica

Among the Japanese auction sites, prototypes of Sen server for Wii remote control and Wii have been exhibited on the popular high Yahoo auc! From long ago. Unlike the product version, the prototype of the Wii remote control is wired and comes with a long cord for connecting the game machine and the controller.

The listing page of prototype is as follows. It is bidding for 74,000 yen in the end.

NINTENDO WII prototype sensor server controller ... - Yahoo auc!

The images posted on the exhibition page are the following three.

One is a prototype of Sen Server installed on the side of the TV screen when using the Wii (bottom). The actual product version is placed on the image, it has become quite compact from the prototype machine, the terminal for connecting with the Wii main body has also been changed. Note that this prototype version of the sensor server is to be used in the memory card part of the Nintendo GameCube and these prototypes have been developed for the Nintendo GameCube, not for Wii I understand.

The second image is a prototype of the Wii remote control. Although the shape of the controller part is almost the same, it seems that it was in a form to connect with the Wii main body by wire. In addition, the connection terminal is the same as the terminal used in the controller of the Nintendo GameCube.

The third image is a prototype version of Nunchaku controller. Although the trial version of Nunchaku is very similar to the product version, it differs in that the LAN terminal is used for the terminal for connecting with the Wii remote control.

A person who seems to have won three prototypes at this auction has released a state that three prototypes are put on the Nintendo GameCube on Twitter. According to this tweet, although it can be installed, it seems that it can not be used actually.

In addition, James Montagna , a game director at Weifolord Technologies who found this tweet, said, "This is a prototype of Wii Remote and Nunchuck, I remember well when I was presented as a Nintendo revolution "And revealed that it was developed as a controller for the revolution which is the prototype of Wii.

According to Montagna, this prototype version of the Wii remote control is wider than the product version, the vertical is short, the B button on the back is flat and it is not supposed to be "a trigger-like easy-to-press shape" of the product version . In addition, it seems that there were some differences also in the details, such as the font called Century Gothic is used for the letters on the button.

In addition, Montagna posted a picture of the prototype of the Wii remote control shot in E3 of 2006 (a different version from what appeared in the auction). According to this picture, on the prototype machine, the +/- button under the A button of the Wii remote control has become a pause / return button.

The overseas media Ars Technica wrote, "These prototypes are probably part of the development kit distributed for game makers before Wii is completed."

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