Sony's next-generation game machine `` PlayStation 5 '' decided to be released at the end of 2020, revealing new functions of dedicated controller

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Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced that the name of the next-generation home video game console has been officially decided to be “ PlayStation 5 (PS5)”. Among them, details of the planned release for the year-end sales season of 2020 and the new controller dedicated to PS5 are clarified.

'PlayStation 5' to be released during the year-end sales season of 2020 | PlayStation.Blog

Mr. Mark Thurney, who is involved in development, talks to WIRED , a technical media, about how much spec PS5 is a hidden game machine, and PS5 development reproduces the movement of light particles in real time `` He stated that he aimed to realize “Real-time Ray Tracing”.

SIE mentions WIRED's interview in its official blog and officially acknowledges its content. Actually, according to a press release by SIE, PS5 is equipped with AMD Radeon RDNA architecture GPU, CPU is 8 cores and 16 threads, and it is designed with AMD Zen2 architecture.

PS5 will be a game hardware with specifications comparable to high-end PCs such as 8K image quality and high-speed data transfer by SSD-GIGAZINE

And SIE announced that it will come standard with a custom SSD that can be accessed from PS5. In addition to being able to start the game at the explosion speed, the PS5 main unit has also started faster, so you can check the status of the friend and the game being played immediately, so multiplayer with the friend is smooth Mr. Searney said that the UI has been redesigned to be fun to play with.

PS5 finally supports up to 8K resolution output. PS5 adopts Ultra HD Blu-ray and the capacity as a game disc reaches 100GB. In addition, PS5 is a big point that is designed with an emphasis on compatibility with PlayStation 4 (PS4) titles.

PS5 can be multiplayer with PS4 players due to strong backward compatibility-GIGAZINE

In addition, SIE stated that “There are two important innovations” about the “ new controller dedicated to PS5 ” that Mr. Searney mentioned a little.

The first is “ haptic feedback using haptic technology ”. It is equipped with a function that can reproduce the impact of hitting the race car wall, the feeling of running in the grass field and swimming in the mud with the controller.

The second is “ adaptive trigger ”, which is built into the trigger button (L2 ・ R2). This is 'you can change the physical resistance you feel when you press the trigger button', triggering according to actions such as 'draw a bow' 'step on the accelerator of an off-road car on rocky terrain' The feeling of pressing the button changes.

Mr. Searney had released a prototype of the PS5 dedicated controller to WIRED. According to WIRED, although it looks very similar to the PS4 controller DUALSHOCK 4 , it is characterized by a small hole that seems to be a microphone. WIRED pointed out the possibility that a voice assistant by AI was developed for PS5 from the patent information acquired by SIE.

Many people responded to this announcement on Twitter.

'It's so bad! I'm not ready!'

'Gamer, it's time to buy a PlayStation 5'

“Hey, it ’s called PlayStation 5. I never expected it!”

“I just want the DVD not to be skipped on its own when placed on an uneven surface.”

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