What is the overseas response to the PlayStation 5 logo design?

Prior to

CES 2020 , the world's largest technology trade fair, Sony held a press conference , in which the PlayStation 5 (PS5) logo design was announced.

Sony reveals new PS5 logo, which looks familiar-Polygon

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) , which engages in the game-related business in the Sony Group, announced the PS5 logo design.

The logo design of PS5 that Sony unveiled for the first time is as follows.

Regarding the new logo design of PS5, overseas game media Polygon pointed out, 'Everyone is joking about logo design.' The reason is not only that the logo is formed with white text on a black background, but also that the font typeface used for the logo has not changed since PS4.

It is obvious that the evolution of the logo design from PS4 to PS5 was not so big, but Ryan CEO who announced the logo said, 'I am happy to be able to show the new logo for the first time!' It has been pointed out that this has led to more Internet users' attention.

A tweet saying 'Sony's lead graphic designer must have come up with the PS5 logo design in this way!', A video that shows how to delete 4 of the PS4 logo and enter 5 in the same typeface Attached.

In the tweet, 'We're fit for the PS5 logo font,' the font used for the PlayStation 3 logo represents 'PlayStation 5'.

An ironic tweet saying 'The brand new PS5 logo is amazing. It must have taken several years (design).'

'Forget about the new PS5 logo! I will leak ideas from the Sony design team about the evolution of the next four generations of PlayStation logos,' tweeted, and the logo design change from PS4 to PS5 will continue in the future After that, we released a predicted image that the logo design would change like this.

In the tweet that the PS5 logo is revolutionary, the PS5 logo has been rewritten to piss.

'Jim Ryan said, 'I'm glad to show you the new logo for the first time!' ...' in a tweet saying 'I don't know what to expect.' The image of a man with a facial expression is attached, and it seems as if he speaks for the expression of many users who saw the PS5 logo.

In addition, a tweet summarizing the logos from PS2 to PS5 (the PS3 logo is of a new design) says, 'Some people point out the badness of the PS5 logo design, but it looks like usual.'

On Reddit, an overseas bulletin board site, a GIF image that turns the PS4 logo into a PS5 logo has been posted to point out that 'is the PS5 logo created this way?' In response to this GIF image, it was pointed out that `` It seems like you lost the font but you need to add new characters '' or `` On the contrary, it is very reasonable, fit and perfect correction (lol ) 'And a statement stating that' consistency is important ', and a request to the Xbox that' if Microsoft consoles have this level of consistency '. Note that the PS5 logo in the GIF image is slightly different from the actual PS5 logo.

Sony Designing The PS5 Logo: gaming

Although it is a PS5 logo that is often strictly evaluated overseas, some Japanese users trace the successive PlayStation logos and make subtle changes such as `` It seems that the rounded atmosphere has changed compared to PS4 or earlier '' Some people point out.

In addition, opinion that it is not necessary to change ……

Some say it's simple and good.

Familiar designs seem to be well received in Japan, and the reaction is the opposite of overseas.

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