Microsoft announces 'Project Scarlett' for next-generation Xbox development project, and it will appear in 2020 for 8K, ultra-high speed SSD and raytracing

In ' Xbox E3 Briefing 2019 ' held by Microsoft, details about ' Project Scarlett ', which is a next-generation Xbox development project, was revealed.

Microsoft Project Scarlett Xbox: 8K graphics, SSD, and ray-tracing in 2020-The Verge

Details on Project Scarlett are summarized in the following movie:

Xbox Project Scarlett-E3 2019-Reveal Trailer-YouTube

According to the movie, the next-generation Xbox being developed by Microsoft under the code name 'Project Scarlett' will have a custom designed chip based on an AMD Zen 2 CPU and a ' Radeon DNA (RDNA)' GPU. . The chip will allow the next generation Xbox to deliver four times the performance of the current Xbox One X.

In addition, the

GDDR6 memory is used in the next-generation Xbox, so it seems that unprecedented resolution and frame rate can be realized.

The specific specs for the Xbox under development at Project Scarlett have been shown to support 8K resolution, frame rates up to 120 fps,

ray tracing and variable refresh rates.

In addition, the Project Scarlett development team says, 'We are developing a new generation of SSDs and using them as virtual RAM (memory). According to Microsoft, this new generation of SSDs delivers 40 times the current performance It is expected to improve, and the game load will be much faster. '

A demonstration video of ray tracing, which will be installed on Project Scarlett.

Also the appearance of the controller that seems to be of the development machine.

The next-generation Xbox, under development at Project Scarlett, will be available for the 2020

holiday season .

Microsoft is also announcing 'Halo Infinite' as the launch title of the next generation Xbox.

Halo Infinite-E3 2019-Discover Hope-YouTube

Similarly, Sony has made announcements about next-generation game consoles, but features such as AMD's latest CPU & GPU, 8K, high-speed SSD, and raytracing are almost the same. Sony has made it clear that it will be backward compatible with the next generation, but Project Scarlett did not mention backward compatibility.

Sony releases performance comparison movie of next-generation game console 'PlayStation 5' at event, processing performance is 10 times PS4 Pro-GIGAZINE

In addition, Microsoft was hiding the information that the announcement about next-generation Xbox is to be made in E3 in the teaser trailer and appealing.

Microsoft Announces E3 Announcement on Next-Generation Game Machine 'Scarlet'-GIGAZINE

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