The snooze function of the iPhone is fixed at "9 minute interval", why?


Even if it is woken up by the alarm of the alarm clock early in the morning, think "10 minutes more ... ..."Snooze buttonI think that there are many people who push the iPhone snooze function9 minutes intervalThere are few people surprisingly noticing that it is fixed to? It is not "10 minutes" or "5 minutes", why is it fixed at "9 minutes", why and why it is popular Q & amp; A corner in American newspaper "The Straight DopeIt is introduced in. There, you can see the shadow of "heritage" from the era of the mechanical watch, which is much older than the iPhone, as chillahora.

The Straight Dope: Why does the alarm clock snooze button give you nine extra minutes, not ten?

He is the respondent of The Straight DopeCecil AdamsAs a person who asserts, we surveyed about "9 minutes mischievous" received from readers and received the following answers.
Questioner:Every morning my roommate is ringing an alarm clock, but I immediately go to bed again by pressing the snooze button. Snoozing is repeated many times from there until he wakes up, but for some reason the interval is every 9 minutes. Even with the alarm clock I saw so far, the snooze interval is all 9 minutes, is this such a thing? If so, where did you come from saying "9 minutes"?

ByAnthony Armijo

Answer (Cecil Adams):Okay, I contacted watch makers, watchmakers, enthusiastic watchmakers, and asked why, why is it, and summarized my comments on the reasons. (Hereafter, comments from Mr. Adams after "→")

◆ 1:As a result of questionnaire to the consumer monitor, "8 to 12 minutes is the most preferable" → I heard, but why did not it "10 minutes"?

◆ 2:As I asked engineers, "It's because my boss's coming to check my work every 10 minutes" → It's fun! Waah!

◆ 3:When asking the physiology teacher, it was that "If you leave a person who thinks you will not fall asleep" for more than 9 minutes, it falls again into a deep sleep "→ I see.

◆ 4:It is too short for 5 minutes and too long for 10 minutes. There was also some people saying that it is better than 10 minutes if it takes 9 minutes → This is not an answer!

◆ 5:In the case of the old type LED type digital watch, the snooze function operated only for a maximum of 60 minutes. In this condition, it was optimal setting to "snooze interval 9 minutes + margin to push button a few seconds" in order to keep it as long as possible while keeping as long as possible → "It can not be There was also a craftsman's comment called "no comment".

ByJoe Shlabotnik

◆ 6:There were people who made such a hypothesis. "Probably, 9 minutes =540Second corresponds to 9 bits in binary notation512It seems that it is coming from where it is a figure close to. Alternatively, the frequency of the power supply supplied from the outlet is 60 Hz, 9 minutes is 60 Hz × 60 seconds × 9 minutes =32,400Cycle. This is also 15 bits in binary32768Comment from expert "I tried my best, but it was a loss, the watch is not such a mechanism"

◆ 7:The 9-minute delay circuit was incorporated in the chip made by General Instruments which was used for the digital clock of the 1960's. After that the setting was kept left unchanged → I see, why is it still "9 minutes" the question remains?

◆ 8:In the case of a digital watch, the largest number obtained from the first digit display from the right is "9" → Is there a necessity to stick to the display of one digit? It should be possible to set it longer if you use the second digit ... ....?


◆ 9:In the age of old mechanical watches already "10 minutes" snooze interval was already considered appropriate, but at that time much importance was not on accuracy. So the craftsman made the snooze interval "9 minutes plus bonus". After that, when we moved to the digital watch, only the number "9 minutes" remained.

The last one seems to be quite right. Let's introduce the opinion from Mr. Jay who disassembled the old General Electric watch. Mr. Jay who disassembled the very early snooze button watch seems to have discovered that the snooze gear is not very accurate and it was running in about 9 to 10 minutes. According to Jay's hypothesis, the engineer of the time who was not pursuing much accuracy, "Snooze at 9 minutes to 10 minutes" was setting the snooze is the origin of "9 minutes nazi". There is a voice of approval from modern engineers to this.

ByLynn Kelley Author

The conclusions derived from the above are as follows. When a microchip of a digital watch was developed, an engineer who analyzed the old mechanical clock before it was incorporated in the chip as it is as "the snooze interval of 9 minutes is the interval defined by the god of the clock" . Even today, when the moon and sunflowed,We continue to be trapped by that spellIt will be.
That is the answer from Cecil Adams. Already in Japan, I noticed "9 minutes of mischief" and also why on the net "Apple's consideration"And those that"It's OK to say that it's about 10 minutesAn answer "furthermore"Do not know, tell me why!In fact, in the United States the graphic "snooze = 9 minutes" seems to have been completed long ago. Of course, there are watches that can set the interval freely, but it may be because there was such a reason that the tradition "9 minutes" continued to live like a golden rule.

It seems that I can sleep soundly without being bothered by "9-minute Nazo" with this already ....

BySean dreilinger

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