Why does an analog clock display near 10:10 in advertisement?

I think that there are many people who taught at the driving school, "Hold the handle at" 10:10 ", but 10 o'clock 10 is recommended is not just how to hold the handle. If you look carefully, most of the hands of analog clocks point to the time around 10:10 in watch advertisement. What kind of reason is there?

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An advertisement signboard of clock watching in town.

Mostly analog clocks casually watching are displaying around 10:10.

This too.

This too.

If you look closely ...

The clock of the model's arm is also 10:10.

Almost every analog clock of any country in the world is almost exception 10:10.

Naturally, it is not a coincidence that many manufacturers adopt 10:10. One of the reasons is that many manufacturers put the logo at the 12 o'clock position. If it is 10:10, the logo will never be hidden by the long and short hands.

Another reason is that the watch board is symmetrical in design and it is beautiful to put the needle in symmetrical position. For a perfect "10 o'clock," the hour hand moves slightly upwards, so it is often set at around 10 o'clock and 10 o'clock in order to make it symmetrical.

The position of the needle that meets these two conditions is not only around 10:10, but there are others such as 7:22.


Actually, it was often displayed at 8:20 in the old days, but it seems that the impression was not good as the time of this "to" looks like crying, it seems to be lacking in vitality. There remains an anecdotion that the clock shop clerk who is a nice clock shop in the 1930's around the Great Depression will be set to 10:10 all at 8:20 so that it looks like "V (victory)" and gained popularity That's right.

ByMark Kenny

Furthermore, in JapanSeikoThe company's watch is decided to display 10:08:42 everything. The hour hand / minute hand becomes symmetry, and it seems that it is commitment of 42 seconds that it looks the most balanced with these 2 needles. By the way, this commitment is practiced in all catalogs since 1965.

The beauty around 10:10 is of course unique to analog watches. For digital watches, "beauty" which is another bit different is required. Seiko Corporation adopts 10:08:59, but this time, in order to convey the feeling of liveliness even in the digital display while showing the state where all seven parts forming the digital display figures are lit at "8" It seems that it is judged that "59 seconds" is the optimum when minute changes after 1 second.

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