Watch where people in the center rewrite the current time every minute

I will introduce an unusual type of clock that people on the other side of the watch board will stream images that look like they are rewriting the clock hands with a pen every minute.

In the projected image, you can see the figure of a person who drinks at work, and it has become a design which can understand the exactness of the ordinary watch which automatically moves every second.

Details are as below.
A watch where people who look beyond the watch board write minute hands using rulers.
YouTube - Coolest Clock Ever?

When time comes, it erases the previous needle and rewrites it to the current time.

Although it seems to be quite a difficult job, if you turn sideways, you will find that no one is in the watch, and that the watch board is an image.

This watch was held in Miami "Art BaselIt was exhibited at "Design Miami" which was held during the period of "Design Miami". It seems quite difficult to produce 24 hours of video, but it is an interesting design that seems to be popular if it is marketed.

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