Analog clock 'Real Time' where time advances by 'the person inside redraws the needle'

Dutch designer

Martin Baas has created several works of art called ' Real Time ' that look like 'a human being inside a clock, repainting the minute and hour hands from the inside as the time progresses'. increase. A working movie of 'Real Time' has been posted on the Internet, and you can see how the strange clock moves.


Maarten Baas Real Time clock unveiled at Paddington's… | Paddington

'Real Time' is an art work that projects a pre-recorded 'movie where a human redraws the needle' according to the actual time. The operation movie of 'Real Time' installed at Paddington Station in London is below.

Maarten Baas Real Time Clock, Paddington-YouTube

A small human figure is reflected in the clock.

A human wiped the minute hand from the inside of the watch.

In the corner of the clock, I'm preparing something.

A small human drawing the minute hand from the center of the clock to the outside.

The hands of the clock have now advanced by one minute. In 'Real Time', 12 hours of video continues to flow like this.

At Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, a larger 'Real Time' is installed than that at Paddington Station. You can check how 'Real Time' at Schiphol Airport works in the following movie.

Real Time by Maarten Baas at Schiphol Airport-YouTube

Are you tired of standing, the person in the clock leaning against the dial.

Start preparations with a rush.

Remove the minute hand with a wiper.

Wipe off any remaining paint with a cloth.

Then draw the minute hand.

Wipe off the protruding part.

The hands of the clock have now advanced. Because it is hand-painted, it is twisted and bent.

In addition, Mr. Bath has also released a clock application 'Analog Digital Clock' for iOS that can enjoy 'digital clock redrawn by human power'.

Analog Digital Clock on the App Store

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