Windows 8.1 preview license expires in January 2014

ByVernon Chan

Released at the end of June 2013Windows 8.1 Preview version"It was announced that the license deadline of January 2014 has come.

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This is revealed by Kathleen Morosky, Microsoft partner technology strategist.

Windows 8 was created as an OS that is not on the extension line of Windows 7 as a touch operation premise, it was released in October 2012. Although considerably big changes were made, including appearance, in particularThe "start screen" was adopted and the conventional "start menu" disappeared, The fact that the start button has disappeared greatly impacted the user. Because the usability has changed too much, "Start 8"Pokki"Start button addition software such as was made.

For that reason, in the Windows 8.1 preview version released in June 2013 the start button is revived. Although it is not with ease of use of Windows 7 or earlier, improvement was done considerably easy to use.

However, as Windows 8.1 (official version) was released in October, this time the preview version has finished its function and is finished. From now on, preview users will have to choose between transferring to the 8.1 official version or returning to the version you used before the license expires.

Please refer to the following help for the update method and the method to return to the previous OS.

Update from Windows 8.1 Preview to Windows 8.1 - Microsoft Windows Help

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