Clearly more than half of Nintendo Switch players are women and half of PC gamers and mobile gamers are women

Matt Piscatella, executive director and gaming industry analyst at Circana , a new research company created by the merger of Information Resources and the NPD Group, has released new statistical data on the gamer population in the United States. According to this data, it is clear that more than half of Nintendo Switch users in the United States are women, 45% of Xbox users and 41% of PS5 users are also women.

Gamers React Poorly To Data Showing More Women Own Switches

On June 9, 2023, Piscatella released the latest stats from Circana's PlayerPulse . According to this, 47% of the population playing games on home game consoles (1% increase from the previous year) are women, 50% of the PC gamer population (1% increase from the previous year) are women, and 54% of mobile gamers. (up 1% year-on-year) are women.

When the population playing games on home game consoles is further classified, 41% of PS5 users are female, 45% of Xbox Series X / S users are female, and 52% of Nintendo Switch users are female.

Circana's PlayerPulse is a follow-up survey of demographics, engagement, ownership, purchasing intentions, social media usage, etc., which is being conducted for a sample of 10,000 households in the United States.

In the case of this survey, the survey was conducted on active gamers aged 13 and over in the United States, and the criterion for active gamers is ``whether or not you have played the game in the past month (30 days)''.

Regarding the data released by Mr. Piscatella on the percentage of the gamer population in the United States, 'I am really surprised by this data. I always had the idea that the gaming community is basically overwhelmingly dominated by men.' Many people are surprised that the male to female ratio of gamers is almost 50:50.

She added, ' Entropia Universe is probably one of the most comprehensive MMOs I've played. It's a game with a huge female player base, many of whom are streaming games, and I'm a regular on the Discord group. Everyone is chatting and playing the game together, and again, the player base is overwhelmingly mature,' said one Twitter user, pointing to games with a lot of female players.

On the other hand, there are many people who express negative opinions about statistical data, commenting that 'mothers who purchased game consoles for their children may be included.'

However, in response to comments skeptical about the data, 'I came here to reply about how wonderful this data is, but I am appalled by the number of people who desperately claim that this data is not true. There was also an opinion that

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier said, ``This statistic is wrong to point out that 'half of gamers are women, but those women are playing games like Candy Crush.' It proves that it is, ”he tweeted, pointing out that half of gamers should be recognized as women.

According to Kotaku, the game `` Barbie Fashion Designer '' based on Barbie released in 1996 sold more copies in the first year than the popular titles such as DOOM and Quake released in the same year. In other words, it points out that there were many women playing games since the 1990s.

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