From the source code of Super Mario 64, it turned out that Luigi was a playable character, ``Luigi was real'' and talked on the net

It is reported that a large amount of source code of Nintendo's game titles is leaking, and at the same time the source code of prototypes such as ' Super Mario 64 ', ' Ocarina of the Legend of Zelda ', ' Super Mario Yoshi Island ' It is leaked on the Internet. Analysis of the source code of the Super Mario 64 prototype revealed that there was data for Mario's younger brother Luigi as a playable character.

Now N64 prototypes for Mario 64, Ocarina and more have reportedly leaked | VGC

In an interview in 1996, Shigeru Miyamoto , the creator of Mario, revealed that Super Mario 64 was initially preparing Luigi as the second playable character after Mario.

And in the newly leaked large amount of Nintendo game data, there is a file called ``Ultra 64 Mario Bros'' which is said to be the initial build of Super Mario 64, and in this there is a playable character of Luigi. It became clear that the data was included. In response to this information, there is a topic on the Internet as 'L Is Real.'

According to the programmer @GlitchyPSI , the leaked Super Mario 64 source code contained three Luigi textures. Furthermore, since it uses pure C language, it is relatively easy to import Luigi data into Super Mario 64.

The following is an image that I tried to import only Luigi's face data into Super Mario 64 Mario.

On the other hand, a Twitter user who is in the process of rebuilding parts of Luigi other than the face.

A movie that actually reproduces Luigi from the data in the source code is also posted.

In the following movie you can see how Luigi is actually operated in Super Mario 64.

SM64-Luigi Restored-YouTube

In addition, from the leaked source code, it is also revealed that there is another version of the dance that Mario dances when he gets a star on Super Mario 64.

In addition, it is said that some files of the large amount of source code leaked this time are damaged, and it is pointed out that it is difficult to reproduce Luigi on Super Mario 64 in a complete state.

In addition, VGC of overseas game media pointed out that this mass data leak may be related to the data leak that occurred in May 2020 . The data leak that occurred in May 2020 is believed to be due to the hacking of a server related to BroadOn, which was undertaking the development of the Wii hardware and software.

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