The original soundtrack of 'Super Mario World' is restored

The original soundtrack used in the title ' Super Mario World ' for Super Nintendo released in 1990 has been restored and released on YouTube.

Super Mario World: Hear the SNES Classic's Restored Soundtrack --IGN

In July 2020, a large amount of source code for Nintendo game titles was leaked. This massive leak reveals that Luigi was prepared as a playable character in Super Mario 64 .

From the source code of Super Mario 64, it turned out that Luigi was a playable character, and it was talked about on the net that 'Luigi actually existed' --GIGAZINE

The original soundtrack of 'Super Mario World' was restored from the data leaked by this large-scale leak. This sound source is the stage before compressing the data to store the data in the cartridge for Super Nintendo, and even the song titles attached to each sound source have been clarified.

The restored original soundtrack is published on YouTube as ' Super Mario World Restored OST '. For example, the following is the original version of the soundtrack that plays when you enter Bowser Castle in Super Mario World. You can see that the song was played using multiple instruments.

Super Mario World Restored --Fortress --YouTube

And the sound that plays during actual gameplay is as follows. You'll see that it's changed from the original to a more 8-bit sound, with the characteristics of the individual instruments lost and the sound more like the soundtrack of the game.

Castle / Fortress --Super Mario World Music Extended --YouTube

The Brickster, who was involved in the restoration of the original soundtrack, said, 'Thanks to my breakthrough, I was able to find the official title of the Super Mario World soundtrack from a large leak at Nintendo. Some friends are restoring the original Super Mario World soundtrack using the source sample from. '

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