Bugatti Shillong exceeds 490km / h, surpassing the fastest record of commercial vehicles so far

Bugatti Shillong , the successor model of the “Hypercar” Bugatti Veyron, capable of over 400 km / h, recorded 490.48 km / h (304.77 miles) at the Era Lexen test course. The number exceeds the world's fastest record of 447 km / hour recorded in 2017 (average of 2 runs, the maximum is 458 km / h), and the wall of `` 300 mph '' that hypercars could not exceed so far It was decided to break through for the first time.

Bugatti has broken the 300mph barrier | Top Gear

The video of breaking through 490km / h is also released.

Bugatti hits 304.77mph in a Chiron | Top Gear-YouTube

Bugatti Shillong standing up the right curve of Era Leschen, which the Volkswagen Group uses as a test course. Driving is Andy Wallace, a professional racer.

In the video, the upper left is a compilation of various driving scenes, the upper right is a picture of driving, and the lower is a fixed camera facing forward. Shillong, which is accelerating on a long straight, breaks through 250 mph (402.37km).

At this speed, the speed of the car window makes it difficult to understand how fast it is accelerating, but when you look at the meter, it is still accelerating, reaching 300 miles per hour (482.8km), which has been a wall.

Eventually the speed reached 304.77 miles per hour (490.48km).

The world's fastest record of commercial vehicles is certified by Koenigsegg AGERA in 2017, with an average of 447 km / h (fastest is 458 km). However, in this challenge, Dallara engineers based on Bugatti Shillong, for example, the body is about 10 cm longer than the original, the rear wing and the air brake are removed and replaced with new aero parts . In addition, the passenger seat is removed and a computer system for challenging is installed, and countless weight reduction measures are also taken, which is different from the commercially available Bugatti Shillong.

Top Gear does not describe this record as 'update the fastest record of commercial vehicles', and Bugatti President Stefan Winkelman said, 'Our goal is to be the first company to break through 300 miles per hour 'It was a great goal to cross the 300 mph barrier anyway, no matter what means.'

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