A 'mysterious gel-like object' is discovered on the other side of the moon

The moon rotates like the earth, but because

the period of rotation is the same as the period of revolution, it always points in the same direction with respect to the earth, and you can never see the other side of the moon from the earth. It turned out that a spacecraft sent to the other side of the moon sent a report that a mysterious object was discovered.

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China's Lunar Rover Has Found Something Weird on the Far Side of the Moon | Space

Weird'Gel-like' Substance Found on Moon by China's Lunar Rover Yutu-2

In January 2019, it is reported that the Chinese unmanned spacecraft 'Chang'e 4 ' landed on the other side of the moon for the first time in the world. It was expected to play an active role.

China's unmanned spacecraft 'Chang'e 4' lands on the other side of the moon for the first time in the world --GIGAZINE

In July 2019, when Tamabusa No. 2 tried to enter sleep mode to protect the sensor from the high heat caused by intense sunlight radiation, project team Yu Tianyi told a nearby crater that it was a 'strangely colored gel'. Discovered 'objects'. I changed the mission schedule and took a picture of the crater by operating Tamabbit No. 2 until the last minute.

The following image is a photo taken by Tamabbit No. 2. You can see that something like a crater is reflected in the part surrounded by the red frame, but you can not see any unusual objects.

The project team is currently analyzing substances from data such as the near-infrared sensor mounted on Tamabbit No. 2. Mahesh Anand, a planetary scientist at the Open University in the United Kingdom, said, 'If there is something that looks like a gel on the surface of the moon, it is a fine

volcanic glass created by a meteorite impact.' increase.

Anand also said, 'This is a very interesting discovery, because the discovery of volcanic glass in a small crater may mean that something different from the normal material on the moon exists on the surface. Because it suggests sex. '

Another photo taken by Tamabbit No. 2 shows a crater that is almost the same size as the width of the car.

Anand also said, 'If this material is discovered if found to be subjected to the interaction of ice on the moon will become even more important,' and commented, of this discovery is ' ice on the moon He expressed his hope that it would reinforce the idea that there is.

In August 2019, it was reported that an exploration vessel carrying thousands of tardigrades had crashed on the surface of the moon. If there is ice on the surface of the moon, it is possible that a large number of tardigrades released on the moon will continue to live on the surface of the moon and breed.

It was discovered that thousands of tardigrades were on board the lunar probe that crashed on the surface of the moon, and there is a possibility that it will breed on the surface of the moon.

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