`` YouTube Video and Audio Downloader '' extension for Firefox that can download video and audio files from YouTube for free

' YouTube Video and Audio Downloader ' is an extension for Firefox that allows you to download video and audio data so that you can use them offline, or change the format and resolution.

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader (WebEx)? Get extension for Firefox (en-us)


Access the YouTube Video and Audio Downloader page from Firefox and click “Add to Firefox”.

Click “Add”.

Click “OK”. Check “Allow this extension to run in a private window” to use it in a private window.

The YouTube Video and Audio Downloader icon is displayed on the toolbar, so click on the icon.

An orange menu is displayed and four items are displayed. Before downloading the video from YouTube, click “Settings” because it is necessary to install additionally.

When the setting screen is displayed, first install two clients to make YouTube Video and Audio Downloader available. Click “Install” displayed on the right side of “Install native cliant (1/2)” in the frame of “FFmpeg Integration”.

A page summarizing the installation procedure will be displayed, so click 'here' in the red frame part.

Download of the file 'windows.zip' starts. Since it is necessary to unzip, right-click on the file when the download is complete.

Select “Send”.

Select “Unzip” to unzip the file.

Once the file is unzipped, open the “windows” folder.

Open 'install.bat'.

Click “Execute” when the dialog is displayed.

When a new window opens and “Please press any key to continue” is displayed, the installation is complete. Pressing an appropriate key such as the enter key closes the window.

If you return to the page that summarizes the installation procedure and click 'Check Connection', you can check whether the installation was successful.

If the installation was successful, the native client version will be displayed in a pop-up. This completes installation confirmation.

Next, in order to install FFmpeg, return to the setting screen of YouTube Video and Audio Downloader and click “Install” on the right side of “Install FFmpeg (2/2)”.

The installation will start, so if “FFmpeg is installed successfully” is displayed in the pop-up, the installation is complete.

When the page of the setting screen is updated by pressing F5 key etc., the “Install” button changes to “Installed” and the FFmpeg reference folder is displayed. This completes the settings for downloading videos and audio files from YouTube.

Click the YouTube Video and Audio Downloader icon on the toolbar and click “Open YouTube” to access YouTube right away.

Try downloading the following videos from YouTube.

Finale scene that attracts the audience with the launch of exciting fireworks without using music [Super big fire 2019]-YouTube

Click on the YouTube video and audio downloader icon in the red frame when you access the YouTube video page.

A menu will appear, allowing you to select and download the format you want to download. You can select only movies with audio files, movies without audio files, and audio files in each format.

When downloading multiple videos in the same format, it's cumbersome to choose the format one by one. To download efficiently, open the YouTube video page and click the YouTube Video and Audio Downloader icon from the toolbar.

Click “Quick Download” to download MP4 files with audio files with the highest quality by default.

A pop-up will appear when the download is complete. The YouTube video title is saved as the file name. Japanese titles can be downloaded without being garbled.

Open the downloaded MP4 file ...

I was able to play without problems.

If you change the “Quick Download” setting, you can download files in different formats or videos with reduced image quality. Click the hamburger icon in the upper right corner of “Quick Download”.

'Format' allows you to select the format of video and audio files, and 'Quality' allows you to select the image quality. You can download the file according to your environment and purpose of use.

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader can be used in conjunction with ' Media Converter and Muxer-Audio Tools ' which is an extension of Firefox. Download and use Media Converter and Muxer-Audio Tools from the following article.

Firefox add-on that allows free MP3 conversion, video conversion, audio extraction from video, video and audio combination, multiple video combined into one, maximum volume adjustment, video resolution change, video rotation, sound shift correction, video cut Media Converter and Muxer-Audio Tools ''-GIGAZINE

If you download Media Converter and Muxer-Audio Tools, you can open it from 'Conversion Tool'.

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