Hackers and fashion designers announce clothing that tricks surveillance camera image recognition

Kate Rose, who is also the is fashion designer a hacker, August 11 from August 8, 2019 (Thursday) (Sun) security event ', which was held in Las Vegas until

DEFCON27 in', 'Adversarial Fashion (hostile fashion ) 'Was announced. The clothes of Adversarial Fashion are designed to interfere with the surveillance system installed by the local government and the government, and it is possible to prevent identification of individuals from surveillance cameras.

Adversarial Fashion

The fashion line designed to trick surveillance cameras | World news | The Guardian

The clothes announced by Rose are as follows. Patterns such as license plates and circuit diagrams are drawn on clothes.

The security system for surveillance cameras incorporates a function called ALPR (Automated License Plate Readers) that automatically captures car license plates by image recognition and identifies cars.

This ALPR will work with surveillance cameras installed on street corners as well as cameras mounted on police vehicles. According to The Atlantic reports , the ALPR of the security system actually operated by the police can recognize license plates in milliseconds, with a maximum of 1800 per minute.

A high-tech police car equipped with a face recognition system that finds criminals just by scanning the surroundings-gigazine

While the progress and widespread use of surveillance cameras and facial recognition technologies can help deter crime, others are concerned that they are threatening personal security and privacy. In fact, in response to such criticism, a “special pattern to prevent face recognition” that could be printed on cloth was developed.

Protect privacy with clothes printed with special patterns that prevent facial recognition technology-gigazine

Adversarial Fashion clothes are designed with a large number of license plate patterns, and the person wearing the clothes is judged to be a car by the security system. Actually recognized by ALPR is the following image, a number of license plates are identified from one body, and vehicles that do not exist there are recognized

The design prepared by Mr. Rose is 'Diamond Repeat', which is a mixture of a car license plate and an electronic circuit.

'Half-brick pattern' drawn in combination so that the license plates are staggered

The sentence in the

Amendment to the American Bill of Rights states that the people's right to ensure the security of their bodies, houses, documents and property against unreasonable search and seizure must not be violated. The design “4th Amendment Print” (modified 4th pattern), which is printed as a license plate, is available.

Adversarial Fashion clothes are also available on the official website , selling T-shirts, skirts, hoodies, half-tops, jackets, and more. The price ranges from $ 24.99 (about 2650 yen) to $ 49.99 (about 5300 yen), but it is unclear whether shipping to Japan is possible.

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