High-level stealth clothes "Stealth Wear" to hide from infrared thermography

Shirts that repels dirt with nanotechnologyYaEven if it is cut with a cutter knife, it is intact "blade cutter"There are clothes that thinks "Where should I wear such high-performance things?" Adam Harvey's "Stealth Wear"Is also a companion of such clothes, if you wear thisUnmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) etc. It is possible to hide from infrared thermography.

Stealth Wear | Adam Harvey

You can tell what kind of clothes Stealth Wear is by seeing the following movie.

Stealth Wear: The 'Anti-Drone' Hoodie - YouTube

Many surveillance cameras placed in townIt is being done,Privacy has been infringed by thermography on UAVIn modern times where it is regarded as a problem, I do not know where to look from where and how. In the meantime, Adam Harvey who thinks that privacy of one's own should be controllable,Infrared thermography like "FLIR i 3"I created Stealth Wear that I can hide from. This is made with commitment to the design side, it is reflected in infrared thermography because it is lightweight, safe and durable silver plated fiber is used, so it reflects infrared light.

There are 4 Stealth Wears in all, this is "'Anti-Drone' BurqaThe price is $ 2,500 (about 260,000 yen).

This Burqa is a motif of Muslim clothes, with black silk fabrics in use.

When photographed in infrared thermography with Burqa worn, it looks like the right edge of the image. The part wearing Burqa appears in black, so if you wrap it you can completely hide from infrared thermography.

"'Anti-Drone' Hijab"Is a garment like a cape with hood that can get at 450 dollars (about 47,000 yen).

Hijab was also designed with motifs of Islamic clothes, and colorful colors are printed on the inner silk fabric with digital prints.

"'Anti-Drone' Hoodie"Is 350 dollars (about 36,000 yen).

Black nylon fabric on the inside.

To avoid overhead monitoring by UAV, Hoodie is designed to be covered with silver-plated fibers from the head to the shoulder.

And the fourth "Drone TIs a T - shirt with a silhouette of an unmanned aero called Brooklyn Predator. This is just an ordinary T - shirt that can not be disguised from infrared thermography. The price is 40 dollars (about 4100 yen).

These four clothes will be in New York from 28th August to 23rd September 2013New Museum StoreAlthough it was sold atPrivacy Gift ShopIt is possible to purchase it.

Stealth Wear - Privacy Gift Shop

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