A Mummy man robs a convenience store in a small village, takes away her money and runs away

It seems that a robber robbed a convenience store in a convenience store in a small village in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States, but this robbery, like a horror movie that wears a cloth around his face and has an ax in his / her hand It is said that.

Because everyone is familiar with each other in a small village, I can not imagine that conditions are not so good for robbing robbers with money, but some people think that there is a culprit in their neighbors Seems there seems to be no peace of mind until the culprit is caught.

The incidents of the incident are as follows.Herminie Buy 'N Fly Robber Wraps Face Like Mummy CBS Pittsburgh

LiveLeak.com - Mummy robs store with a hatchet - WTF?

The incident occurred in a convenience store "Exxon Buy N 'Fly mini mart" in a small village named Herminie in a certain Monday afternoon in Pennsylvania and Westmoreland County, USA. Around 3 p.m., the criminal who came to the store on foot was armed with a hand ax, the man covered his face with a dark color cloth, it seems that it looked like a mummy appearing in horror movies. Although a man sprained his hand ax and threatened the surroundings, fortunately there was no injured person. Also, the total amount of money that the criminal carried away has not been announced.

Store place of the convenience store where the incident occurred.

The suspect was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt with a height of 5 feet 5 inches to 5 ft 9 inches and a weight of 130 pounds (about 58 kilograms) to 150 pounds 68 kilos), the character of a white race man is announced. Also, according to the state police, the age of the perpetrator is probably in his thirties, and some teeth are missing.

A woman who lives in Herminie village responds to an interview with the television, "People who live in this town know about each other 's faces, and they know what they are doing. It will be difficult for a person who does not know about the crime to commit the crime, local people may be the criminal. " A resident male who attended a meeting to monitor regional crime at a public library said, "I saw the criminal waving his hand ax, but I thought it was a joke of something. I thought that covering the face with a bandage was just because of the cold weather ", so I'm commenting on how unexpected the robbery incident in this little village is.

The criminal statue broadcast on TV is like this. I think that the picture is for reference but if it was a face-to-face knowledge with a clerk or a person who was present at the store, I would not be able to be disguised in this degree ......

Robbery in the village where there is only a familiarity does not matter how you think, the risk is high and it seems that your feet will arrive soon, but I hope that the criminal will be arrested soon and peace will return to the village.

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