I try to eat "Cup Noodle Pork Ginger Big" whose flesh reproducibility is doing my best

It appeared as the world's first cup noodle, and even today it is one of the top class popular NissinCup noodle seriesAs a new product from "Cup noodle pork ginger bigSince it was released, I bought it with dashing.

"It is said that the" pig ginger noodle "and" cup noodle "come together !!" It is said that the concept is that it is the one that reproduces pig ginger's grill completely while keeping the shape of a cup It seems to be very difficult ...... What the hell is it like to bother with what kind of wind.

The actual situation of "cup noodle pork ginger big" is from the following.[Big Size] Cup Noodle Pork Ginger Noodle Product Information - Nissin Cup Noodle | CUPNOODLE

SlightlyGraffitiPackage design of "cup noodle pork ginger big" with a sense of hardness.

In the lid there was an image picture of "Pork Shop's Pottery".

It is a raw material name. In addition to pork, ingredients used in pig ginger bonito such as cabbage and fried onion are used.

Allergic substances look like this.

In addition to the standard standard nutrition information table, values ​​that were divided into "Nan · kayaku" and "soup" as reference values ​​were also listed. It is very grateful for those who care about calories and salinity.

I opened it. Sho ware baked pork, scrambled eggs and cabbage are conspicuous in appearance.

Ginger baked wind It looks like some powder is attached to pork.

I put in hot water. Lid and wait for 3 minutes.

It is done.

The meat sucks in hot water and it changes quite gay like a grill.

I will get you. It is a cup noodle and familiar with the soup, and it is something that is often entangled with soup, compatibility with soup which hid the flavor of meat and ginger in sweet pepper is outstanding. And the meat certainly had a genuine feeling of being able to say "ginger-grilled wind". It is an impression like meat that comes out with a set meal rather than a cup of meat. However, it is regrettable that the size is small and the amount is not large. While supporting supporting members such as fluffy scrambled eggs and cabbage are also active, sweet and sweet with fried onion as shakiaki, it was very good touch.

Since the amount of noodles is so much as not ashamed of the name of "BIG", the smallness of the meat and the small amount of the meat stand out conspicuously. If there was more flesh, it might have been closer to "grilled pork ginger".

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