Android-based smartphone "Blackphone" which enhanced security so that personal information is not stolen

Surveillance camera powerhouse United KingdomCollect data of smartphone using trash bin,Baidu sends all entered strings to the server without noticeAs a result of technological evolution, human beings have gained the convenience, such as having been doing, but at the same time individual privacy is getting more and more violated. Android-based smartphones "Maximum aim of protection of personal privacy" was developedBlackphone"is.

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New Smartphone To Put Privacy And Control First - WASHINGTON and MADRID, Jan. 15, 2014 / PRNewswire / -

The purpose and development history of Blackphone can be confirmed from the following movie.

Introduction to Blackphone on Vimeo

Personal privacy protection on smartphones is a problem now,Mr. Edward Snowden who exposed the "PRISM" problemTo prevent information leakageProtect mobile phone from high frequencies by putting mobile phone in refrigeratorAlthough it is told that it was said that, Blackphone can conduct actions on the device such as telephone / text message / file exchange / video chat without being monitored by others "PrivatOS"Android based OS used.

Blackphone and PrivatOS are cryptographic softwarePGP(Pretty Good Privacy)Phil ZimmermannIt was developed by Mr. led team. PGP was used to send e-mails and files that others would not want to read, Zimmermann was also subject to criminal investigation for three years, as export of PGP was prohibited by law at the beginning of development in the United States However, in the endSucceeded to legally export the software to foreign countries by collecting software into 12 books of 6000 pages. By digitizing again outside of the country, we have released PGP on the Internet free of charge.

The idea of ​​strengthening the security of mobile phones that Zimmermann had thought about before encrypting mail. However, at that time, the technology was not able to keep up with the idea yet, it could not be realized, and PGP was completed while waiting for the foundation of technology to be in place.

It is unknown how much the security of Blackphone has been released yet, and it is unknown whether the mail is encrypted, but while someone using an application installed on Blackphone is monitored by someone without your know It is said that things will not happen. Terminals can be used on any GSM carrier and the security features installed are not dependent on the type of carrier. Although details of the hardware are not disclosed, photographs of the following devices are posted on the official site.

The details of Blackphone will be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain on February 24, 2014Mobile World CongressIt will be clarified in the same time, reservation sale is scheduled to start at the same time.

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