Experimental results of 'Mars migrants should drink red wine'

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Red wine contains ingredients such as polyphenols, so it has been found that drinking red wine on a regular basis can provide various benefits . In addition, recent studies have shown that red wine has an 'effect to reduce muscle loss under low gravity such as Mars'.

Red wine may hold a secret that will keep Mars travelers fit-BGR

Frontiers | A Moderate Daily Dose of Resveratrol Mitigates Muscle Deconditioning in a Martian Gravity Analog |

It has been suggested that resveratrol , one of the polyphenols contained in wine, is expected to have a preventive effect and a longevity- preventing effect on cardiovascular diseases .

Meanwhile, experiments conducted by Marie Mortreux and colleagues at Harvard Medical School have shown that resveratrol has been shown to be effective in preventing muscle weakness caused by low muscle stress.

Mortreux et al.'S group first divided the 24 male rats into two groups, with one group of rats wearing a harness with suspension, and loading the muscles equivalent to 0.4 G equivalent to the surface of Mars. I tried to avoid it. Furthermore, each group was divided into a group to receive resveratrol and a group not to receive resveratrol, and a total of four groups were created.

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After that, when the strength of each group was tested, the resveratrol group showed better results in the strength test than the other groups.

The following graph is a line graph that shows the results of strength testing of rats divided into groups. The vertical axis represents the rate of change in muscle strength, and the horizontal axis represents the number of days elapsed. Also, in the line graph, “●” is a group without harness / resveratrol, “□” is with harness / resveratrol, “▲” is without harness / resveratrol, “▽” is with harness・ It is a test result of the group with resveratrol.

From the test results two weeks after the start of the experiment, it can be seen that the rats marked □ with the harness attached and not given resveratrol have lower muscle strength than before the start of the experiment. On the other hand, the rat marked 印 marked with resveratrol had almost the same muscle strength as the rat marked ● without harness attached. Also, the group marked グ ル ー プ with resveratrol in the absence of a harness can also be seen to have improved muscle strength compared to other groups.

The research group estimates that resveratrol's ability to improve insulin sensitivity and the ability to increase the amount of glucose that muscle fibers take up contributed to the maintenance and increase of muscle strength. In addition, it has been suggested that resveratrol may also have anti-inflammatory effects that help maintain muscle and bone.

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Mortreux said, 'Further investigation is needed to see the human effects and interactions with other agents taken by astronauts,' and the development of research helps long-term space missions. He indicated that the development of a supplement could be expected.

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