The original BBQ sauce has enhanced the taste of three BLT ingredients, and has eaten 'BLT Burger Smokey BBQ Sauce Tailoring' at Dom Dom Burger

Dom Dom Burger has started offering BLT Burger Smoky BBQ Sauce Tailoring for a limited time, combining the original BBQ sauce with the three ingredients of Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. I have actually eaten how BLT, which is a staple in sandwiches, is expressed as a burger.

★ Saturday, July 20, BLT burger smoky BBQ source tailoring sale start ★

Arrive at Domdom Burger.

At the storefront, the target BLT burger was greatly appealed.

It will bring the menu to the seat when ordering.

In just a few minutes, the target burger and small sized potatoes have been carried.

This is ' BLT Burger Smokey BBQ Source Tailored '. In addition to single items (440 yen including tax), M set (770 yen including tax) and S set with S size potato and drink (660 yen including tax) are also available in addition to drinks. You can choose.

There is mayonnaise sauce between sesame and lettuce.

The round-cut tomato is quite large, and its size and thickness are perfect. Bacon, onion, and meat patties are piled under it, and the original BBQ sauce is over there. Bacon was sticking out of one side.

Lettuce has a little volume so it's a bit heavy.

When you eat it, you can feel the taste of tomatoes, bacon and lettuce in a seamless manner. The original BBQ sauce was tomato based, and it was quite refreshing, although it had a sweet and spicy taste, in harmony with the taste of BLT. Occasionally crisp onions and mayonnaise sauce are good accents. It was a perfection burger that nods to the combination of BLT becoming standard.

'BLT burger smoky BBQ sauce tailoring' is eaten with domdom burger of the whole country except for some FC stores for a limited time from July 20, 2019.

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