I cooked cheese and mashed potatoes, and then I ate 'Chew's sauce' Arigo Cheese Burger 'with Dom Dom Burger

" Torori Dori-dori Arigo Cheese Burger " that made use of mashed potato and cheese as a dairy growing French specialty " Arigo " has appeared in domdom burger from February 18, 2019 (Monday, February 18, 2019). I have eaten a dish that I can not remove as a cheese favorite that I also add cheddar cheese to Arigo cheese sauce.

New menu! February 18 "Torori Dori Arigoto Cheese Burger" on sale! !

Arrived at Domdomom Hamburger.

A picture of Arigo Cheese Burger was also posted at the store. Alligo cheeseburger is a grand prize winning menu of employee idea burger contest.

This time I ordered M set (750 yen including tax) with potato and drink.

When I opened the wrapping paper, Arigo Cheese Burger looked like this.

There was plenty of alligo cheese sauce and bacon, cheddar cheese, onion, patty sandwiched between the sandwiched buns, and the alligo cheese sauce was flowing out all the way out.

If you eat a bite, the Aristo cheese sauce will spread out in the mouth with a nice tongue but because of the mashed potatoes, the cheese sauce is not too thick and mellow finish. Even if Cheddar's umami is added, it's not a feeling of "heavy" but a cheesy feeling to eat. The fragrance of juicy bacon and the fleshness of Patty got together and met the feeling of "I want to eat something made as a gut."

In addition, Torori Dori Arigo Cheese Burger is 420 yen including tax, S set including 670 yen including tax, M set including 750 yen including tax.

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