To be equipped with a function to warn when Firefox detects a password leak



Mozilla, which is developing a web browser and Firefox, can collaborate with ' Have I been pwned? ' Which is famous as a service to check if there is a data leak and check the damage situation using the same database We provide a monitoring service ' Firefox Monitor '. However, since Firefox 70, which is scheduled to appear in the future, will go a step further, check if the password stored in the Firefox body is leaked somewhere, and issue a warning if there is any relevant data It will be done.

Firefox to Warn When Saved Logins are Found in Data Breathes

Firefox focuses on privacy protection, and in June 2019 corresponds to enabling privacy protection in the default state. We also released an extension for Firefox of the password management application 'Firefox Lockwise'.

Firefox supports privacy protection enabled by default, and password management application 'Firefox Lockwise' is also extended-GIGAZINE

The service 'Firefox Monitors' allows you to check if your email address has been affected by data leaks in the past. Newly leakage ( Roe ) You can also set it to receive a notification when it becomes known.

Service 'Firefox Monitor' that will notify you by checking & notifying if you have become a victim of data violation free of charge-GIGAZINE

Firefox 70 takes this policy one step further, scans the login information (ID & password) stored in the browser, automatically checks for leaks somewhere, and issues a warning when applicable. .

Also, when you access the address 'about: protection', you will be able to see statistical reports on data protection. However, at the time of writing, Firefox 68, which is the latest stable version, only displayed 'The address seems incorrect' when accessed.

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