The world's first 'iXpand wireless charger' where wireless charging and backup can be done at the same time

Photos and movies are important memories, but it takes time and effort to back up your smartphone capacity. Since SanDisk 'iXpand Wireless Charger' is the world's first wireless charging and can back up photos and movies at the same time, I tried to actually back up the memories in the smartphone.

SanDisk iXpand Wireless Charger

The iXpand Wireless Charger package is slightly larger for smartphone peripherals.

Inside the iXpand wireless charger body, AC adapter, and a manual with warranty card included.

This is the iXpand wireless charger body.

The size is about 100.25 mm × 201.39 mm, which approximately overlaps with the palm of the hand.

When viewed from the side, it has a fairly flat shape. The height is 19.51 mm.

The weight was 202g by measurement.

The bottom side has a QR code to access the download page of the iXpand Wireless Charger app. In addition, at the time of article creation, the app could not be DL yet because it was before the product release.

Next to that there is a reset button for settings. Note that you can delete only settings, and you can not delete photos and other data with the reset button.

Micro-USB port and DC power port on the side.

I will try to use it. The iXpand wireless charger can be used simply by supplying power with the included AC adapter ......

To back up files, you need to install the dedicated application 'iXpand Charger'.

At the time of writing, iXpand Charger was not open to the public, so the review uses the beta version.

We are setting up the Android version this time. After installation, launching iXpand Charger will start the initial setup first. Confirm the license agreement and the privacy policy, and tap 'Next'.

The iXpand wireless charger uses location information, so tap Next.

Tap 'Allow' to give iXpand Charger access to your location.

The wireless connection is complete if the iXpand wireless charger is nearby, so tap Next.

Then the iXpand wireless charger password is automatically generated randomly.

If your smartphone is connected to a wireless network, enter the network password and tap 'Connect'.

If you use the iXpand wireless charger with more than one person, account settings are recommended, but this time, select 'Don't set' to try using it quickly and proceed without creating an account.

Choose whether to send data anonymously. This time, select 'Allow'.

In order to use the backup function, iXpand Charger needs the right to access the data in the terminal. Tap 'Next'.

Tap 'Allow' to allow access to media, files.

Tap 'Allow' to back up contacts as well.

This completes the initial setup of iXpand Charger. Put your smartphone, actually start wireless charging & automatic backup.

The light on the side lights up purple while charging.

You will then see the battery status on the iXpand Charger home screen and a progress bar for the backup file transfer. File transfer is wireless, so it's slower than wired connection. In some cases, the power consumption was quite high for file transfer, and in some cases the battery was slightly reduced despite continuing 10W rapid wireless charging. The iXpand wireless charger has a capacity of 256GB.

Tap the 'Photo' icon in the center of the upper tab to check back-up photos and movies. In addition, with regard to the screen shot, iOS terminal was the backup target, but Android terminal was not the target of backup.

Contacts can be backed up automatically.

Once backup is done, iXpand Charger can delete any file in your smartphone.

Tap 'Next'.

Tap and select the movie or photo you want to delete from within the smartphone. You can select them one by one, but you can also sort by file type and shooting date etc, and then select many photos and movies at once with the 'Select All' button. After selection, tap the lower delete button.

You will see a message saying 'You are about to delete files from your smartphone but you can restore them from iXpand wireless charger backup'. Tap 'Next' to start deleting files in your smartphone.

Delete all the movie files, and the inside of the smartphone is clear.

If you connect with iXpand wireless charger, you can view and restore your backed up photos anytime. Tap the green check mark icon in the lower right, and select the file to be restored from 'All' or 'Only'. We choose 'all' this time.

Then, copying of photos and movies will start automatically from backup of iXpand wireless charger.

The iXpand wireless charger can also back up data from multiple smartphones individually. To connect the second device and later, enter the 'charger password' generated at the initial setup from the 'charger information' in the 'Information' tab of the first iXpand Charger application at the second setup. .

Depending on the file size, all smartphones in the family can be backed up with one iXpand wireless charger.

You can also transfer data from the iXpand wireless charger to your PC if the capacity of the wireless charger is full.

When iXpand wireless charger was connected with PC via micro-USB, it was possible to see the file inside like external HDD. When I checked the backup of iPhone, it was classified according to the month when the file was created, and the file name was changed randomly.

Android backup is the same except that it is classified into another folder with photos and movies. However, some of what appears to be iXpand wireless charger system files have been added to the folder.

Backup files in the iXpand wireless charger were viewable from a PC.

When I delete the backup data of iXpand wireless charger to secure the capacity, the photo of iXpand charger application becomes something like a gray empty space, 'file remains trace but can not read file' In the state.

When I try to restore photos / movies, I get an error that the content could not be restored because the files in the iXpand wireless charger are missing.

It was possible to restore photos and movies to iPhone and Android again by returning the backup moved to the PC to the iXpand wireless charger. It is possible to make the smartphone

recall the memories saved on the PC.

In addition, it is equipped with 'PrivateAccess' function to keep privacy, when using iXpand wireless charger with two or more people. To turn on PrivateAccess, create a new account in Security Settings.

Enter your first name, last name, e-mail address, password and password for confirmation, and tap 'New registration'.

You will then receive a confirmation email at the email address you registered. Tap “Verify email” to complete account creation. PrivateAccess is now on.

In this state, connect the iXpand wireless charger to a PC, and look at the backup folder on the Android device. The folder name is two digits such as '0a' or '0c', which is different from the original folder structure You

When I looked in the folder, the contents of the file could not be read.

However, it was possible to see the backup content of the iPhone as it is. At the article writing stage, I did not know whether it was the cause or use of the beta version of iXpand Charger app.

The 'iXpand Wireless Charger' is scheduled to be released after the end of July 2019, and the sales price has not been determined. In addition, since the application used in the article is a beta version to the last, specifications, design, etc. may be different from the official version.

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