I tried using free of charge unlimited cloud photo storage "Circ"

It can be used free of charge if there is synchronization of two or less terminals with unlimited capacityEye-Fi(The company that released the world's first wireless LAN built-in SD card) provides cloud photo storage "Circ"is. Since I was able to use the beta version this time, I decided to check how to import photos from the registration method.

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First of all,CircPlease see how it works with the following movie which shot the picture taken by Android smartphone is being synchronized one by one on PC software and browser.

Using "Circ" to synchronize data between Android and Windows and browsers - YouTube

How to register to beta version

First of all, in order to register an account,CircAccess "page and click" GET CIRC FOR FREE ".

The registration page for participating as beta version as a tester is displayed.

Please enter your name and e-mail address on the registration page, select the device to use from Windows 7 or later PC, iOS device, Android terminal and click "Submission". If you want to use the API for your own service, put a check in the bottom box.

It will be OK if the following screen is displayed.

If the following e-mail is sent to the registered e-mail address, you can officially join the beta version, so click the link in the e-mail body and click "CircJump to the website of.

In the authentication screen enter the ID and password that was described in the email.

Installation of "CIRC BETA FOR WINDOWS"

When the authentication is completed, the following screen will be displayed, so click "CIRC BETA FOR WINDOWS".

Double-click the downloaded installer to launch it.

Click "Next".

Please check "I agree to the license agreement" and click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Install".

The installation proceeds automatically, so click "Finish" when finished.

Check "Create my account" and click "Next".

Enter the e-mail address and password that you registered earlier and click "Create account".

"CIRC BETA FOR WINDOWS" is automatically started and the following screen is displayed.

To import photos, select "Import" from "File".

Select the folder with the photo you want to import and click "OK".

The picture is displayed like this.

I tried to display the captured photos in large size.

To do tagging, click "Tags" in the leftmost menu.

Enter your favorite characters and click "Save".

By dragging and dropping a picture on the completed tag you can tag it all at once.

To create multiple albums at once, click "Albums" in the leftmost menu.

Enter the album name, description, etc. and click "Save".

You can add more photos to the album just by dragging and dropping.

Installation of "CIRC BETA FOR ANDROID"

The procedure for installing "CIRC BETA FOR ANDROID" is as follows. Since the application to use is beta version, the usual procedure of downloading from Google Paly and installing it can not be used, so install the data of the application downloaded by connecting the Android terminal with the PC etc. with the USB cable. In beta version, only iOS applications are available for some users, so this time it will be a review only for Android version applications.

First, tap "Security" from "Settings" so that third party apps can be installed from outside Google Paly.

Tap 'Application unknown provider'.

Tap "OK".

If checked in the box to the right of "application whose source is unknown" is OK.

CircBeta version pageGo to "GET CIRC BETA FOR ANDROID".

Drag and drop the downloaded file to "Download" folder of Android terminal connected with PC with USB.

On the Android terminal, open the "Download" folder and tap "eyefi-circ-release.apk".

Tap "Install".

Tap "Open".

As the application starts up, tap "Sign In".

Enter your email address and password and tap "Sign In".

You can see photos uploaded from your PC and photos taken on Android devices like this.

It is also possible to share individual pictures by clicking on the "Share" icon in large size.

You can send pictures to "Picasa", "Google +", "Gmail" and so on. Since the image is sent to the share destination in the link format, even if the other party does not have the account of "Circ", you can see the picture properly.

"Circ for web"

To use 'Circ for web' which can be used from the browser without installing applications and software, use CircBeta version pageThen go to "Sign in to Circ for web".

Enter your email address and password and click "SIGN IN".

You can see images uploaded from PC or smartphone like this.

Classification by tag etc can also be used like "CIRC BETA FOR WINDOWS".

So there is no limit to the number of photos you can save (no capacity), up to two terminals are free to sync, and once you sync it you can see the pictures even offline so it's quite useful It is a service recommended for people who want to take pictures with digital cameras as well as smartphones and tablets and want to be able to see the picture anytime, anywhere! "

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